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I Promised This Would Be Longer & It Will!!

Pokemon Square:
Gengar is a little surprised you return. You then realize that you have no 
proof of what Ninetales said. Just then, Pelliper drops in some proof, and 
Gengar goes on the run!

Pokemon Square ( Next Day ):
Remember when Alakazam went to fight Groudon? He's not back yet! Therefor, 
Shiftry made groups of experienced rescue teams to help_ everyone except you.

Team Base:
It seems that a Whynaut and a Wobbuffet posted something on the Pelliper Post 
Office. Find It!!!

Uproar Forest:
You might see your first monster house here. THEY ARE CRAZY!!

Pokemon Square:
Finally, you can battle Groudon!!

Magma Cavern:
There's a monster house here. It's about B25F until you reach the pit.

Magma Cavern Pit:
These are just like peaks.

If Alakazam can't do it, can you? Of course! After this guy is defeated, word 
spreads that you are really a human. Of course, everybody is shocked_ except 
Alakazam. Suspicious...

Pokemon Square:
Oh no! A comet! And what's this about talking to Rayquayza? Oh no...

Sky Tower:
If you are smart, you would have brung every one of your best items. This is 
about 25F until you reach the summit.

Sky Tower Summit:
These are like peaks. This one is about 10F high! ( Well, this IS the last 
dungeon )

I guess he misunderstood you_ too much! Ice attacks work very well against 
Rayquayza. Now, the story unfolds when Rayquayza blasts the comet. 

Great Canyon:
All pokemon are gathered around you and a celebration begins! It's just... you 
have to say good-bye. Say it to your partner, Alakazam, everyone... because you 
turn into a human... or do you?

The Sky:
You see the credits, and your spirit floats in the sky. But, you go back to 
your Team Base because of... who knows what? And you live happily ever after. 
It's the ending of 1 story, but the beginning of another. ALSO, check out some 
things you can do once you beat the game, like evolving.

Anyone who recommended any of my walkthroughs, thank you. I will continue to 
write walkthroughs for this game. And remember: MAY THE BEST RESCUE TEAM WIN!!!

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