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                         Pokemon Firered FAQ


Mt.Moon is pretty tough to get through. Probably because there are a bunch of 
team rocket members in there. And every time you turn a corner there's a 
pokemon. But this is the only place you can find Clefairy unless you trade. 
Here you can chose between to fossils that later you can make come back to 
life. The Helix fossil (Omanyte)and the Dome fossil (Kabuto). The Helix fossil 
is on the right and the Dome fossil onis on the left.There's nothing to do on 
route 4 so head straight to  Cerulean city, the next gym city.

                         Cerulean City

The first thing you do here is go to the bike shop. Unfortunetly the bikes are 
too expensive. But later you can. You have to get a bike parcel which shows up 
in our next gym city. Now is the time to battle Misty, the Cerulean gym 
leader, for the Cascade Badge. It will not work if you use Charmander because 
of course it is fire type. Squirtle won't work very well ethier. You're best 
bet is to use Bulbasaur or Pikachu. Staryu is easy to beat the tough one is 
Starmie. And they always use recover (which is really annoying) or water 
pulse. After you beat her, you will get the Cascade Badge, water pulse, and 
the ability to use HM01 cut.

to be continued...

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