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What's up! In this guide, you will learn the bosses and what you get from them. 
Also you will know where the items are that aren't from bosses. You will also learn 
how to unlock all 4 Image Gallerys

*Items from bosses*
1)- Space Pirate Frigate 
-Reward: None

2)- Hive Totem 
-Reward: Missile Luancher

3)- Ruined Shrine 
-Reward: Morph-Ball

4)- Burn Dome
-Reward: Morph-Ball Bomb

5)- Sunchamber
-Reward: Varia Suit

6)-Chapel of Elders
-Reward: Wave Beam

7)-Quarentine Chamber
-Reward: Spider-Ball

8)-Elite Research
Reward: Chozo Artifact of Warrior

9)-Elite Headquarters
-Reward: Phazon Suit & Phazon Beam

10)-Artifact Temple
-Reward: Opening path to the Impact Crater

11)-Impact Crater
-Reward: None

12)-Impact Crater
-Reward: Ending Sequence (74% or lower=worst, 75%-99%=second best, 100%=best ending)

*Items from locations*
-Reward: Boost Ball

2)-accessed from landing site
-Reward: Space Jump Boots

-Reward: Thermal Visor

-Reward: Ice Beam

-Reward: Gravity Suit

-Reward: Power-Bomb

-Reward: Grapple Beam

-Reward: X-Ray visor

-Reward: Plasma Beam

*Image Gallerys and other information*
1)Image Gallery 1: collect 50% of all log-book scans
2)Image Gallery 2: collect 100% of all log-book scans

3)Image Gallery 3: clear Hard Made

4)Image Gallery 4: collect 100% of all items (missile expansions,power-bomb 
expansions,energy tanks and super-missile combos)

5)Getting Hard Mode: Clear game in normal mode

6)Getting worst ending sequence: complete game with 1%-74% 

7)Getting middle endingsequence: complete game with 75%-99%

8)Getting best ending sequence: complete game with 100%

9) Helpful Missile Expansion hints: I will tell you how many missile expansions to 
find in each area 
Tallon Overworld: 9 (45 missiles)
Chozo Ruins: 18 (90 missiles)
Magmoor Caverns: 3 (15 missiles)
Phendrena Drifts: 9 (45 missiles)
Phazon Mines: 9 (45 missiles)

In my next guide, I will show you exactly where all 50 missile packs are. Just look 
for Drifter10 as the author 

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