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First,when you get out of the moving truck,your mom tells you to set the clock.After 
thats done,don't forget to get the potion that's in the pc.Walk outside,and go next 
door to meet May.When she's finished talking,go back outside,and head for the 
exit.Once you leave Littleroot,you'll find Prof.Birch being chased by a 
poochyena.He'll tell you to take a pokemon from his bag.Choose carefully,because it 
will be your partner throughout the game.Pick a pokemon,and beat poochyena easily.As 
his thanks,he gives you the pokemon you fought with earlier,then says to go find 
May.Leave the lab,and keep going up until your in the route past Oldale town.May's 
pokemon will always have an advantage,so train before you fight her.She'll have a 
Treecko if you picked Mudkip,Torchic if you picked Treecko,and Mudkip if you picked 
Torchic.Level up to about level 8 or 9,and you'll beat her no problem.Go back to 
Prof.Birch's lab and he'll give you a pokedex.May will give you five pokeballs.When 
your leaving town,your mom will stop you and give you the running shoes.After 
that,your ready to go.If you want to,go back to where you fought May,and catch some 
pokemon.The guy that was blocking the way to the next town will be out of the way 
and you can advance.
                                 PETALBERG CITY
Heal at the pokemon center if you need to,then go into the gym.While your talking to 
your dad,a boy named Wally will come in and say he's ready to catch a pokemon.You're 
dad will tell you to go with him.The both of you walk into the route to the right 
and run into the pokemon ralts.Wally will catch it,and say to return to the gym.When 
he leaves,your dad will say to collect 4 gym badges.Only then will he fight you.Go 
past town,through the grass,and into Petalberg woods.As you head up,battling bug 
catcher trainers,you'll run into a guy who says he's looking for shroomish.When he 
asks you if you've seen one,a Team Magma member will appear.Defeat his single 
poochyena and the Devon Researcher will give you a great ball as his thanks.Continue 
going up,and pretty soon you'll be out of the woods.If you talk to the boy next to 
the exit,he'll give you the TM that contains bullet seed.Go into the flower shop and 
the girl will give you a wailmer pail,which is used to water berries.In the back of 
the shop is an extra potion.Cross the bridge and enter the city
                                 RUSTBORO CITY
If you picked Torchic,you'll have a hard time beating Roxane.She uses rock-
pokemon,but if you captured wingull and trained it,she'll be easy.If you 
didn't,train Torchic to level 16.It will evolve into Combusken and learn double 
kick.The other starters won't have a problem,though.Go through Rustboro and onto the 
beach.At the top right corner of the sandy part,you'll find a super potion.Go back 
to the city,then head left if you want to train.If not,fight Roxane for the Stone 
Badge.After you get it,leave the gym and outside,the Team Magma member you fought in 
Petalberg woods will run past you.Follow him up and to the left,where the Devon 
Researcher is waiting.After you talk to him,keep going right till you come to a 
cave.Go in and you'll find him and a wingull he's holding hostage.Defeat him to 
recover the Devon Goods and the wingull.The man outside,named Mr.Briney,will thank 
you and leave.Head back to Rustboro,and the Researcher will give you another great 
ball.Then,he'll take you to the top floor of the Devon Corporation to meet 
Mr.Stone,the president.He'll give you a letter to deliver to Steven,who's in Dewford 
town.When you leave,go to a house with a sign outside that says cutter's house.Talk 
to him and he'll give you HM01,cut.Leave Rustboro and walk back through the 
woods.Once your out,go to the house by the water and go in to find Mr.Briney.Talk to 
him and say you want to go to Dewford.He'll sail you there.
                                  DEWFORD TOWN
Brawly is the gym leader here,and uses fighting-pokemon.If you chose torchic and it 
evolved,Combusken should already know peck.This will be affective against his 
pokemon.Otherwise,wingull's wing attack or tailow's peck will be equally good.If you 
need training,go up town and to the left.You'll find Granite Cave.When you first 
enter,talk to the hiker and he'll give you HM05,flash.You need Brawly's badge,but if 
you think you can get through without flash,go on.Deep inside is Steven.When you 
give him the letter,he'll give you the TM steel wing for your trouble.Leave the cave 
and if your still not ready for Brawly,go on to Slateport.If your ready,attack him 
with a barrage of flying-moves.He'll reward you with the Knuckle Badge if you 
win.The guy in red and white walking in the middle of the city will give you an old 
rod if you answer "yes" to his question.Talk to Briney again and set sail for 
                                  SLATEPORT CITY
There is no gym here,so don't expect it.If you go to the museum first,you'll find a 
long line of Team Magma members,so you won't be able to go in.First,go to the 
shipyard and talk to the guy who says he's responsable for designing the ship.He'll 
say to deliver the Devon goods to Capt.Stern,who is in the museum.Go back to the 
museum to find the line is gone and enter.You have to pay a 50 doller entree fee to 
get in.One of the Magma members will give you the TM theif and run away.Go upstairs 
and talk to Capt.Stern.Right before you give him the Devon Goods,two Team Magma 
members will come and you'll have to battle both of them.When you beat them,their 
leader,Maxie,will come and say that you'll get no mercy the next time you mess with 
their plans.When he leaves,Capt.Stern will take the goods and leave as well.When you 
leave the museum,go to the red building(contest hall),and talk to the little girl 
for the pokeblock case.Now head upwards and out of the city.Without the bike,you'll 
have to take the alternate way to the next city.Before you go,you'll see a house 
called the Trick House.Go inside and your character will say,"Your being 
watched..."and a glint of something will appear.Go to it and push A.The Trick Master 
will appear and tell you to go behind the scroll.Solve the riddle and he'll give you 
a prize.Leave,and go to the right.Note:Three electric pokemon can be found here;they 
are Minun,Plusle,and Electrike.While going up,you'll find May.By now,she'll have 
caught and trained here pokemon,so be ready.If she picked Mudkip,electricity won't 
effect him because he's part ground.Grass is your best bet here.Defeat her and 
she'll give you an itemfinder.Keep going until you reach Mauville City.

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