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part 1- The story
part 2- You Choose
part 3- Adventure
part 4- Help items
part 5- Pokemon
part 6- Poke leauge
part 7- The end... Or is it?
part 8- Other help
part 9- Hidden Pokemon
part 10- Not found try another verion

			     Part 1- The story
	You start off naming youself and your rival- ex. you are Ash and your rival 
is Gary- and Professor Oak gives alittle speech about your quest. You just 
celibrated your 10th birthday and you decided to become a Pokemon tariner. But your 
rival became 10, too today. You and your rival start to have alittle fight when 
Professor Oak said come by the lab later. So when you go to the lab your rivals 
there but Professor Oaks not. It's your time to find him now go get your Adventure 
			     Part 2- You Choose
	Once you find Professor Oak he takes you to his lab where your rival was 
waiting for a long time. So he lets you choose one of his old pokemon (not found on 
any of the grounds in Red/Blue) Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. It's like 
alittle chain of these pokemon, Bulbasaur beats Squirtle (maybe), Squirtle beats 
Charmander (maybe) Charmander beats Bulbasaur (maybe). Here is a list of the three 
pokemon you and your rival will pick:
You: Bulbasaur		Rival: Charmander
You: Charmander		Rival: Squirtle
You: Squirtle		Rival: Bulbsaur
The best chance is to pick a Squirtle cause yopu might be able to beat him easily.

			     Part 3- Adventure
	So you just started with your pokemon out on the adventure you wanted to do 
in the first place. You will experience your first battle with your rival. If you 
win you will will $375 in pokemon cash. You will experience your first items. You 
also get your pokedex (also called Dexter.) You will earn and lose cash at some 
points. Like if you lose to your rival at the S.S. Anne you will lose cash and 
return to your room there. You will start your adventure on route 2 where you will 
find common pokemon like Pidgey and Rattata.

			     Part 4- Help items
	In the game you will gain items like a potion. A potion will restore a 
pokemons heath by 20hp (hit points). You will gain balls in the game extreamly 
often. There are 5 kinds of balls (Pokeball, Greatball, Ultraball, Masterball, and a 
Safariball.) You will only gain a master ball when you defeat Geovanni in the Stiph 
Co. And you will only gain Safariballs in the Safari zone the guy in the front will 
give you 30 of the balls. YOU CAN ONLY USE THEM IN THE SAFARI ZONE. Repels are 
another useful item you will have to buy in the game. didn't you run into a higher 
level pokemon and you lost (even though you didn't lose cash, but you lost 
experience.) That is what a repel is for use it in caves, tall grass, water, ect.A 
repel will wear off in 50 steps. There are other good items hidden in the game you 
have to find them though.

			     Part 5- Pokemon

	You will find millions of pokemon in this game. Some are common, some are 
uncommon, and some are rare. you will earn pokemon to in the game. If you run into a 
Gyarados at level 30 and you have a Charmander at level 25 you should just run. 
Unless you have a Riachu at level 30 or another pokemon -exept fire type- over level 
30 to gain alot of experience. or have you wanted a Gyarados but you have a bad 
Magikarp put it at the top of your deck so when you face a pokemon it will be sent 
out first and you can return it. This little trick comes in handy to get pokemon.

			     Part 6- Poke Leauge

	So you beat, Brcok, Misty, Lt Surge, Ericka, Sabrina, Koga, Blaine, 
and ????????. (Can't give out the last gym leaders name yet you have to figure out 
who he is.) And your on the way to the Pokemon Leauge good for you. But you think 
you just need all the Badges to go there... WRONG!!! You will need pleanty 
Experience for ALL of your pokemon. And you will need your best pokemon like this 

Zapdos lv. 55
Hitmonchamp lv. 50
Blastiose lv. 60
Flarion lv. 57
Gyarados lv. 62
Lapras lv. 54

 These are not my pokemon those are just some pokemon that I can up with. You think 
once you show the guard the Earth badge you just go strait to the Pokemon Leauge... 
WRONG AGAIN!!! You will start you next 
adventure on Victory road where trainers all over the world are there. To tell you 
now you will need the strength move (HM04). 

			     Part 7- The End...Or Is It???

	So you beat Lorelei the ice master, Bruno the rock master, Agatha the ghost 
master, and Lance the Leader of the pokemon leage and the dragon master... OH!!! 
Wait I forgot to mention... YOUR RIVAL. he has beaten the leauge but if you have the 
power to beat him do it. If you did beat your rival you are now the newest POKEMON 
LEAUGE MASTER. if you get registered to beat the Pokemon leauge 15 times you win a 
big extream prize (***). So now you bveat the leauge go out and finish Professor 
Oaks task. ( to fill up the pokedex ).

			     Part 8- Other help

	So still need help on Professor Oaks task since you beat the pokemon leauge. 
Go to the Uknown Dungon where you will find Mew-Two. and CHASCEY, RHYDON, VENOMOTH, 
and SANDSLASH. This is  the best place to catch pokemon all the time. If you had the 
admission to go to Uknown Dungon before it would be unacceptable now due to you have 
beaten the pokemon leauge. But since the creaters say you can enter since you beat 
the leauge you are extreamly lucky to make it this far. Saved the masterball go get 
mew-two now.

			     Part 9- Hidden Pokemon?

	Yeah read this POKEMON GIFTS:
Pokemon			Found in what verion		Key
Lapras			R/B/Y				R= red
Eevee			R/B/Y				B= blue
Aerodactyl		R/B/Y				Y= yellow
Bulbasaur		    Y				
Charmander		    Y
Squirtle		    Y 
Pikachu			    Y

	Yeah read this too. PICK AND CHOOSE
Pokemon			Found in what verion		Key
Hitmonlee		R/B/Y				R= red
Hitmonchan		R/B/Y				B= blue
Omanyte			R/B/Y				Y= yellow
Kabuto			R/B/Y

	Yeah read the Definly. LENGEDARY POKEMON.
Pokemon			Found in what verion		Key
Mew-Two			R/B/Y				R= red
Moltres			R/B/Y				B= blue
Zapdos			R/B/Y				Y= yellow
Articuno		R/B/Y

			     Part 10- Not found try another verion

These are the pokemon not found in yellow verion:

These are the pokemon not found in red verion:

These are the pokemon not found in blue verion:


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