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This is my first walkthrough, and it won't be fully complete, but I do know 
everything that happens. Sorry if they're aren't to detailed!

In The Beggining:

The first thing you do is a quiz to see what pokemon you are via your 
personality. ( I've made new accounts so many times and everytime I was a 
pikachu! Except for once I was a skitty) Then you have choices for your 
partner. Some good combos are:

 You:         Team mate:

Pikachu       Any Except Fire

Meowth        Any

Squirtle      Any Except Water

Charmander    Any Except Pikachu and Fire

Bulbasaur     Any Except Grass

And They All Pretty Much Go Like That By Type.
No You Don't Have To Choose Any Of Those. I say electric and fire aren't good 
partners because their weaknesses are close. But i use to choose fire and 
electric so knock yourself out! You Can Be Other Pokemon, And There Are more 
Choices, But i'm Just Too Lazy To Type Them. Lol

Beggining Game Play:

You wake up to the voice of whoever you chose your partner to be. They ask you 
your name. you give a name and make up theirs. Your shocked at the fact your a 
pokemon. Now it's already your first mission. Rescue caterpie from the Tiny 

Tiny Woods

Tiny Woods: A small dungeon forest. There are 3 floors, and when you go through 
them, you find caterpie.

Pokemon In Tiny Woods:


You recieve a reward from Caterpie's mother, Butterfree, and go to where you'll 
be living. You 2 then decide to become a rescue team.

The next day you have to rescue a magnemite in Thunder Wave Cave.

Thunder Wave Cave

Thunder Wave Cave: A small dungeon powerplant. There are 5 floors, and when you 
go through them, you find magnemite.

Pokemon In Thunder Wave Cave:


You recieve the reward of the magnemite you rescued wanting to join your rescue 
team! Not then, but soon after! And don't worry. You get a real reward, too!

You go back to your base, and start having a dream... be sure to pay attention 
to the dreams, they play an important role in the story!

Now your partner drags you around town, giving you a tour. Now you can do some 
optional missions, the story needs them once and a while! When you see yourself 
dreaming again, the story is continueing. But before anything ever Happens, an 
earthquake interrupts your slumber, but the earthquake was caused by dugtrio, 
needing your help. His son diglett has been taken by skarmory to the top of 
Mount Steel!

Mount Steel

Mount Steel: Is a cave dungeon, and it's 9 floors. You might need some oran 
berries and reviver seeds!

Pokemon In Mount Steel:

Too many for me to think of at the moment. Lol

Boss (main and strongest pokemon here): Skarmory

Boss = A pokemon you need to fight and win against before completing the 

Now you head back with diglett, to give to dugtrio. Then a new store opens in 
town. The friend area store! You need friend areas to recruit new pokmon to 
your team. You go there, and magnemite shows up, asking Wigglytuff ( the store 
owner) to give you the friend area powerplant, so it can jion your team. Now 
you have 2 friends who can join you on your adventures!
Now do a few more optional missions until the storyline picks up.

Caterpie comes to you asking for help. His best friend Metapod is in trouble in 
the Sinister Woods. Team Meanies comes along and wants to do the job. But they 
want a reward. Which they can't have. THE RACE IS ON!!!! Actually, no matter 
how long you take, you still get there on time.

Sinister Woods

Sinister Woods: A forest dungeon with 13 floors. When you get to the end, You 
have to beat Team Meanies in a battle. When you win, Metapod comes out and is 
happy you saved him.

Pokemon In Sinister Woods:

Loads and loads of grass type pokemon.

When you wake up the next day, go t town square. There you see jumpluff 
pleading Shiftry for help. He doesn't want to do it. But then he's pressured to 
do it. Do some optional missions, and a few days later, Jumpluff comes to you 
and asks if you'll help beacause Shiftry never returned. Now you go and try to 
save Jumpluff!

Silent Chasm

Silent Chasm: Is a cave with 10 floors. There is a legend a monster lives in 
this cave.

Pokemon In Silent Chasm:

So many different kinds I can't count!

When you get to the 10th floor, you see Shiftry on the ground. Zapdos (the 
legendary monster) takes him to the top of Mount Thunder. (yep. It will be your 
job to save him.) Then Jumpluff comes up to you. You take her home. You see 
everyone in town square worry about Shiftry. Then You are asked by Alakazam's 
team to help get him back (obviously) You agree. Whenever you feel like it, 
head to Mount Thunder to save Shiftry!

Mount Thunder

Mount Thunder: A cave dungeon. Your teammate will wonder where Alakazam is. But 
they get over it. you go up 11 floors, and save by a huge Kangaskan Statue. you 
belly is filled and your PP is restored. You go up 3 floors to the peak. Where 
you meet Zapdos. Defeat him and take Shiftry home.

Pokemon In Mount Thunder:

A WHOLE lot of Electric Types

Boss: Zapdos

When you defeat Zapdos, Alakazam's team shows up (better late then never I 
guess) and takes care of you and Shiftry. He tells you a legend of A human who 
pulled on Ninetales tail. It is said that whoever pulls on Ninnetales tail will 
be cursed for 1,000,000 years ( or something like that) but a pokemon named 
Gardivior took the curse for the human she cared about. But the human ran away. 
but he was cursed to one day become a pokemon. And they think it's you. but 
Alakazam says to go to the top (or bottom whichever) of the Great Canyon to 
talk to Xatu, the smartest pokemon alive. Another mission awaits you.

Great Canyon/Hill of The Ancients

Great Canyon: Is a canyon dungeon with 13 floors. Xatu is at the 13th floor, 
waiting, staring at the sun like always. you do NOT have to fight Xatu.

Pokemon In The Great Canyon/Hill Of The Ancients:

Loads of ground and some flying type Pokemon. TOO MANY TO COUNT!!!

When you reach Xatu, he doesn't notice you. You Partner will try to get Xatu's 
attention, and it's funny to watch. He says you were a human (No DUH!!), and 
you being here has something to do with all the natural disasters. (AAHH!!) But 
nobody notices Gengar watching from behind. He has an evil plan up his sleeve. 
Go to town square, then go to wishcash pond to hear the ninetales legend from 
Wishcash. That night you have another dream with Gardivior. The next day, go to 
town sqaure and let the running-for-your-life begin!!! (if your at this point 
you know what i mean)

you are now a fugitive, running for your life with your partner. Then you find 
a cave, and go through it.

Lapis Cave

It's 14  floors and no boss. Just something to keep them back!

Pokemon In Lapis Cave:

loads of zubat and ice types


You and your partner now see a mountain of fire. The pokemon chasing you are 
catching up to you, and that's the only way to go!! DARN!!!

Mount Blaze

you go up 12 floors, on the 12th floor, you can save. Now you go up an 
additional 3 floors and meat the legandary fire bird, Moltres.

Boss: Moltres

Your partner wants to get out of there ASAP, but Moltres doesn't. When you 
defeat Moltres, ( that's not too easy!) He doesn't want to stop. Moltres will 
beleive your story of why your there, and let you go. but you still have a long 
way, because Alakazam's team is on your tail!


You are now waling through a snow covered land, when an Absol comes out of no 
where. ( that is a point where you can save) but then you keep going.
Now you have 2 choices to get through. Frosty Forest or Snow Path. Snow path is 
a 4 floor dungeon that leads you to the choice of Frosty Forest or Snow Path, 
back where you started. Frosty Forest is you way out.

Frosty Forest

A dungeon filled with ice type pokemon. You go up to the 10th floor then you 
can save. You then Go up 5 more floors to meet.....

Boss: Articuno

When you finally beat Articuno, Your partner begs to let you pass. He won't let 
you. He says whats been happening to the forest. Then Absol comes along and 
saves you guys butts. He tells Articuno that what you say is true, and Articuno 
lets you pass. Absol then joins your rescue team.


your walking along a snow covered path, When you see gardiviour appear in front 
of you. No one else can see Her, only you. She tells you to keep going,go to 
the peak of Mount Freeze, to meet and greet Ninetales.

Mount Freeze

You can save when you get here, and then you can continue. Go up to the 15th 
floor wher eyou can save. then go up an additional 5 floors, until you reach 
the peak and Ninetales.

When you reach the peak, Alakazam's team catches up to you. your 2 teams fight. 
(You don't control this match) then Ninetales appears and stops the fight. She 
says you are NOT the pokemon from the legend. but soon all the earthquakes will 
wake up the legandary Groudon. Alakazam says they will go under ground and 
fight groudon, and that he would be too tough for you. you agree.
During that, it will show whats happening in town, which is Gengar trying to 
get the town to still be mad at you. Then peliper appears and circles their 
heads, letters falling to the ground saying how you were innocent. ( I KNEW 
THAT!!! Sorry Im sugar hyper)Everyone gets mad at Gengar.

more optinal missions until you hear about Alakazam's team. But one mission you 
should find on the bulliten board should be "Punish Bad Mankey!" You have to 
take this mission to go on with the story

Uproar Forest
When you except Wynaut's mission, you unlock Uproar Forest. A forest dungeon. 
There are 10 floors, including the one where you find.....

Boss(es): Bad Mankey Gang

Note: If you find any chesnuts, BE SURE TO TAKE THEM!!!!! you will need them.

Once you clear the dungeon, you will find Wynaut and Wobbuffet waiting for you. 
Then the Mankey gang come out of the forest all mad at you. Then they notice 
the chesnut you have, (Wynaut gave it to you) nad ask if they could have it. 
You peel the chesnut and give it to them, them promising if they get them, the 
will build you a better base. (build you a better base. Tongue twister!!) When 
you get them all the chesnuts, and they finish your base, they get all mad that 
they wont be gatting any more peeled chesnuts. so they try and distroy your 
base, wanting more chestnuts. you get them off by saying you'll give them more, 
(which you dont do) and they leave.

More optional missions for a while until you find out....... ALAKAZAM'S TEAM 

Magma Cavern

30 or 40 floors of pure horror. Really tough pokemon, and not to mention at the 
end, groudon. Try to take him down with water moves! That's the best i can gice 
ya, sorry. You gotta figure out the rest.

Sky Tower

Ok, Now there's a giant star heading towards earth... no sweat, right? 
WRONG!!!! you get a teloport gem from Xatu, made by him, Alakazam, and one they 
say left descreibed to be Gengar.

up through 25 floors of cloud. So many pesky ghost pokemon, attacking through 
the walls, and you can't attack back! after the 25 floors, Go up another 9 to 
meet Raquaza, who doesn't want you there. After a long hard battle, Raquaza 
destroys the star, and you wake up on earth. Everyone else is celebraitng, 
while your talking to Gardiviour, who says your role as a pokemon has come to 
an end. She says to say goodbye to your friends. you do as she says, and start 
to disappear... fading away... then finnally you dissappear... floating through 
space. it says a touching poem, and i always cry at that part. the only part of 
the poem i remember is, "if you wish hard enough, you can go back to your 
friends." or something like that. thats where the main storylline ends. you 
ened up on earth as a pokemon, right in front of your base, where your partner, 
your best friend!, is crying. you start to become visible. everyone trying to 
comfort you best friend moves away, and you 2 run up to eachother.

I know more, but that's where I leave for now. Soon I will add to where I am, 
and what I know (I know more than where I am)
But for now,
Good bye...................

If there is more than what I have, please tell me!

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