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	                       Pokemon  v.1.0
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                               \     /   
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Pokemon And Characters
Are Trademarks Of Nintendo,
Gamefreak,And Creatures Also
DO  Not Copy This Without My Permission
Thank You Bunches

1.Getting Started
3.Legendary Pokemon
6.The Elite Are Beat
7.Steven The Last Test
8.Battle Tower

1.Getting Started
First Just Hook Up Your Game To Your GBA
Then Turn It On After That Follow The Steps
In This Guide And Get The Badges And Beat
The Elite Then Test Against Your Friend Steven
Then Beat The Butt Out Of Battle Tower

R Something Cant Remeber
D Something Cant Remeber
Some Island
Another Island
I Just Cant Remeber All Of Them

3.Legendary Pokemon
These Are Rare Pokemon In Sapphire
Regice Those Are The Legendary
In Sapphire

To get Badges You Need To Go
To Different Places To Get Them
Here Are Some Good Teams 
To Use But They Are Only At
That Time Of Games Normal
Level Rate

Badge 1:Level 17 Combusken (if you chose Torchic)
Or Level 17 Marshtomp (if you chose Mudkip)
Or Level 17 Grovle (if you chose Treeko)
Next Level 15 Wingull
Then Level 15 Butiefly (or Duxtox)
Badge 2:Level 20 Combusken (this would be best but try to beat it with the 
Level 17 Wingull Easy Huh
Badge 3:Level 25 Marshtomp (the best one on this gym)
Level 23 Geodude Or Graveler Easy Too Easy :P
Badge 4:Level 36 Blaziken Or Swampert
Level 30 Pelliper
Badge 5(dad :P):Level 40 Blaziken
Level 35 Machop Or Machoke
Level 30 Geodude
Badge 6:Level 46 Blaziken (needs rock attack :}) )
Level 39 Graveler Or Golem Level 38 Nosepass
Badge 7: Level 50 Pokemon With Bug Type Attack
Well More Then One
Badge 8 (muahahahahaha You cant enter it without Kyogre):
Level 45  Kyogre (dont have time to train it) Level 57 Sceptile 
Level 50 Magnaton (two or more) Level 56 Aggron (needs Thunder)
Level 54 Gyarados (needs Thunder)
----------------------------------------------Oops Wait We Are Done Silly Me

All Im Gonna Do Is Do The Basics

Name You and Your Rival
Save Pro.Birch
Talk To Dad
Get Badge 1
Get Badge 2
Get Badge 3
Get Badge 4 
Get Badge 5
Get Badge 6
Get Badge 7
Get Kyogre
Get Badge 8 After Saving Earth
Beat The Elite
Fight The Master Steven
Get Regice
Get Registeel
Get Regirock
Get Latias (cant get latios yet)
Trade with Ruby To Get Groudon
Get Eon Ticket So You Can get Latios
Finish Pokedex
Hack Game With Gameshark If Needed
Beat Battle Tower

Well That Is The Main Part

6.The Elite Is Beat
Here Is The Hardest Challenge Yet
Beat The Elite
These Are Some Good Teams

Elite 1:Fighting Type Will Beat This Dark Type Team
Elite 2:None Just Use Good Attacks
Elite 3: Fire Fire Fire
Elite 4 Finally:Just Old Fashion Ice
That Wasnt Hard Just Remember To Make Your Pokemon Levels From Level 60 To Level 

7. Steven the last test

Here Is The Guide to This FIRE TYPE
Not Hard At All

8.Here Comes The Battles
Its Finally Here Battle Tower
Just Choose Strong Pokemon Like These 2
Aggron With Iron Tail, Fire Blast, Thunder, And Hyper Beam
And Gyarados With The Strongest Attacks Of there Types Fire Blast, Blizzard, 
Pump, Thunder

9.Ending Well There goes This Game Well Not Really heheheheheh

My Credits:Blaziken And Kyogre My Most Loved Pokemon I Beat The Game With Them
Also Aggron And Gyarados Thats My Ideas I Did

Thanks to:
Me For Making  This
You For Reading This
And Pokemon For Just Makin This Game

l     Hi From Pokemon-Mike

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