Pokemon Type Hunt: Ice Type - Guide for Pokemon Emerald

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Pokemon Type Hunt: Ice Type
Volume 2

So you think you have the knowledge to train Ice-type Pokemon? The real test is 
finding them. Are you ready to chill your enemies? Then read on…

Snorunt is a cute little Pokemon. It is rare in the icy floor of Shoal Cave, 
where it is found, but the powerful Ice-type Glalie is worth the time and 
effort. Go to the very bottom of Shoal Cave just north of Mossdeep. It should 
look very icy. Slide around on the frozen floor and search. Zubat and Golbat 
will plague your hunt, and so will Spheal.
When you find one, catch it. But that is up to you. It will become Glalie at 
level 42.

Like Snorunt, Spheal is found in Shoal Cave. Unlike Snorunt, it is found on 
every floor. The mega-awesome Walrein, its final evolution, is worth at least 
the Poke Ball you spend on it. Raise it to level 35 and then 42- it will evolve 
into Sealeo and Walrein.

Enjoyed Pokemon Type Hunt: Ice Type? Then read on to discover Pokemon 
Collection: The Three Regis extra!!

Pokemon Collection: The Three Regis
Extra One

So. You’ve opened their initial doors with Wailord, Relicanth, and Dive, but 
you don’t know how to enter their secret rooms. Don’t worry young grasshoppers. 
The Secrets of the Regis will be revealed to you!

Go to the Island Tomb on the left of Route 105. Enter it, and go up to the top. 
From there, run 1 lap around the edge of the cave. You can make mistakes- just 
don’t stop! Then the door will open. Regice knows: Icy Wind, Curse, 
Ancientpower, and Superpower.

Go to the very bottom of the desert. Enter the Desert Tomb and go up to the 
top. Go two spaces left and one space down and then use Rock Smash. The cave 
will be opened. Regirock knows: Ancientpower, Curse, Superpower, and I forget 
what its other move is. 

Go to the big rock cave on Route 120 and enter. Go to the middle and use Flash. 
Like all Pokemon, you’re on your own catching the final Regi!

Thank You for reading my Pokemon Type Hunt- and return soon for Breeding Tips!

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