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Pokemon Ruby 
Full Version
From the Beginning
Till the End

After a speech from Professor Birch, select Boy or Girl for your
character, then choose a name.

Littleroot Town
Leave the truck by going right, and follow your mom inside.  Adjust
the clock in your room, and return downstairs.  Talk to your
rival upstairs in the house next door.  Head north, and hear a
cry for help.  Choose a Pokemon from the bag - Treecko, Torchic,
Mudkip - and save the professor from the Poochyena.

Talk to the professor back at the lab, and then speak to your mom
to heal your Pokemon.

Route 101
A few wild Pokemon, but no trainers.  Use this route and the next
to increase your level, as you face your rival soon.

Oldale Town
Talk to the person by the first house for a Potion.

Route 103
Some wild Pokemon, plus your rival at the far end.  Whichever
Pokemon you choose, your rival chooses the one that is strong
against it.  Beat your rival - his Pokemon is at Level 5 - and
return to the lab for a Pokedex from the professor and Poke 
Balls from your rival.  Talk to your mom for running shoes.

Route 102     (Left from Oldale Town)
Wild Pokemon here, plus some trainers.

Petalburg City
Speak to the gym leader - your father!  When you have control
again, head left.

Route 104
Some wild Pokemon, and trainers.

Petalburg Woods
Wild Pokemon, plus trainers.  By the exit, you first encounter
Team Magma (Ruby) or Team Aqua (Sapphire).

Route 104
More wild Pokemon and trainers  Speak to the first person to get
TM09.  Talk to everyone in the shop to get "Wailmer Pail".

Rustboro City
Speak to someone in the house next to the Poke Center to get HM01.
Gym Leader   Roxanne   Geodude L14,Nosepass L15   Stone Badge
             TM39   can now use Cut anywhere
When you leave the gym after beating Roxanne, there is a 
commotion over at the Devon building.

Route 116
Pokemon and trainers.

Rusturf Tunnel
Beat the Magma/Aqua guy.  Return to Rustboro for a PokeNav, and
some key items.

Petalburg Woods
Enter the cottage with a boat outside, and talk to the old man
to get to Dewford Town.

Dewford Town
Talk to the fisherman for an Old Rod.
Gym Leader   Brawly   Machop L17,Makuhita L18   Knuckle Badge
             TM08   use Flash anywhere

Route 106
Trainers and wild Pokemon here.

Granite Cave
Talk to the person just inside for HM05-Flash.
Deliver the letter to Steven at the far end for TM47.

Back at Dewford, talk to the old man and return to Rustboro.  
The chairman upstairs at Devon will give you an Exp Share.  Now
head to Slateport via Dewford.

Route 109
Plenty of trainers here.

Slateport City
Warehouse - talk to the bald man.  This opens up the museum.
Poke Mart - buy a Harbor Mail for later.
Museum - inside, the Magma/Aqua guy by the entrance will give you
         the Thief TM.  Talk to the man upstairs, and be ready
         for two more Magma/Aqua fights.
Pokemon Fan Club - talk to a woman there, and she will give you
                   a Soothe Bell if your Pokemon likes you.
Pokemon Contest - talk to the little girl for a Poke Block Case.
Name Rater - he will only rename Pokemon that you have named in
             the current game.
Market - most sellers have the usual items, plus one of them 
         will sell you items for your Secret Base.

Route 110
Normal route - wild Pokemon and some trainers.  You will also
find the Trick House here.
Cycling route - trainers with electric Pokemon, mostly Magnemite.

Trick House
You enter the house, and are told "Someone is watching".  You will
see a flash of light.  Press 'A' next to that point, and the
Trick Master appears!  Make your way through the maze in the room
beyond, and talk to Trick Master again for a prize.  You can only
challenge him once at first, but when you reach certain points
(like beating Norman) you will be able to challenge him again.

Mauville City
Mauville Game Corner - speak to a girl by the counter for a Doll.
Rydel's Cycle Shop - talk to Rydel to choose from Mach Bike or
                     Acro Bike.   Mach Bike will speed up in
                     three steps.  This bike will also go up
                     mud slopes.  Acro Bike will wheelie if you
                     hold down 'B'.  Press 'B' and a direction to
                     hop.  This will enable you to travel over
                     the white rails that you see around.
Talk to a person in the first house in the town to get the Coin
Gym Leader   Wattson   Magnemite L22,Voltorb L20,Magneton L23
             Dynamo Badge   Rock Smash can be used anywhere   TM34

Route 117
Plenty of Pokemon, plus some trainers.  You will find the Daycare
Center here.

Daycare Center
You can leave two Pokemon here, but you cannot choose which moves
they lose at the Daycare.  You are charged 100 credits, plus 100
credits for each level that they gain.  This is the way that you
get the Eggs.

Vendaturf Town
Pokemon Contest - talk to the girl at the desk to get the Contest
                  Pass.  Talk to the girl in the corner for TM45.

Rusturf Tunnel
Pokemon : Whismur
Head left and out to talk to him, and walk around pressing 'A' to
find Blackglasses.  Talk to him again.  Rock Smash the boulder
inside and talk to the Hiker, and he will give you HM04-Strength.

Route 111
Some water Pokemon, plus trainers, plus a 2-on-2 battle with an
interviewer.  Talk to the person at the front of the house for
four battles in a row.  Talk to the mom of the family for a Macho
Brace.  You can't enter the desert yet, so head west.

Route 112
Some wild Pokemon and trainers.  You can't access the cable car
yet, so enter the cave on the left.

Fiery Path
Plenty of wild Pokemon, and you can't move the boulder on the
left yet.

Route 112
Some wild Pokemon.

Route 113
Some trainers, and talk to the person by the large tree to get 
TM43 which is need to create a Secret Base.  Follow the route
around and enter the house.  Talk to the man there to get a Soot
Sack.  Walk around this route to collect soot, which the man can
turn into Flutes, the first being Blue Flute for 250.  This 
flute will wake up Pokemon.  Others cure other states such as
attraction and confusion.

Fallarbor Town
Move Tutor - he will teach your Pokemon moves for a Heart Scale.

Route 114
Some wild Pokemon, plus several trainers, including a 2-on-2
battle.  Talk to the boy in the house for TM28.  Talk to the old
man with a Poochyena for TM05.  Enter the house, and talk to
Lanette - talk to her at Fallarbor's Poke Center first - to get
a doll.

Meteor Falls
Plenty of wild Pokemon here.  Talk to Prof Cosmo after the
encounter with Team Magma/Aqua.  You can now ride the cable car
to Mount Chimney.

Mount Chimney
Battle some Magma/Aqua members along to the left.  After you
beat the final Magma/Aqua person, press 'A' next to the machine.
Return the meteorite to Prof Cosmo to get TM27.

Jagged Pass
Some wild Pokemon, plus three trainers.

Lavaridge Town
Pokemon's Herb Shop - the medicines here work as well as the
                      usual stuff, but the Pokemon don't like it.
                      Talk to the old man for a Charcoal.
To get through the gym, you need to use the various holes to get
to the leader.
Gym Leader   Flannery   Slugma L26,Slugma L26,Torkoal L28
             Heat Badge   TM50   use Strength anywhere
As you leave the gym, your rival will give you Go-Goggles, so
you can now enter the desert.

Desert Area - Route 111
Some wild Pokemon, plus trainers.
In the northeast area, you will find two fossils.  You can
choose one to revive at Devon (give to one of the
scientists, leave, then come back with an empty slot).  When
you choose one, the other disappears.

Fiery Path
You can now move the boulders on the left to reach TM06 and a
Fire Stone.  If the old man with the boat is still at Slateport,
take it back to Petalburg via Dewford.

Petalburg City
Fight a trainer, then choose a door to go through.
Gym Leader   Norman   Slaking L28,Vigoroth L30,Slaking L31
             Balance Badge   TM42   can Surf out of battle
You will get Surf from one of the people in the house next to
the gym.

Route 118
Plenty of wild Pokemon, and trainers (including the interviewer
from earlier).  Talk to the fisherman from just over the water to
get a Good Rod.

Route 123
Two trainers, one a 2-on-2 battle, plus Berry Master's house.

Route 119
A lot of different Pokemon and trainers.  At the north you will
find the Weather Institute.

Weather Institute
Battle Team Magma/Aqua several times, and talk to the person at
the end with an empty slot to get a Castform.

Route 119
Head over the bridge to face your rival again.  He will give you
HM02-Fly.  Follow the path around to Fortree City.

Fortree City
One of the huts sell desks and chairs for the Secret Base, while
another has an old woman who will play a 'guess the direction'
game to get TM10.

Route 120
Plenty of wild Pokemon, plus three trainers (the interviewer is
here too!).  Cross the bridge, and Steven will give you a Devon
Scope.  Beat or catch the Kecleon, then head back to Fortree.

Fortree City
Use the Devon Scope by the gym to gain access.  Rotate the
barriers to reach the leader.
Gym Leader   Winona   Swellow L31,Pelipper L30,Skarmory L32,
             Altaria L33   Feather Badge   TM40
             can now Fly anywhere

Route 120
More trainers and wild Pokemon past the point where you met

Route 121
Several different Pokemon and trainers.  To the south you will
find Mount Pyre, while east is Safari Zone.

Safari Zone
Fee:500 credits   Time:500 steps (?)   30 Safari Balls
You need the Acro Bike to reach some areas, the Mach Bike to
reach others.
Quite a few of the Pokemon here can't be found anywhere else.

Mt Pyre
This is a mixture of the Pokemon Tower in the original games,
plus an outside area.  Plenty of Pokemon in each.  On the way
to the top of the mountain, you will come across Magma/Aqua.
After beating the leader of this group, the couple will give
you an Orb.

Lilycove City
Department Store - the usual items, plus decorations on floor 5F.
Face your rival at the department store.  Head down to the
beach, and find a Heart Scale at one of the rocks.  Enter the
cave northwards for some information, then head to Slateport.
Talk to Captain Stern, then return to the cave.

Team Magma/Aqua Hideout
Lots of tough trainers with level 30 plus Pokemon, plus some
Electrodes.  Three of the Electrodes guard a Master Ball.

Route 124
Quite a few different Pokemon and trainers here, plus a house
where the person inside will trade shards for a Stone.

Mossdeep City
Some Pokemon, plus trainers.
   Talk to the man behind the Poke Center for HM08-Dive.
Talk to the girl with the Wingull at the house in front of the
Space Center, and it will Fly to Fortree.  You do the same.  Talk
to the old man in the northeast hut for a Mental Herb.
   Enter the house at the back of the Space Center and talk to the
fisherman to get Super Rod.
   Talk to the man near the entrance to the Space Center in order
to get a Sun Stone.

Gym Leader   Tate & Liza   Lunatone L42,Solrock L42 (2-on-2)
             Mind Badge   TM04   can now Dive out of battle

Route 127
Some trainers and wild Pokemon.  Surf south until you reach
Route 128.

Route 128
Over the dark water, use Dive and follow the pathway around and
down to the cave entrance.  Once through the entrance, use Dive
again to surface.

Seafloor Cavern
Make your way through the cave, moving boulders, and fighting
Team Aqua/Magma.  Use the top-left exit in the room with the
boulders and Smash-able rocks.  Use the fast moving water to
reach the doorway at the top-left of the next area.  Make your
way around and down to Grouden/Kyogre.  After the conversation
between the two teams, return to Route 127.

Route 127
Keep checking the map as you move around, until you are below
the small island on the left.  Use the Dive skill to reach the
underwater path, and the entrance to Sootopolis City.  Next, you
use Dive to resurface.

Sootopolis City
Magikarp and the rare Gyarados are the only wild Pokemon here.
Head north, around and south to reach the cave.

Cave Of Origin
A few wild Pokemon here.  You will find HM07 in here, so make
sure that you pick it up.  You will find Grouden/Kyogre deep 
inside this cave.  It is at level 45, and is the only one in the
game.  Save the game before trying to catch it.

Sootopolis City
The woman in the house next to the Poke Center will give you a
Wailmer Doll.  Don't forget - you can also set up the dolls in
your room, as well as your Secret Base.
     Take a Barboach and a Shroomish to the house next door to
get an Elixir from each of the people there.
     Talk to the man in the northwest house for TM31.
Talk to Steven outside the gym, then head inside.  You can only
step once on each patch of ice on your way to the next area.  If
you step on one patch twice, you fall through, and must face some
trainers before you can try again.
Gym Leader   Wallace   Luvdisc L40,Whiscash L42,Sealeo L40,
             Seaking L42,Milotic L43   Rain Badge   TM03
             can now use Waterfall out of battle
(Special note) A lot of the time, Wallace's Pokemon will use an
attack that may confuse your Pokemon, so take the right items
with you!

Route 128
Trainers & wild Pokemon again.
Just surf south and then east.  You must have a Pokemon with the
Waterfall skill with you to reach Ever Grande City.

Ever Grande City > Poke Center
In the cave that follows, you will need all of the HM skills,
except for Fly.

Victory Road
Loads of wild Pokemon here, most at level 40.  Quite a few tough
trainers here, too.  As you reach the exit, you are challenged
by Wally for another battle.  For this reason, take plenty of
Hyper Potions and Full Restores with you when you enter this 
cave.  Those that you don't use in here will probably be needed
for the battles ahead...

Ever Grande City > Pokemon League
Heal your Pokemon, make any last-minute substitutions and use
the rest of your money to buy whatever combination of the
following that you think you need : Revive, Full Restore,
Hyper Potion

. o O o . o O o . o O o .
  Elite Four + Champion
. o O o . o O o . o O o .
Sydney   Mightyena L46,Cacturne L46,Sharpedo L48,Absol L49,
         Shiftry L48
Phoebe   Dusclops L48,Banette L49,Banette L49,Dusclops L51,
         Sableye L50
Glacia   Glalie L50,Glalie L50,Sealeo L50,Sealeo L52,Walrein L53
Drake    Shelgon L52,Flygon L53,Salamence L55,Altaria L54,
         Flygon L53

Steven   Skarmory L57,Cradilly L56,Claydoll L55,Aggron L56,
         Armaldo L56,Metagross L58

New Mauville
Mentioned in the main walkthrough, this becomes available after
you have beaten Norman.  Make your way through New Mauville, and
turn off the generator.  Talk to Wattson to get TM24.

Mt. Pyre
You pass through here to fight Team Magma/Aqua, and get an Orb.
Plenty of trainers in here, plus some Ghost-type Pokemon.  You
will need to drop through holes on some floors to reach all of
the items.  You will find plenty of Ghost-type Pokemon here!

Safari Zone
The entrance is just before you first reach Lilycove City.  You
are charged 500 credits.  You get 30 Safari Balls, and can take
500 steps before your safari game is over.  Your safari game is
also over if you use up all of your Balls.  You can place a
Poke Block in the square bowls in each are to lure out the wild
Pokemon.  You will need to Surf and use each Bike to reach all
of the areas.

Shoal Cave - Route 125
Talk to the Black Belt to get Focus Band.  You will find the
Nevermeltice and TM07 in the icy area.  Plenty of Pokemon here.

Abandoned Ship - east of Dewford Town on Route 108
Some wild Pokemon, and trainers.  Plenty of thinking needed to
do in here to find the Scanner.  Give this item to Capt Stern
in Slateport to get and item which will evolve Clamperl when
it holds that item.

The Regi Trio
Take a Relicanth and Wailord to Route 134, and Dive there.
Head south until you see some braille on the cave wall.
Submerge, and head north until you see more braille.  Use Dig
there, and enter the hole there.  Put Relicanth first, and
Wailord last.  Press 'A' at the northmost braille, then exit
the cave.
Route 120, go up the stairs at the southern area.  Enter the
cave and use Fly in the middle of the room.  Enter the path to
fight Registeel.
Head south in the desert area, and enter the cave.  Go to the
centre of the braille slate, and head left, left, down, down.
Use the Strength skill, and face Regirock.
Surf north from Dewford until you reach an island on your left.
Head left and north to the cave, and go in.  Read the braille,
and wait two minutes to face Regice.

Sky Pillar - taken after Elite Four
Found east of the north side of Pacifidlog Town.  You will need
the Mach Bike to pass some floors.  As well as some wild
Pokemon, you will find a level 70 Rayquaza at the top!

SS Tidal - can be taken after finishing Abandoned Ship quest
Talk to Capt Stern at Slateport, and you face some trainers on
the ship.  This is how you reach the Battle Tower.

Battle Tower
You face several trainers, with your squad healed between 
your battles.  As in Pokemon Crystal, the squad must be at a
certain level, and the legendaries cannot be used.

This creature is released after beating the Elite Four.  You
come across it in the wild at random.  Damage done to it 
remains if it runs away, and you find it again.

Missing areas
All of the Routes not already mentioned have wild Pokemon, plus
most of them have at least one trainer.

Pacifidlog Town
One of the people here will give you TM27 if your Pokemon likes

Rumours / Glitches!
Steven will give you an unevolved form of his Metagross
CONFIRMED - go to Steven's house after beating the Elite Four.
The other 'Lati' Pokemon can be downloaded at a Special Event.
The other 'Lati' Pokemon can be unlocked at a Special Event.

The cut-a-bush-and-save-the-game glitch is still there.

In-game Trades
                 LOCATION          YOUR        FOR A 
               Rustboro City     Slakoth     Makuhita
               Fortree City      Pikachu     Skitty  
               Pacifidlog Town   Bellossom   Corsola 

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