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Let's meet the Silent Chasm! 

Silent Chasm:
Stupid Jumpluff! Now we have to help this " poor " thing rescue a friend. If 
you say your stomach hurts, it doesn't work. Never will. For Shiftry, I was 
barely sorry. But, I guess this journey pays off: Zapados went off with 
Shiftry! At least Jumpluff was saved...

Mt. Thunder:
Shiftry's in trouble! And, Zapados isn't exactly cute. Be carefull of the 
strong electric pokemon!

Mt. Thunder Peak:
I bet you're thinking, " A peak? " Yes, it's a peak & I hate them. It's just a 
waste. It's a few floors of nothing ( not really ). Zapados is near...

Your first legendary pokemon you face right now! Zapados is a combination of 
Flying and Electric types. That means no ground attacks work. So what DOES beat 
Zapados? Head-to-head powerful moves. Bring it, bird!

Great Canyon:
Well, Shiftry is back. Now, you need to talk to Xatu. This place is easy. Once 
you reach Xatu, GENGAR SHOWS UP!!! A little bad... ( WORSE )

Pokemon Square:
Fugitives! You have been " robed " by Gengar. Congratulations! Better run for 
your life!!!

Team Base:
Even Alakazam? Sigh... At least he's giving us until tomorrow. But, THIS IS 

Lapis Cave: 
Being a fugitive, you STILL go to dungeons. This one has B13F for its end, I 
think ( Sorry ). But, this dungeon is a piece of cake.

Mt. Blaze:
I hope this isn't too hot for you. Just be careful_ please.

Mt. Blaze Peak:
I still hate these!! But, it's small.

Sorry. Wanted a warning? Zapados and Mt. BLAZE were clues enough!! I'm losing 
my temper. Sorry.

#3 Is coming up!!!!!

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