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Hello there! My name is Ashley and I will tell you everything that you need to know 
about the game! This may take a long time but please if you have any questions e-
mail me at [email protected] and I will answer them.

You are in Orre where pokemon snaggers snag people's pokemon and worst of all they 
have been turned into shadow pokemon and now it's up to you to restore the tainted 
pokemon by opening their hearts and purifying them all!(I will not put trainers 
pokemon in this but shadow pokemon I will put a '*' next to them)

1)Sarting Out
After watching the cutscene look to your left and find a door go into it(don't worry 
about the truck and the two guys that come out worry about them later)after seeing 
the tv report go to the back and find a guy with pink hair and talk to him. Leave 
the place and battle Willie. When the battle is over go to Phenac City.

2)Phenac City
You will see the two guys sneaking a sack into town then you will have to battle 
Folly. After beating him rescue the person inside and she will be your partner. When 
you go up to the mayor's door you will see a person leaving the home. After he's 
gone go see the mayor and she will tell him about seeing strange pokemon and he will 
order an investagation and tell you to go to the pokemon stadium. When you go to the 
stadium and find out that a battle is underway leave the place and one of the 
members of the team you were on will battle you. After your partner hears that you 
were a snagger go to the poke mart and ask any people there if this city sells poke 
balls. When you find out leave the place go to the outskirt stand and find out.(hey 
you can train your pokemon by going to the buliding at the middle part of town and 
go through the door and you can talk to the lady with the purple hair and give you 
the strategy memo to your pda then talk to Justy and face four opponets then you 
will get white herb then get six pokemon in order to face Justy,beat him to get tm27 
then challenge toe old man and the roller boy beating him will get you tm41)

3)Outskirt Stand
Go through the door and talk to the big guy behind the counter and see if he sells 
any poke balls. After getting your first five leave the stand.

4)Phenac City
Go back to the mayor's house(grab the super potion down where a red box is at) and 
go in then you see a lot of guys in there and one of them is clowny man err...Miror 
B.(where did he get that afro at!) after he leaves Folly will fight you and then 
Trudly but he has a makuhita* snag and leave the place then three guys that you saw 
before will block your exit choose one of them BUT be carful of which you choose AND 
snag because you can only snag ONE of them! Rosso has quliva* (located at east exit) 
Bluno has croconaw* (located at south exit) and Verde has bayleef* (located at west 
exit) Do you REMEMBER the pokemon from a past virsion but evoloved? After beating 
one go to the construction site.


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