Pokemon Firered FAQ Part 3 - Guide for Pokemon: FireRed

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                        Pokemon Firered FAQ

                             Route 24

Before you go into Route 24, you face your rival again. He will have the 
opposite type pokemon as your starter and some new pokemon. Abra, Pidgeotto, 
and Rattata. They are all at level 18. Once you beat him you will get the Fame 
Checker. Now you can go to Route 24. The bridge is annoying. Especially at the 
end. There is a guy at the end of it. He is disguised as a person, but he 
really is a Team Rocket member. When you beat him you may proceed to Route 25.


                                      Route 25

When you go to Route 25 there's a house. It's Bill's (The Pokemon Maniac). When 
you go in you discover that he has had a problem with his time machine. He has 
turned himself into a pokemon. After you change him, you have a little talk and 
he gives you an item. From there head straight to Route 5.

                                    Route 5

Head south on the ridges. Soon you will see a house, it's the daycare. 
Unfortunatly you cannot put 2 pokemon in there. There's a underground path to 
Route 6. It's the little house beside the path to Saffron. There's nothing to 
do on Route 6 so head straight to Vermillion City.

                                  Vermillion City

There's a lot to do here. First, head to the Pokemon Center and talk to the 
lady beside the booth. She'll gie you a VS seeker. Next you go to the house 
beside the Pokemon Center. The man in there will give you the Old Rod. Next, go 
to the Pokemon Fanclub and you will get the Bike Voucher. Now you can go get 
the bike. Beside the Fanclub is a person who is willing to trade Farfetch'd for 
a Spearow. Next, go to the S.S. Anne and once you beat your rival (again), you 
find a seasick man. When you cure him, he'll give you HMO1 cut.You may now 
battle L.T. Surge. I reccomend you go to Diglett's Cave and grab a Diglett or 
Dugtrio before you battle him, because he's all electric type. Once your done 
go grab your bike if you haven't yet and head to Route 9 off of Cerulean.

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