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hello there me Ashley again also the shadow mark (*) stays and this mark (**)means 
that if you missed it the first try then now's your chance but if you did then they 
will have one new pokemon (non-shadow).

19)The Under
give nett the Data Rom you have and leave(the colosseum way) then you will see a guy 
there talk to him and he says the the lot has turned into the tower go to the tower.

20)Realgam Tower
finally it is done... enter it and find your way to the pc and which is the up way 
and save... then go down and left then you will battle Miror B. Miror B's strategy 
still holds as last time but he added a golduck and a loudred to his team and has 
three ludicolos and has his sudowoodo** otherwise armaldo. when you win he will give 
you the red badge then go back to the pc and save then go downand right then up then 
you will face Dakim. Dakim still uses the earthquake-protect but has two levataters 
kill them and he also uses the sunny day and solarbeam combo snag enti** you will 
get the green badge if you win. go back to the pc and save then go left and up face 
balia snag sunflora then face arton snag delibird go back to the pc and save use the 
center if needed then go back to the place where the two peons are at then go up 
then face venus all i can say is too snag suicune** and try to avoid as many status 
problems as you can!!! she will give you the blue badge if you win back to the pc 
then go back to the place you were before (the peons place)and go right right then 
up and face ein. Ein does the same thing as last time but he will try to avoid 
damage and let your pokemon die... snag raikou** if you win he will give you the 
yellow badge then you will recive an e-mail from eagun just go back to the village.

21)Agate Village
go see eagun and he will give you the master ball DO NOT USE THIS YET INSTEAD SAVE 
IT!!! go back to the tower go to the place with the colored balls and put the badge 
in them then a peon will appear snag his heracross then enter the door go up the 
elevator then go to the two elevators and gonzap will appear just beat him and snag 
his skarmory* then heal your pokemon behind the white doors and save. now go up 
stairs (make sure you have one empty space) jomas has miltank* delan has absol* 
nella has houndoom* ston has tropius* then nascour has metagross* now the mayor will 
stop you YOU SHOULD HAVE a tough team when tyranitar* appears USE THE MASTER BALL 
NOW and when you beat evice you are done...with part1 of the adventure.


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