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3.tm and hm


-your house
your house-you start off in your room by the tv. remember to get the potion before 
you leave. now u leave.
-pallet town 
once your out side head north into the tall grass and then you will stop. professor 
oak starts to come to you. hell say its dangerous to be in tall grass and then a 
wild pikachulv5 comes outta the grass. pro.oak throws a ball at it witch will catch 
it. now he takes you to the lab.
-pro.oaks lab
here u will meet gary and pro.oak will start telling u stuff then he tells u to get 
the pokeball on the table. once u go to the pokeball and hit A gary will push u 
outta the way and take the pokeball. so pro. oak gives u the pikachu he caught 
earlier. then when u leave u have to battle gary who has a eeveelv5. once u beat him 
leave the lab.
  #16 pidgey=many
  #19 rattata=many
once u leave head north and ull be in route 1 if u want train a little but u cant 
catch pokemon yet talk to everybody because one will give u a potion and u just keep 
heading north untill u reach.....
-viridian city
first stop by the pokemon center to heal ur pokemon then head to the pokemart and 
once u walk inside a guy will ask u to take something to pro.oak. now u leave and go 
head south until u reach.....
-pallet town
go to pro.oaks lab

finish later...

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