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About Me
I am Lamar. I wrote this faq for the good and bad gamers out there to read. I 
hope you enjoy this faq. This faq is Copyright Proffesor Elm 2006.

If I have incorrect information or have left something out, please tell me via 
E-mail at [email protected]
POKEMON WALKTHROUGH introduction to my faqs. (Emerald Version)
1.Raising a good team
2.Team Aqua and Magma
3.Beating the first GYM
4.Beating the second GYM
5.The Flash Tm and Steven's letter
6.The package to Slateport and the crowd at the museum
7.The TrickMaster
8.Beating the third GYM
The first part of playing a Pokemon game, is figuring out the team you want to 
raise. If you want to raise a good team, you will first need to pick a starter 
pokemon. You will find that after you introduce yourself to May/Brandon, that 
Professor Birch is being chase by a Zigzagoon to the north of Littleroot. Walk 
up there. when you do, Birch will tell you to take a pokeball out of his 
pouch. In his pouch are three pokemon, Torchic, Treeko, and Mudkip. Now, each 
of these are very powerful, but you need to know how to train them before 
picking them. Look at the table below:

Torchic=Fire and fighting attacks
Treeko=Grass attacks
Mudkip=Ground and water attacks

Do you see what I am saying? If you train Torchic, you will have a bit of a 
hard time with the first, sixth, seventh, and eigth GYMs. If you train Treeko, 
you will have a hard time with the fourth and sixth GYMs. If you train Mudkip, 
you will have a hard time defeating the second GYM. All the starters have 
advantages and disadvantages. I am going to tell you how to welly train these 
three pokemon induvidually.There will be a seperate faq for all three diferent 

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