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Pokemon Ruby Version
Beginners Edition
  This walkthrough is Copyright.
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1) Basic Controls
2) Walkthrough
     Pt.1.Getting Started
     Pt.2.Moving to Littleroot town
     Pt.3.Checking out your neighbor
     Pt.4.Professor in trouble
     Pt.5.Choosing your starter pokemon
     Pt.6. Oldale Town
     Pt.7.The Pokedex
     Pt.8.Some nice shoes from mom
                           Basic Controls
Walking: use directional buttons.
Running (need running shoes): hold B while using the directional buttons.

                     Getting Started
When you start, Professor Birch will start talking about pokemon, just keep 
pressing, finally he stops talking and asks if you are a boy or a girl. Then he’ll 
ask what’s your name. If boy, you get the choice of Landon, Terry, Seth, and Tom 
unless you make up your own name. And for girls their choices are Terra, Kimmy, 
Nicola, and Sara or you can choose your own name. 

                  Moving to Littleroot town
You start out in a moving truck and when it stops you can exit. Your mom talks to 
you right when you exit the truck; she wants you to start the clock up in your room 
just go up the stairs and press A in front of the clock to change the time. While in 
your room turn on your pc, go to withdraw item and you’ve got a potion, withdraw it 
and go back to your mother she’ll say dads on TV By the time you get to her the 
interview is over. Now she’ll tell you to check out the neighbors.

                            Checking out your neighbor
The gender of your neighbors kid depends on your gender, if you’re a boy your 
neighbor’s kid is a girl (May) or if you’re a girl your neighbor’s kid is a boy 
(Brendan).   When at your neighbor’s house May/Brendan’s mother would say, “Oh 
you’re our new neighbors I have a son/daughter about your age. He/She is up stairs, 
I think.” So go upstairs and talk to him/her who is talking to himself/herself when 
he/she notices you. He/She starts to talk to you about being friends when he/she 
forgets she was supposed to help his/her dad catch wild pokemon his/her dad. Go 
outside and go north until you see a little dude, talk to him, he says, “I can hear 
someone shouting down the road here. What should I do? What should we do? Somebody 
has to go help…”

                                Professor in trouble
Go past the little dude and you will see professor Birch being attacked by a 
poochyena. He will ask you to help him by taking one of his pokeballs in his bag. 
The pokemon you choose now is the pokemon you will use the rest of the game so 
choose carefully. Save before you get the pokemon you want. 

                            Choosing your starter pokemon
For beginners I would recommend Mudkip because it is easy to train.  Intermediate I 
would choose Treeko because it is kind of hard and kind of easy to train. And for 
you Experts out there, I would recommend Torchic (in my opinion the best). If your 
like me and extremely picky about a boy or girl pokemon, keep turning it off 
(remember to save in front of the bag) until you get what you want. After you defeat 
a level 2 poochyena (very easy) you will be transported back to the lab. In of 
appreciation of saving him, professor Birch will let you keep the pokemon you used 
to save him (Mudkip, Treecko, and Torchic).

                                               Oldale town
After receiving your pokemon of choice, go to Oldale town, as you can notice a man 
is not letting you go west to another route because he thinks he found new pokemon 
footprints and doesn’t want you to step on it so he can study it. Talk to the lady 
next a house wearing an apron, talk to her, she shows you where the pokemart is and 
gives you a potion. Keep going north until you find May/Brendan, you will battle 
him/her. If you chose Mudkip he/she would have a Treeko, if you chose Treeko he/she 
would have a Torchic, if you chose Torchic he/she would have a Mudkip respectively. 
At least train your pokemon to level 8 by battling pokemon in tall grass. 

 The Pokedex
After you beat Brendan/May and follow him/her from Oldale town to the lab, enter the 
lab and professor Birch will give you a Pokedex, which records pokemon seen and 

                           Some nice shoes from Mom
After receiving the Pokedex your mom will be waiting outside your house.   Talk to 
her and she will give you running shoes that allow you to run (duh).

	      I will continue this later…

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