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*steals every credit again* Yo, Negakon's back! And he's kicking like a Blaziken that just swallowed a whole Jumbo Jar of Volcano Peppers... Yeowch, not even Charizard could match that kind of power. And I have to say, the move "Sky Uppercut" is a very cool one.
Foreword: Welcome to the second segment of my walkthrough for pokemon ruby/sapphire, also with tips to building a nice rounded group of Pokemons that'll handle a variety of types.  Hope you enjoy the first one, but now its time to pick off where we started. Beside, is anyone up for a game of "Go Magikarp"? Or how about "Aipoms in a Barrel", or even a nice game of "Ratatta-Trap"? Okay, enough of that...

Slateport ~ Fight the trainers with your starter, Mightyena, Abra/Ralts, and once you've defeated them all, go buy as much Super Potions as possible, because from on here, your pokemon will begin to level up a lot, and if you have a Combusken, focus on him a lot, and just train up a Psychic type, and that's it. Your team (if you had Combusken) should be

Combusken ~ Lv.24+
Ralts/Abra ~ Lv. 16+ (should be evolved)
Two Zigzagoons

So, add 2 more Zigzags, and your item stock increases twofold. Go to the museum, battle the Teams, whup their little wet/sorched rears. Then give Stern his stuff you so painstakingly carried across the breadth of Hoenn, and return outside, all that's left is to go north of Slateport and battle every trainer to Mauville. Get a bike and battle the trainers on Cycling Road, Combusken will level up 3 or 4 times if you're lucky.

Before you face Wally, go east and west of Mauville, beat every trainer possible. Your Pokemons should BE around level 30, especially Combusken. Then beat Wally, beat every trainer inside the electric gym, defeat the aging laughing moron known as Wattson. Your Combusken will be very close...

Get Rock Smash in the southeast-most house, teach it to a zigzag, and go back to the Rock Tunnel, save Wally's cousin's boyfriend the pain of busting up one more little rock. Honestly, why not a hammer??? Oh well, go back to Mauville and upward. Beat the Winstrate Family in a 4 duel in a row. It seems, that Victoria is stronger than Victor, while Vivi is stronger than Victoria, while Vicki is stronger than Vivi, while Vivi's older brother, on Victory Road, is far stronger than them all. You get a Macho Band for your trouble, so equip it on Combusken to get favorable stats. Go east to the Fiery Path, train your Abra/Ralts up some more. Get to Fallabor Town, and ultimately, Meteor Falls, where Team Magma/Aqua returns to continue their dastardly plots. 

Once they're done, go down to battle three trainers and return to Rustboro City, take the Rock Tunnel to Veraturf and swing around back to the Fiery Path, but instead, go on the Airway. You'll end up in Mt. Chiminy, where a terrible battle between Aqua and Magma takes place (You would think they would use pokemons like Numels and Carvnals, not entirely Poochyenas. It seems pointless to have one kind... OH well... Continue east to beat 2 Magma/Aqua trainers, and defeat either Maxie or Archie to stop them again, and have more Aqua/Magma members recognize you as "that meddling kid".

Since Magma/Aqua has been foiled, go southward to Lavaridge Town, restock supplies, heal your pokemons, talk with the natives to learn a fact or two, then finally, take on the Fire Gym. May I point out something? COMBUSKEN! Or by now, you should have a Blaziken, around lv. 38+, and Flannery's pokemons are ground types too, so Blaziken will completly and totally destroy them, without taking a hit. Quite the powerhouse? Add that Overheat to Blaziken, and use any PP UPs u find on Overheat until you can't anymore, that'll make him more useful in the Elite Four challenge. I also would advise saving every Ether/Max Ether/Lum Berry you find, but a better idea is to make more Lum Berries, so you can get PP back up for your pokemons.

Go to the desert, take a fossil, hidden items like another PP Up, Protein, inside rocks, and use them all on Blaziken.  Your Blaziken will need the highest atk possible, so with proteins/macho band, its a way to do it. Also, fighting monsters with high atk like Mahuitas and Hariyamas, such as in Granite Cave and Victory Road will give a greater atk stat increase once you level up.

Get your butt to Petalburg, and challenge every single trainer to battle before taking on Daddy. Your Blaziken will be so ready, but that Abra/Ralts will need more training after this.

The trainers are quite easy, but Norman might be hard if you didn't raise a good Machoke, a powerful Hariyama, or a Blaziken (Please!). If so, then his slothful pokemons will tire out and fall to your mighty Blaziken's feet.

Okay, that's, enough for now. If you decided to follow my opinions, then the team should be:

Blaziken ~ Lv.45+
Kirlia(Ralts) ~ Lv. 38+
Four Zigzagoons.

A Gyarados can be helpful, as well as a Magneton, and a Cacena or his evolved form will round out your team. Perhaps a Muk or a Weezing can fill the last spot, and I always saw them as novelty pokemons that can help out a lot. A Weezing is good, but a Seviper is much better.

Part three coming soon.

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