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Hi! this is the final part for colosseum so Ashley will say: "Have a good time with 
Pokemon Colosseum!"

28)The Under
Once you are here use the D-Disk for the ufo and go into the colosseum. The trainers 
you will be facing in the end are miror b.(sudowoodo**), venus(suicune**), dakim 
(enti**), ein(raikou**) and angol(shuckle*).After entering and exiting until the 
last end trainer (angol) is defeated. Leave to go the outskirt stand.

29)Outskirt Stand
After getting 47 shadow pokemon,e-mails, seeing you attack people with your shadow 
pokemon,togetic. You will be able to face yourself here. YOU can tell by his 
attitude he his an imposter. Battle youself and capture togetic*,the last and final 
shadow pokemon(togetic is on lv. 20). Once done, fein is the imposter and leaves. 
Note: this battle can be hard so you might want to trade pokemon from ruby, 
sapphire, fire red, leaf green or emerald to help you out.  


I would like to thank Cheatcodes for plublishing all of these FAQs, me of course and 
all of the people who is reading this long faq. Thanks and enjoy!

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