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You start out, and Prof. Oak tells you about pokemon. He asks what your name is and 
you even get to pick your rival's name. Then you begin.
  PALLET TOWN-You walk out of your house and head for the deep grass to the north. 
As you take your step into the grass Prof. Oak stops you. He takes you to his lab, 
and after a while of talking you get to pick your first pokemon(I always pick 
charmander, but it's up to you), and of course your rival wants to fight. If you 
beat him you get some money.Your pokemon's life gets filled up whether you win or 
lose. Leave and go to the north to a big feild. Talk to the first person and he'll 
give you a free potionkeep going up to Viridian city. Go to the pokemon center to 
heal your pokemon. Then go to the pokemart and they will tell you to take something 
to Prof. Oak. Take it to him and he tells you to take a pokedex with you on your 
journey. Go to the house above Prof. Oak's lab and talk to the girl in there. She 
will give you a map. Go north, again, to Viridian city.
  VIRIDIAN CITY-stop by the pokemon center to heal your pokemon. Then go to the 
pokemartand get some pokeballs. Go south to the big feild to catch a ratatta and a 
pidgey.Then go north to viridian forest.
  VIRIDIAN FOREST-Here, you can catch a weedle, a caterpie(don't worrie about the 
evolutions because you just evolve them yourself), and a pikachu. There are four 
people for you to battle with. There are also some items along the way. At the end 
of the forest is Pewter City.
  PEWTER CITY-stop by the pokemon center and the pokemart. Go to the museum if you 
want. Go to the Gym where you will fight a jr trainer and Brock. Make sure your 
pokemon are at least level 14 before you enter. Brock has a level 12 geodude and a 
level 14 onix.After you beat him you get the boulder badge and TM 34, which contains 
bide, now heal your pokemon and go east to route 3.
  ROUTE 3-There's alot of trainers here. Here's a tip defeat a few of them, then go 
back to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon, then come back.Here you can catch a 
jiggly puff and a spearow. then go north to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon. 
Then head over to MT. Moon.
  MT. MOON-Here there are alot of items including: potions,rare candy, escape rope, 
moon stone, tm's(12 and 01), andHP up. Pick up some pokemon here:ZUBAT, CLEFAIRY, 
PARAS, and GEODUDE, some guys from team rocket will chalenge you to duels. At the 
end, you fight a pokemaniac and get to pick one of the fossils. The dome fossil 
contains KABUTO, and the helix fossil contains OMANYTE. Get out of MT. Moon and head 
for route 4.
  ROUTE 4-No trainers here, just TM 04 and wild pokemon to catch: EKANS for red 
version and SANDSHREW for blue. Continue east to CERULEAN CITY.
  CERULEAN CITY-Heal your pokemon and go to the gym, where you will fight two 
swimmers and Misty. Misty has a L.18 STARYU, and a L.21 STARMIE. When you beat her 
you get the cascade badge and TM 11 which contains bubble beam. Now got to ROUTE 24 
to the north.
  ROUTE 24-Here you have to cross a bridge and fight your rival and six other 
trainersto get a nugget which you can sell for 5000yafter that there's alot of 
trainers. you can get: ODDISH(for red version), BELLSPROUT(for blue),and ABRA. You 
get TM. 45 too. Continue east to a house that belongs to Bill. Talk to the pokemon 
inside and do what he says. He'll give you an S.S. Anne ticket. Go back to CERULEAN 
CITY and go to route 5.

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