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it's me(Ashley) again the shadow mark(*) stays the same.

17)The Under
when you enter you will see the tv screen and you will watch it after it is over go 
to the hotel and go up the stairs and walk across the sky bridge to the junk shop 
and go down the steps. then talk to the perr and he will give you a powerup part for 
the dish at nett's house. go to nett's house (the one with th big dish) and show the 
boy the part after you show it to him go inside and go down the steps then hand the 
part to nett then he will explain about the kids grid. when you leave...the two 
thugs have silva captured speak to one of the guards and when you face kloak she 
will have ledian* then beat the other one. then go around the side and talk to silva 
and he will give you the R-Disk but before you use it go to the pokemon pc and save 
(just use the F-Disk to the colosseum and save) then go to venus then battle her 
here we go again... venus' pokemon (well almost all) use the attract move so don't 
be lovestruck now... but you can handle delcatty,vileplume and banette but steelix 
is to ko also suicune you just can't leave without! use ultraballs for him ok? after 
beating venus pick up the tm45 then go downstairs. when you see a metal door open it 
from that side(it can get to the colosseum faster) go to where you see venus (she 
took the elevator while you have to take the steps...)take the steps and snag these 
pokemon from these trainers...frena has gligar*, liaks has stantler*, lonia has 
piloswine* and nelis has sneasel*. when you go to the bottom and gone into the 
station, go into the subway and exit it then you will see venus leave the station go 
out of the station and pick up the subway key and ride the car to the lab when you 
leave you will see two guys going into the lab follow them(the favorite part...) 
blowing your path to the lab when they leave pick up the maingate key(why would the 
two guys blow off your path and leave the key behind!?! they are SO stupid!)the make 
your way back up to the colosseum and go up the elevator then make your way to the 
shadow pokemon lab.

18)Shadow Pokemon Lab
open up the door using the new key that you got then go to the main door and go to 
where there is no chair and press the button. then go to the door that you just 
opened and save at the pc there and find the person near the wrecked place and 
battle him once you defeat him pick up the cardkey then go to the lab. once you are 
at the lab open the door with the cardkey and go downstairs. when you are there go 
left and go upstairs but you will have to face cole who has aipom* after you beat 
him then go upstairs then go to the stairs and beat the man there. after you beat 
him, grab the Down St.Key. when you are back on track try to find the three DNA 
items and identify them look out for these pokemon trainers and pokemon...lare has 
murkrow* vana has forretress*, lesar has ariados* and tanie has grandbull* after you 
beat her go upstairs to the first one also the second one is a DNA identifier so use 
the items then go downstairs then go to the one next to it and go in it battle him. 
after beating him go up and a peon will appear battle her and remil has vibrava* 
then break the code(the code depends on which three did you identify ex: i colleted 
entei, bayleef and suicune i put them in and the door opens). after the door is 
opened you will have to face skrub after you beat him (hoped you went back and 
saved...) you will have to face ein. hope you are ready for my favorite combo 
because he uses the raindance&thunder combo to make thunder more good I MEAN more 
good. you can take care of lanturn and golbat when they appear. alteria is hard so 
use some attacks form espeon and huntail kill it before the swift swim comes in 
play. use ultraballs to get raikou* the high sa (special attack) and speed after you 
beat him get the Data Rom then leave the lab and when nett e-mails you after you 
read it go to the under.


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