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Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Walkthrough
By Gopikrishna

[email protected] Com  

Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Story
003. Characters
004. Controls
005. Walkthrough
  005a. Beginning
  005b. The Maharajah's Treasure Vaults
  005c. "You have unleashed the sands of time"
  005d. "Had I really seen her? "
  005e. A Secret Passage
  005f. The Palace's Defense System
  005g. A Booby-Trapped Courtyard
  005h. Death of a Sand King
  005i. "I'll try to find a way in"
  005j. Climbing the Tower
  005k. The Warehouse
  005l. The Sultan's Zoo
  005m. Atop a Bird Cage
  005n. Cliffs and Waterfall
  005o. The Baths
  005p. "There's something glowing up there"
  005q. Above the Baths
  005r. A Long-Buried Secret
  005s. Daybreak
  005t. A Soldier's Mess Hall
  005u. The Drawbridge
  005v. A Broken Bridge
  005w. "I'll meet you at the baths"
  005x. Waterfall
  005y. A Cavern of Ladders
  005z. An Underground Reservoir
  0005a. Out of the Well
  0005b. The Sultan's Harem
  0005c. "What did you call me? "
  0005d. The Hall of Learning
  0005e. Observatory
  0005f. Hall of Learning Courtyards
  0005g. On the Ramparts
  0005h. A Prisoner Seeking an Escape
  0005i. "At last we're here! "
  0005j. The Hourglass
  0005k. "Farah! Come back! "
  0005l. Clmbing the Tower of Dawn
  0005m. The Setting Sun
  0005n. Honor and Glory

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for Gamecube game called Prince of
Persia: Sands of Time. You can contact me at
[email protected] Com, but make the subject blank
if you do. 

Oh, and the "like sands through the hourglass" thing at the
top of this page is reference to "Days of our Lives", a TV
show on NBC. This game bears similarity to the TV show;
they both have muscular men who do not wear shirts. 

One more thing: I don't have a section listing where the
sand clouds and life-extending fountains are because it'd
be useless, seeing as you can't go back to a previous
section and get a sand cloud that you missed. 


Strangely enough, the game is a story. The story goes
something like this:

The Persians are attacking an Indian city under control
of the Maharajah. It is a brutal fight. The Prince of
Persia joins the battle, but quickly realizes that he won't
win honor and glory by killing someone. He decides to raid
the Maharajah's treasure vault, and bring back a treasure
to honor his family name with. 

The treasure chamber is empty, save for two treasures: a
big hourglass and a dagger. He takes the dagger, because
it would take over ten men to move the hourglass. 

Leaving, the Prince shows it to his father, Sharaman. The
Vizier reminds Sharaman that Sharaman promised the Vizier
anything he wanted from the raid; the Vizier wants the
dagger. Good old Sharaman tells the Vizier that Prince can
keep the dagger. Vizier will have to settle for getting
the hourglass instead. 

Later on, at the Sultan's palace, the Vizier is talking
about the hourglass. He says that it can only be opened by
a special dagger; the one Prince has. Prince sticks the
dagger in the hourglass, letting the sands loose. 

Bad idea. The sands aren't ordinary sand; they are the
sands of time. They burst out and change the palace, 
turning everyone into monstrous sand creatures. 

Only the Vizier, Farah, and Prince are not changed into
sand creatures, because the Prince has the dagger, the
Vizier has his magical staff, and Farah has a medallion, 
and those things protect the three. 

Farah runs off, scared. The Prince chases after her. Can
he find her? And, ultimately, can he undo the damage he
caused by unleasing the sands of time? 


Prince: The Prince of Persia the main character. The game
follows his attempts to win honor and glory, and his
attempt to save the world. 

Sharaman: King of Persia. He is merciful in victory. It's
too bad that he turns into a sand creature and tries to
kill the Prince. 

Maharajah: He is never seen. He loses his kingdom to the
Persians. This is because Vizier was a traitor to him. 

Farah: The maharajah's daughter, she is important because
she is one of the three people who didn't become sand
creatures. At the beginning of the game, she doesn't like
Prince (because Prince attacked her father's city), but
she ends up falling in love with him. The sudden change in
emotions, needless to say, thoroughly confuses Prince. 

Vizier: This guy is an ugly, evil bad guy. He's also
pretty old. He was a traitor to the Maharajah, so he could
have some of the Maharajah's treasures. Specifically, he
wants the dagger of time and the hourglass of time. Upon
realizing he won't be able to get them, he becomes a
traitor to the Persians, tricking Prince into unleashing
the sands of time. 

Sultan of Azad: His palace is where the sands of time are
unleashed. He seems like a nice person, even if he is a
bit strange (he has a zoo of exotic animals). 

Guard: He makes Prince set the palace defense system so it
will kill the sand creatures. It doesn't. 


Control stick: Go up/down ladders/poles. 

B: Swing your sword. Use this to hit someone or something. 

B + direction: If you're fighting multiple enemies, press
B and a direction, and you will swing your sword in the
direction you indicated. 

A: Jump. If you're running towards a gap and press A, you
jump over the gap. You can also use jump from wall to wall
in certain places. If you're on a ledge, you can jump up
so you are standing on the ledge. 

A + direction: Roll in that direction. 

A + direction: Jump off something in that direction. 

A + direction: In a fight, you can run at an enemy and
press A. You will then vault over the enemy's head. Some
enemies can block this. During the vault, you can press B
to hit whatever you're vaulting over. You can also press
Y after a vaulting attack to get sand. 

A + direction: Wall jump. When you're near a wall, go
towards the wall and press A and either A or B. If you
press A, Prince jumps at the wall, and then uses the
momentum to perform a vault over an enemy. If you press
B, he uses the momentum to jab his sword at an enemy. 
Works only in battle. 

Y: Use the dagger of time to retrieve sand. Sand creatures
die when you take their sand away. Problem: Usually you
have to hurt them before you can take their sand. 

Y + B: Press Y to retrieve sand from a sand creature who
hasn't been hurt. The creature becomes frozen in time. 
Press B twice to then destroy the enemy. 

X: Fall down from a ledge. 

X: Put away your sword. 

R: Run across walls if you hold R and run at the wall at an

R: Push or pull blocks. 

R: Drink water. 

R: Swing (if you're on a bar). 

R: Block (if you're fighting). 

R + B: In a fight, you can hold R to block. Then, when an
enemy strikes, press B to do a counter attack. This isn't
easy to pull off. Some enemies can counter your counter

R + Y: Like the counter attack, except press Y instead of
B, and you will steal the enemy's sand instead of just
harming it. 

L: Hold it to rewind time. Works only if you have the
dagger of time. 

L: Tap it to go in slow motion for ten seconds. Works
only if you have the dagger of time. 

R + L: Hold R, then press L to go into fast forward mode. 
The prince will now move super fast, but nothing else
 (i. e . Enemies) will. 

Z: Look in first-person view. 

Start: Pause. 

Control Pad Right: See the landscape camera. 


The game starts off with Prince on a balcony. Move him
inside the curtains to start the opening scene of the game. 


The Prince begins telling his story; "a tale like no one
has ever heard". 

The Persian army is preparing to attack the city where the
Maharajah lives. The next day, the battle begins. The
Vizier, who wears purple, reminds the king of his promise:
the Vizier gets access to whatever he desires from the
Maharajah's treasure vaults. Vizier, by the way, has
turned traitor; he worked for the Indians, but was actually
working for the Persians so the Persians could win this

Prince goes quickly before them. The King is happy to see
his son so ready for battle. Prince manages to squeeze in
through the gates to the city before rocks crush him. 

This leaves Prince in a pickle, because he can't exit the
city now. He'll have to continue on inside the city. 
That's not a problem; he is determined to gain honor and

This is where the game starts for you. Walk up to the men
who are using a battering ram to open a door. A bomb goes
off and kills them before you get there. How unfortunate. 

Walk towards rocks against the wall, and you climb up them. 
These rocks are against the left wall, if your back is
against the door the people were trying to open with the
battering ram. 

Climb up to the top of the rocks. Use the A button to jump
over a gap. Follow the path to your right, and you reach a
wall. Run at the wall and press R to run up it. You grab
onto the top. Press A to swing yourself onto the top of
the wall. 

Here we learn some camera instructions. Press Z to go into
first person view (use the C-stick while in first person
view to look around). Press right on the control pad to go
into landscape view (use the C-stick to zoom in and out). 

Go across the bridge you're on. Oh, darn, a bomb explodes
and blows part of it up. Jump over the gap in the bridge
and walk towards the door. At the door, turn right to go
on another bridge. 

Jump over the gap in this bridge. At the end of the
bridge, turn left to enter a room. Go through it, and
press B to get rid of the stuff blocking your exit. 

You make it to your first fight. You must fight a spear-
wielding, green turban-wearing, enemy to proceed. Use the
R button to block. Use the B button to attack. Use A and
the control stick to dodge in the direction you pointed
 (if you point backwards, Prince flips backwards). 

I'd like to point out a move I like to do here. Run at
your enemy and press A. You will then see the Prince do a
vaulting move over him (in slow motion, cool). Press B
when the Prince is behind the enemy, and Prince will hit
the enemy with his sword. 

Once the enemy is dead, use the control stick to climb up
the ladder. At the top, you have another fight. You must
fight another green turban man, along with a shirtless, 
sword wielding dude. 

Kill them, and Prince sheathes his sword. After a battle, 
when all the enemies are defeated, he sheathes his sword. 
So when the sheathes his sword, you know you're safe and
that there aren't any more enemies around. 

Prince realizes that many men will die in the battle. He
will not win honor and glory by killing, but by being the
first to reach the Maharajah's treasure vault. 

Enter the doorway. Inside is a bunch of water. Press R to
drink the water; this refills your life meter (the
cane-like thing in the upper left corner). 

Destroy the stuff blocking your exit, and leave the room. 
Drop down to the ground below. You have a fight here; now
there are two green turbans and two shirtless men to fight, 
making four enemies in all. 

When you're fighting multiple enemies, instead of pressing
B by itself, press B and point the control stick at an
enemy, and Prince will swing his sword at that enemy. 

Kill the four enemies and enter the doorway. Make sure to
try out the vault move I talked about. 

Or, if you don't feel like fighting, outrun the enemies to
the doorway. 

Once you're in the doorway, go through the twisty room. 
You end up at a bridge. Walk across it until it is, 
surprise, blown up. 

Here you learn a new move. Press R while running at the
wall at an angle to run across the wall. Try it; it looks
cool. Do this to get over the gap, and do it again to get
over a second gap. Climb up the ladder you get to, and
enter the doorway to your left. Water is in this room if
you need it. 

Exit the room. You see a hole blown in a wall; that's your
destination. Fight the four enemies (two shirtless dudes
and two green turban dudes). Go against the wall directly
opposite of the doorway. Press A, and you jump to the

Now here's some more stuff to learn: Press A to jump to the
top of the ledge. Go left across the ledge after jumping
up on it. Your way gets blocked by a statue head. Press
X to drop down (so you are hanging on the ledge), and go
left past the statue head. Press A to get back on the

Keep going left, and you won't be able to go left any more. 
Press A to jump and grab the ledge above you. Go as far
left as you can along this ledge, while hanging off of the
ledge (this way you avoid a statue head). 

Once you're as far left as you can, drop so you're hanging
off the ledge below you. Move so you're over the hole in
the wall (your destination). Drop off the ledge and you'll
grab onto the bottom part of the hole. Press A to enter
the room. 

You have four green turbans to fight in this room. Kill
them. There's a small fountain in this room, drink water
from it if you need some. Get used to these fountains
because you'll be getting most of the water in this game
from them. 

There are two poles near the fountain. Press A to grab
onto the taller one. Climb up the pole. When on a pole, 
you can press a direction and the A button, and you will
jump in the direction you pressed. 

Use that to jump to the pole on the right (you see it in
slow motion, but only the first time you do it). Jump to
the tallest pole from that one (you make a forward jump to
reach it). 

Climb up this pole, and jump left off it onto the ledge. 
Enter the doorway, and Prince gives you the option of
having him start the story at this place the next time he
gets interrupted. In other words, you can save the game
here, and the next time you play, you start from this

005b-The Maharajah's Treasure Vaults

You've entered the doorway, so keep going on in this room. 
There's a pit with water in it in this room. Use the
R-button to run across to the left wall to get to the other
side of the pit. 

Turn right, and you face another pit. R-run across the
right wall this time. Near the end of your run, press the
A button (you jump off from the wall), so you land on safe
ground. The jump is done in slow-motion for some reason. 

You reach another pit. R-run across the right wall to get
past the wall. 

Here, if you zoom out (press down on the C-stick), you see
that the walls form a "U" like figure. Here's how you get
out of these areas: Run up one wall (press R to do this), 
and jump off it by pressing A. You land on the other wall;
press A before you land to jump off that wall. Do this
over and over, jumping from wall to wall, until you reach
the top. 

This particular one is easy since it's the first one you
have to do. Get to the top of the left wall, and enter the

Now you're in the main part of the treasure vault. You see
a shining light, and then a door (your destination). 

First, let's see what the shining light it. R-run across
the wall to reach another platform. R-run against the wall
again, and jump at the end to reach the platform with the
shiny thing. 

Walk at it. It's the dagger of time. That's a good
treasure for Prince to get. Unfortunately, it's on the
other side of the wall; you can't reach it. 

You might have noticed that something shiny was beneath
this platform. Drop down to see it (get some water if the
fall hurts you). 

It's a big hourglass. In it are the sands of time. It's
one of the two containers that can hold the sands of time
within it (the other container being the dagger of time). 
The hourglass is too big for Prince to get, and besides, 
he wants a treasure that can fit in one hand. 

Climb a pole and jump off it to reach the doorway you
entered this room from. In case you forgot, you want to
reach the doorway directly on the other side of the room. 
That's the destination. 

Get back to where the dagger is. Zoom out, and you can
see how you can go up. R-run to get on the platform to
the left (against the destination wall). 

R-run off this platform, across the destination wall, to
land on another platform. R-run across this wall again, 
and you reach the destination. Enter the doorway. 

Spiky poles pop up in this room. Go through the room, 
avoiding the poles. 

It's not hard to figure out, but here's how to do it. You
can see how the poles move back and forth. Go to one of
these areas; move forward (make sure you're behind a pole). 
Then when a pole to your side passes you (it's going
backwards), move so you are in front of that pole. Keep
going forward, and soon you're out of the poles' reach. 

Once you're past the poles, you'll find a pit that follows
along a corner. R-run across the left wall, and you land
on a ledge. Press A so you're on the ledge, and move down
the wall. 

The ledge stops. Press A and press the controller to jump
in that direction. Jump to the ledge on the wall opposite
of this one. Follow that ledge along, and do another ledge

Two spiky poles pop up. These ones are easy to avoid; just
pass by when they aren't in your way. Go past the first

Press Z and look ahead. Here's your objective: you want to
do a R-run against the left wall, and jump off to reach the
ledge on the right. Do this. Time the start of your run
so you don't get hit by the pole. 

Climb up on this ledge. Follow it along, and you reach a
doorway. Enter it. 

The doorway ends on a ledge. Drop down to the ledge below, 
and drop to the ledge below that. Hey! That ledge
collapses, and you land on the bottom ledge. 

From here, you'll have to go left, despite the ledges that
break. Here's a visual version of this area, with L
standing for ledge and - standing for a place you can't





Make your way to the bottom left ledge. Jump off of it to
the pole, and you see the dagger of time again. That's
your destination. 

Time to do some pole jumping. To jump quickly from pole to
pole, press the control towards the pole you want to reach
and then jump to that pole. 

Jump from pole to pole. When you reach the fifth pole
 (including the one you reached by jumping off the ledge), 
slide down, and jump off towards the statue. 

Jump to the platform with the statue on it. Do a R-run up
the statue to reach the statue's left hand. See how his
left arm seems to make a wall? R-run up it and jump off to
reach the right hand. 

Get to the statue's right shoulder. Here, you have to
reach the top of the statue. R-run up it, and jump off to
reach the wall. Jump off the wall, and you jump back at
the statue. Jump off the statue again. Jump back and
forth between the statue and the wall until you reach the
statue's head. 

You see a cut scene. Prince sees there is sand in the
dagger. All of a sudden, a rock falls down right on
Prince's head. For some reason, time seems to stop, and
then it rewinds (the rock goes back up into the ceiling). 

The rewinding of time stops, and the rock then starts
falling again. Prince dodges, and laughs that he managed
to escape death. He has what he came for; it's time to
leave. Now. 

Jump to the entranceway. The floor in this room falls off. 
Fall off the floor, and land on the spikes. 

Ouch! Prince dies. Hold the L-button. Time rewinds
itself, just like when the rock fell. You see, if you
press L, Prince flips a switch in the dagger, which allows
his to rewind time. 

This is all part of the new thing that appeared onscreen
 (in the upper-corner). Let me explain this. There's a
circle. The circle is a timer; a full circle is ten
seconds. You can rewind time only for a circle's length
of time. 

Under that are three interconnected circles that are filled
with sand. Each circle is a sand tank. If you rewind
time, this empties a sand tank. When your sand tanks are
all empty, you can't rewind time. You can fill up your
sand tanks by getting sand (more on that later). 

Back to being in the room with the floor that fell down, 
R-Run across the left wall, and jump off it to a
platform. R-run across the right wall, and jump off it to
reach a spiky pole passageway. 

You can get past the first three easily. Just pass by
when the poles aren't in the way. The next five are a bit
harder to beat. 

You have to go forward with the poles, and slip into a
crevice on the side of the wall. This way, when the poles
go back, they don't hit you. Then slip past them while
they're going back. 

You land in a pit. You've been here before. Go past three
spiky poles to reach the other end of the pit. Jump up to
the top of the wall, and exit this room. You make it into
the treasure room. 

Now we see a long cutscene. Here's what happens:

Prince rolls into the room. He pulls out the dagger, 
proudly announcing that he has brought honor and glory to
his father and himself. 

The Vizier again reminds Sharaman of his promise. Vizier
gets whatever he wants from the Maharajah's treasure
vaults. He wants. That dagger! 

King "Merciful" Sharaman denies the Vizier; surely Prince
can be allowed to keep a memento from his first battle. 
Vizier can have another one of the Maharajah's treasures, 
not the hourglass, though (this angers the Vizier), because
that would make a fine gift for the Sultan of Azad. Also, 
they should bring some exotic animals for the Sultan's zoo, 
and a dozen slave girls. 

Sharaman reinforces the fact that he is merciful. We see
a girl, who has been hiding and watching this scene, get
captured. She is Farah, the Maharajah's daughter, and she
is forced to be one of the twelve slave girls (we don't
learn this now, though). 

The next thing we see, the Persians are going back home, 
and they stop off at the Sultan of Azad's palace on the way
home. He greets the Persians joyfully. 

The Sultan of Azad likes the gifts that were brought for
him (we can see these in the background). He is fascinated
by the hourglass of time. Inside are the sands of time. 
"Why does it glow? " he asks. 

The Vizier speaks up. He says that inside is a marvel that
no living man has ever seen. He says that a dagger can
unlock the sands of time, and that dagger belongs to the
prince. Prince opens the hourglass, while Farah (who is
there) screams, "NO! "

Farah was correct in trying to stop the prince. Once the
sands get loose, they cause utter chaos. The Vizier was
lying about the marvel inside the hourglass; he wanted this
chaos to occur. 

Vizier tells the Prince to give him dagger, so Vizier can
undo this. Prince doesn't do so, seeing as how Vizier is a
liar. Prince runs out of this room, and the wall closes
behind him. 

This is the reception hall. We see a bunch of people (one
is Farah) running away from sand monsters. The sand
monsters are humans, destroyed by the sands of time. 

The humans escape. But now Prince is stuck with fighting
these sand creatures. 

Unlike the previous enemies, when you knock sand creatures
down, they get back up again after a while. Farah shouts
at the Prince, telling him what to do. Once a sand
creature is knocked down, press Y to use the dagger to take
the sand from the sand creature's body, thus killing it. 

Stealing the sand also fills up one of your sand tanks. 

Once you kill twelve enemies, Prince sees Farah not too
far off. He goes toward her, but a landslide falls on the
doorway she ran through, so now Prince can't reach her. 
She runs off. 

Prince then enters a sand vortex. Sand vortexes usually
appear after a fight. When Prince enters one, he has a
vision. The vision is of the future; whatever he sees in
the vision will happen. When the vision is over, you can
save the game. 

005c-"You have unleashed the sands of time"

Prince sees that you think him mad. He reassures you that
everything he's talking about happened; he isn't making it
up, and he is definitely not crazy. 

If Prince is hurt (he might be), you can go to the end of
the hall, and drink water from the circular area there. 

Go to the doorway that Prince saw Farah exit from. Hey, 
the landslide didn't block it after all! That's

Enter the doorway, and go up the stairs to the left (you
can't go right; that's something the landslide did block). 
Prince sees Farah up ahead. She notices him and runs

"WAIT! " Prince calls, but to no avail. Chase after her. A
landslide blocks your path. Go into a doorway on your
right (the doorway is partially obscured by a red curtain). 
You make it into the guest room. 

Go down the stairs. Oh wait, the landslide seems to have
made part of the stairs fall down. Darn. R-run across the
wall, and just fall down (you land on the rest of the
stairs). Go underneath the stairs. 

A sand cloud is here. Press Y, and you suck it into the
dagger. All of your sand tanks are filled. And, hey, each
time you get eight of these sand clouds, you get a new sand
tank for your dagger. Cool! 

Go to the corner of the room (one wall is the wall with the
stairs on it, the other wall is the one with lamps on it). 
Jump and grab the bar there. 

On bars, you can press left/right to move left or right. 
You can also press up/down to turn around on the bar. You
can press R to swing on the bar, A to jump off, and X to
fall down. 

Turn so you're facing away from the corner. Swing, and
while swinging, jump to the next bar. Do this twice more
 (swing and jumping to another bar), and then swing/jump to
a ledge. Climb up on top of the ledge and move right. 

You're on a platform here. It's a small one, though. 
R-run across the wall to another small platform. R-run
across the wall again, and jump off from the wall to a bar. 

Swing on this bar, and jump off it to a platform. Follow
it along, and go in the entranceway. Switch to landscape

You can see Farah is in this hallway. Switch back to
normal view. Go to her; a landslide blocks your path
again. Rrrr. These landslides are annoying. 

Prince wonders if he saw Farah, or if she was just a
phantom. No matter, he won't be happy until he sees her

Left of the landslide is a big gap in the floor, with bars
over it. R-run against the wall to the first bar. Move
to the right side of the bar, and swing/jump forward to the
next bar. 

Go left on this bar, and go forward to another bar. Go all
the way left on this bar, and go forward to a small bar. 
Swing off it to the opposite side of the gap (a fountain is

Go right, down this hallway, and right again, into an
entranceway. You see a hole, which is your destination. 

R-run across the wall here to a bar. You learn that doing
16 retrieves will give the dagger new powers. Swing and
jump to the bar in front of you. Do this again, and swing
jump off that bar to a platform. 

Turn left. R-run against the wall here to reach a bar. 
Press X and you drop off the bar. Press X until you reach
the ground. 

Fight time. You have to fight six enemies. Press R to
block attacks. I find the vault attack works well here;
one vault attack will take an enemy down. 

You learn a new fight move: tap L to go into slow-mo for
ten seconds. 

Once you kill six enemies (and by kill I mean take away
their sand), the fight is over. Now you only have ten more
retrieves to do to learn a new move. Also, a sand vortex
appears in the destination. 

In the upper/left corner of the room is a bar, but it's too
high to reach. R-run up the wall, and jump off it to grab
the bar. Flip over (press up/down) so you're facing the

Swing on the bar, and jump towards the wall. Press A to
jump off the wall, and you grab onto another bar. Flip
around, and swing jump off it to a ledge. 

This ledge leads to the destination (the hole in the wall). 
Jump to it and enter the vortex. You see a vision where
you do a lot of jumps (and get in a fight where you pull
off a cool-looking move). Save the game. 

005d-"Had I really seen her? 

Prince wonders, "Whence came these visions? "  Whenever he
enters a vortex, he has a vision that takes away all his
energy (not literally). But each vision he sees is
accurate; everything seen in a vision comes to pass. 

Go down the hallway here (there's a fountain). Break the
furniture at the end of the hall. Go through the archway
and turn right. Get the sand cloud here, and turn around
and go down the hall. 

R-run up the wall at the end and jump off to reach a bar. 
Flip over and swing off the bar so you land on top of the

Now you have to go to down this side of the wall. Note
that there's a circular hole that has yellow light coming
out of it. Enter the hole, and go through the hallway

You make it to a very strange, bridged area. Go across the
bridges to reach a fountain. Prince drinks from it. He
reappears at the top of the wall, ready to go down. There
isn't a hole in the wall emanating yellow light anymore. 
Prince's life meter increases. Cool. 

Jump so you're on the rubble on the other side of the room, 
and fall down them (don't make any big falls or else Prince
will get hurt; make small falls with the X button). 

Switch to landscape view. Hey, a sand cloud. R-run across
the wall over the hole in the floor, which lets you get to
the sand cloud. Pick up the sand could and then drop
through the hole in the floor. Do more of the dropping
down thing to reach the floor. 

Go through the hallway, and a cutscene occurs. Farah
grabs Prince. The two have a rushed conversation. Prince
notes her necklace, which is why she's not a sand monster. 
See, everyone got turned into a sand monster when the sands
of time were unleashed, except for a few people. Prince
didn't because he had the dagger of time. Vizier didn't
because he had a magic staff (and said a magic spell thing
in the cutscene). Farah didn't because she had her
medallion, which must have some magic powers. 

Farah says she is the maharajah's daughter, the maharajah
being the dude with the nice treasure vaults that Prince
got the dagger from. Farah wants the dagger, but after
the traitorous Vizier, Prince trusts no one. 

Sand beetles attack. Farah escapes through a small hole. 
Prince tells her to go in the reception hall and wait for
him there. 

Fight time. Sand beetles are annoying. Use your sword to
kill them; three hits kills one. Replenish your health at
the fountain. 

Head down the hallway, away from the fountain. Take a left
at the end. Go through this room and get the sand cloud at
the end, then exit the room and go through the entranceway
opposite it (which is the same as if you had taken a right
at the end). 

You make it to a big room. Jump across the gap in the
floor, turn right, and exit the big room. You see birds
fly away with the hourglass. Prince knows that they are
working for the Vizier. Prince vows to give Vizier the
dagger. By plunging it into his heart. 

You're on a balcony. Go down the balcony and it falls
apart. R-run across the wall to reach the other side of
the balcony. Enter the doorway to reenter the big room. 

Climb up the red pillar here. Jump to the pillar (not a
complete pillar; it's hanging from the ceiling) to the
right. Jump across these incomplete pillars, and when you
reach the last incomplete pillar, jump of it toward the
nearest wall. 

You land on a ledge. Drop down from the two ledges (really
nicks in the wall) so you land on a small ledge. 

R-run across the wall (in the direction you were going when
you were jumping across the incomplete pillars) and when
Prince is cast in the shadow of a pillar, jump to reach
that pillar. Slide down this pillar. Kill the two sand
beetles here and get the sand cloud. 

R-run across the wall here (the wall that doesn't have a
ledge the prevents you from R-running across it). When
Prince is in the shadow of a pillar, jump to reach it
 (again). Jump from pillar to pillar to reach a corner of
the room that has gray rocks. 

Climb up the rocks with two R-runs. Once at the top of the
rocks, R-run up the wall and jump off so you reach the bar. 
Swing to the next bar, and swing off that to a ledge. Go
down the ledge and jump off it to another ledge, in the
direction of the two bars you just swung from. 

Grab the sand cloud. Jump on the pillar here (the one
without a lamp on it). Jump left off this pillar, away
from the pillar with a lamp. Jump to the next pillar, and
then jump to the wall. 

X-drop so you hang off the left edge of the platform you're
on. Move across so you're hanging off of the ledge caused
by the hole in the wall. Drop down to the ledge below, and
move left across it. Then drop down twice to reach a

Kill the two sand beetles here. R-run across the wall (the
one with green tapestry on it) to reach the bar. Swing
across three bars to reach the other side of the room. You
have to kill two sand beetles here, too. 

Get to the other side of this platform (it has red
railing). Prince jumps over it (the railing) and hangs off
it. Jump off the railing to the pillar and slide down the
pillar to the floor. 

You've got a big fight here. You have to kill fifteen sand
creatures now. You have new sand creatures, female ones
that have daggers. After filling a new power tank (by
killing ten enemies), you learn a new trick: press Y to
suck the sand out of it before the enemy gets hurt. This
freezes the enemy if done right. Hit a frozen enemy twice
to kill it (you don't get sand for this move, though). 

To do the frozen attack, it is best if you block an attack
 (with R) and then freeze the enemy. It is also good to
freeze an enemy while vaulting over it. 

Since the enemies attack in groups, when there is only one
enemy around (you must kill all of the enemies of one group
before the next group attacks), you should either freeze or
beat this enemy so that the enemy will temporarily be
unable to harm you. Use this time to refill your health by
using the fountain. 

When all the enemies are dead, a sand vortex appears. Save
the game. 

005e-A Secret Passage

Explore the floor here. Grab the sand could in one of the
corners of this room. Then grab the red chest (right of
the sand vortex) by holding R and push or pull it aside to
reveal a hidden passage. Go through the passage. 

Go down the stairs. The next set of stairs is missing, so
R-run across the left wall and jump off at the end to reach
the bottom of the staircase. Get the sand cloud for a new
sand tank. 

Step on the switch (metal plate on the floor that has a
white circle on it). That opens a door. Go through the
door, and it shuts behind you. 

The bridge here gets crushed by rubble. R-run across the
right wall (you can't go across the other wall) and jump at
the end to reach the other end of the bridge. 

Move the block here (with R) onto the switch to open the
door. Go through the door and you look around the room. 

There's a switch thing on the wall; it is actually a lever. 
Pull it (with R) to make a stone thing come out, which
makes a bridge to the center of the room. 

As soon as you let go of the lever, the bridge retracts so
run across it and jump the end part of the bridge. The key
is quickness. 

When you make it to the center platform, a guard with an
annoying accent makes you set the palace defense system, 
which is very complicated to do. You have two levers (a
spiral one and a circle one) that you can push/pull. The
spiral one, when pushed, moves you up (clockwise) and down
 (counterclockwise). The circle one moves you right
 (clockwise) and left (counterclockwise). Step on pictures
to get axles. 

Here's how to beat the hard puzzle:

1 - Step on the picture of the full moon
2 - Move the platform right
3 - Move the platform up
4 - Move the platform left three times
5 - Move the platform down
6 - Step on the black picture (no moon)
7 - Move the platform up
8 - Move the platform right twice
9 - Move the platform up twice
10 - Step on the picture of the half moon
11 - Move the platform right
12 - Move the platform down
13 - Step on the picture of the crescent moon
14 - Move the platform up
15 - Move the platform left
16 - Move the platform up

That was hard (at least it is without knowing the sixteen
steps). A bridge is made when you do this. Cross the
bridge and climb the ladder. Get on the switch and jump up
to pull down the lever. 

Since you and the guard are both pulling down levers, the
palace's defense system is activated. That should stop the
sand creatures. 

Two sand creatures come and kill the guard (so much for
stopping them). Go down the ladder and kill the sand
creatures. A sand vortex appears when they're dead, so go
through the doorway and save the game. 

005f-The Palace's Defense System

Go up the stairs, avoiding the spiky pole. It seems that
the defense system will make things harder for Prince, not
the sand creatures. Darn. 

You'll notice some of the floor tiles have lots of holes. 
These are spikes, which means you have to move very slowly
across these tiles, or else spikes will come up and hurt

Go across the spike platforms and reach the exit of this
room. You come upon a lever. Pull it, and it opens a
door somewhere. You'll have to get to this door before the
lever retracts into the wall, at which time the door shuts. 
If you fail, you can try again. 

Run up the stairs, and move past the four spiky poles. 
Jump off the edge of this platform here to reach a ledge on
the wall. Climb up the ledge, and move left across it. 

Jump to the ledge on the opposite wall. A buzzsaw is above
that ledge, so wait until the buzzsaw is going right (it is
going out of the way), then drop down so you're hanging off
that ledge, then move down the ledge. 

At the end of the ledge, jump up onto the ledge and off it
to reach a hall. Run down the hall and R-run to the ledge
on the opposite wall. 

Go down this ledge, jumping to a ledge on the opposite side
of the room when buzzsaws get too close, and jumping back
when the buzzsaws are less close. Drop down at the end of
the ledge and go through the doorway, which is the door
that closes when the lever retracts all the way. 

You enter a courtyard. Sand creatures, which somehow got
past the defense systems, are waiting for you. You have to
kill them. 

You learn a new move, which is jumping at the wall. Press
toward the wall and press A to jump at the wall. When you
hit the wall, press A to jump off the wall (vaulting over
an enemy), or press B to jump off the wall at an enemy. 

There are four corners on this room. There is the one that
has the door you came out of, one that has a sand cloud, 
one with a fountain, and one that has a sand vortex. Get
the sand cloud, and save at the sand vortex, which appears
at the conclusion of the battle. 

005g-A Booby-Trapped Courtyard

On the wall connecting the door you used to enter the
courtyard from and where the sand cloud was is a switch. 
R-run up the wall to press the switch, which makes a
platform in the middle of the courtyard rise up. 

R-run up the platform and jump to grab the bar above it. 
Swing from the bar to the ledge above. Turn right and jump
to the ledge facing you (it is sticking out of the wall). 
Go forward, and traps pop up. You have a knife thing to

The easiest was to avoid the knife is to jump over the
railing for this area (which Prince does automatically) and
climb right along the ledge, past the knife. Jump back
over the ledge when you've gone as far right as possible. 

R-run across the wall and jump off. You've got another
knife thing to pass, along with four spiky poles. Do what
you did last time (a bit harder due to the poles). Past
the poles is a switch on the ground. 

Jump from the switch to the lever that is hanging over the
pit (you can do an R-run and then jump from the wall as
well). This opens a door. Swing on the lever and jump
forward, going through the now-open door. 

You're in a spiky room. R-run against the wall, and jump
off at the ladder hanging from the ceiling. Flip to the
other side of the ladder and climb up it. 

R-run over the gap in the floor. You'll reach a corner
that is blocking your way. Jump around it, but make it a
straight jump (you'll see what I mean). Get the sand cloud
that is behind the corner. 

Also behind the corner is some rocks and spikes. Jump on
the rock. R-run up the wall and jump off the grab the
ledge over the spikes. Go across the ledge, inside the
room. Familiar music plays; go through the room to reach
another fountain that increases your life meter. 

You end up back by the corner. Face with your back to the
corner. R-run across the wall to the bar (it seems like
you won't make it, but you do). Swing to the next bar, and
to the ledge. 

Climb across the ledge so you're on the same wall that the
bars are sticking out of. Jump off the wall to a new
platform. Look ahead. You need to R-run across the wall
and jump off at the end of your run to the platform there. 
Do this when the buzzsaw is going up, more than halfway to
the top of its run. 

On this platform, R-run up to the ledge. Get to the right
 (near the corner) end of the ledge, and jump off it to a
bar. Turn around, and swing off this bar, in the direction
you jumped to this bar from. 

You land on the highest level. R-run across the wall to
your left (do this when the buzzsaw is going up and has
just been at the bottom of its run). Get past the next
buzzsaw in the same way, except jump to the platform to
your right near the end of the R-run. 

You've got a fountain by a locked door on this platform. 
Go past them, to another buzzsaw wall. R-run past the
buzzsaw (in the same way as before). Step on the switch
here, which opens the locked door. Quickly, get back to
the door and go through it. 

You reach another hallway that you must get through before
the lever retracts. Pull the lever and turn right. R-run
across one of the walls when the buzzsaw is down. 

Past that is a knife thing. Run by it, timing carefully so
you don't get hit. It helps to roll (A button) at the end
of the run, so you are under the knife should it hit you. 

A switch is on the left wall. R-run to hit the switch, and
jump off it to a ledge it creates. Climb on the ledge and
jump to the ledge above. Do this for two ledges. 

Move down this ledge and jump to the ledge across the room. 
Jump up the ledges there until you're on the gray ledge. 
Move along it so you are on a different wall, then jump off
from the wall to a new room. 

You've got more buzzsaws. Wait for the left buzzsaw to
reach its position as far away as it can be from you, and
then R-run across the wall (you will run over the buzzsaw
as it comes back at you). Roll through the closing door to
reach the reception hall. 

Farah is at the reception hall, but a bunch of sand
creatures are attacking her, and her bow and arrow isn't
working. Prince jumps into the fight. He recognizes one
of the sand creatures; it's his father, King Sharaman. 

Sharaman, being the hardest, should be put off until last. 
Concentrate of killing the red and blue enemies. You can
vault over the red ones, but not the blue ones. Farah
helps you by using her bow and arrow. 

Once sixteen of the bad guys are dead, you can take care of
King Sharaman. He is good at sword fighting, so it's hard
to hurt him. You might want to try to keep his back to
Farah, so Farah can easily hurt him with her bow and arrow, 
and you can attack when he is temporarily hurt after being

Another strategy you can use is to lure Sharaman into a
corner, and then vault attack. Normally, Sharaman blocks
these, but if he's too close to a wall, there's not enough
room for him to do so, leaving you free to injure him

Once Sharaman is dead, Prince rips off part of his sleeve. 
Farah tries to make Prince feel better, after all, Prince
just killed his father, Mr. Merciful. Prince angrily says, 
"That was not my father. "

Prince runs to the sand vortex. Farah, not knowing what
he's doing, tells him to stop. Save the game here. 

005h-Death of a Sand King

Prince wakes up to find Farah eyeing the dagger. He grabs
it and they talk. Prince knows the hourglass is at the top
of the tower of dawn (he saw the birds take it there). 
Prince is going to go there, and Farah comes along because
she does not think he can do it (alone). 

Farah takes off in front of Prince. Follow her, R-running
across the walls. Use the fountain here, first, if you
need to. Farah stops when Prince tells her to wait (so
much for him telling her to keep up). R-run from where
Farah is to a solid area. 

You have fifteen enemies to fight here. Farah says she'll
cover you, but Prince is worried she's liable to hit him
 (she might, but if she does she quickly says, "Sorry! "). 

Kill the enemies (you've fought these ones before). Farah
jumps to you during the fight (near the end). Replenish
your energy with the pond, and save at the sand vortex. 

005i-"I'll try to find a way in"

Farah doesn't like you using the sand vortex (what if the
sand creatures came back while Prince was unconscious? ) . 
Go up the stairs and get the sand cloud to your right. 
Turn around and go down the path, which leads to a door. 

The switch to open the door is on the other side. R-run
along the wall (where the path crumble). You land on a
green thing below, because the path crumbles some more. 
Farah asks if you are all right. Prince says, "Stay there! 
I'll try to find a way in! "

R-run along the wall to the next green thing. R-run along
the wall again to a bar (flagpole). Swing across the bars
to reach another green thing. Prince, alone, talks to
himself ("She tried to steal my dagger! After I saved her
life! She would have left me there to die, and here I am, 
risking my life for her again. And why? Good question! "). 
I guess Prince feels safe to do this since he's out of
earshot with Farah. 

R-run back towards the poles, except you won't reach them, 
but rather the platform below. Jump off this platform to
normal ground. 

Turn the crank here (turn it all the way; it won't retract
like the levers) and it opens a door. Drop to the door, 
which is on the platform below this one (two barrels are in
your way). Farah says, "Here I am! ", which isn't helpful
in the slightest. 

Prince gets ambushed by enemies. Kill the seven enemies
who attack. Grab the sand cloud (on the end of the
"bridge"), and then enter the door you entered. More
enemies attack. Kill eight of them, totaling fifteen, to
end the fight. 

Near the end, you learn a new attack: Fast motion. Hold
R, and then tap L to use it. This takes up all of your

After the fight, go to the sand vortex and save. 

005j-Climbing the Tower

Climb on top of the rocks (opposite the entranceway). 
R-run up the wall to reach a ledge above. Jump on it and
move right as far as you can. Then jump off from the wall
to a bar. 

Swing from bar to bar across the room (it seems like you
can't, but you can). When you reach a place where there is
a bar directly above the one you're on, swing off from the
bar at the wall, and jump when you hit the wall to reach
the bar that was above the other one. 

After that, swing across the bars (in the opposite
direction) to reach normal ground. Go right to find a
fountain among debris; replenish life if needed. Go back
down this platform. 

Before going up the ladder, let's do another life increase. 
Go past the buzzsaw on the wall (when it is halfway up and
going up) and enter the doorway to reach the strange place
that increases your life. You end up at where the doorway
was. Go back to the ladder and climb up it. 

You end up at a closed door in a buzzsaw area. R-run past
the buzzsaws (when they area at the bottom, going up). 
R-run past the next set of buzzsaws, stepping on the yellow
switch that opens the door as you do. 

Do another R-run, in the same direction, to reach the door. 
Enter it to reach a room with another locked door. Turn
left and R-run across the wall and past the spike pit. Yet
another locked door is here, so instead go down the stairs. 

Farah's here! Step on the switch to let her in. "Try not
to get separated again, shall we? " she asks. Then she
says, "It's so quiet out there. It's terrible. But
also. Beautiful. "  Prince says, "Maybe to you. "

Go back up the stairs. Farah slips through a crack in the
wall ("You're a skinny little thing" Prince notes). Farah
pulls a lever, opening a door. 

Go through the door and you reach a big, blue room. You'll
have to get to the bottom. Go down the stairs. See the
switch thing on the wall? R-run across the wall, and jump
when you're on the switch to land on a lever. You pull it

Farah, who can't do the R-run, can reach a lever now
 (because of the lever you pulled). Her lever makes a
staircase swing at you. Drop down (when the spiky things
are not closing) and go up the stairs. You enter a side

This room has a lever. Pull it and a door opens. Go to
the door, avoiding the spiky poles and the area where the
spikes come out. Go through the door, and you end up in
one of the areas you've been in before. 

R-run across the pit and reenter the big, blue room. Go
down the stairs and R-run to reach Farah. Go down the
stairs and R-run to a platform with the spiky things. 
R-run off this platform to reach the bottom of a set of
stairs. Go up the stairs and pull the lever. 

Farah goes and pulls a lever. Go down the stairs and R-run
to the next lever. Farah then pulls a lever. Go down the
stairs and R-run to reach a lever. 

Rather than pull this lever, you can go right down the
stairs to reach a box emanating light (for GBA
connectivity). Then pull the lever, and Farah will pull a

Go down the stairs (no R-running) to reach another lever. 
This is the last one. There's a fight in the warehouse
area below (which Farah can't reach). Drop down to the
fight. Kill the sixteen enemies there. 

Climb one of the crate stacks to get the sand cloud at the
top. Get on the crate stack opposite that one (the
opposite closer to Farah). There's a movable box here. 
Push it off the stack of crates to get it to land on the

When it's on the floor, push the box on one of the switches
on the floor. Go to the crate stacks on the other side of
the room. Behind a stack of crates is another movable box. 
Move it onto the other switch on the floor. 

Go up to where Farah is. Go in the sand vortex and save
the game. 

005k-The Warehouse

Get on the elevated platform (by the sand vortex). This is
raised by one of the boxes on the switch. R-run up the
wall from here to reach a switch. Press it, which opens a
door. Farah, who couldn't reach the bottom area, goes
through the door. Hurry up after her. 

Once past the door, turn right and go down the hallway. 
R-run past the pit of spikes (Farah jumps over). Take two
left turns and R-run over another pit of spikes. Then take
a right to go outside. Farah wonders, "Where are we? "
Prince, amazed, says, "This was the Sultan's zoo. "

You could see a sand cloud on the overhead shot, so go down
the stairs, then turn back and get the sand cloud by the
stairs. Turn around again and go towards the zoo. 

Fight time. You have to beat four enemies with
sledgehammers. Not a tough fight. 

After the fight, Farah is by a locked door with the switch
on the other side of the door. Prince says he can't go
over the wall, so he'll try to find another way to get over
the wall. 

Save your game at the sand vortex (by the statue of the
lion). Farah tells you to be careful, last time you were
out for over a minute. 

005l-The Sultan's Zoo

Jump onto the lamppost by the sand vortex. Climb it and
jump left to an area with a tree. Climb up the tree and
jump left to an area with a larger tree. 

Drop left off this area to a small area that has some
granite. Face towards the wall you want to get over. 
There's a tree branch you could use as a bar. Jump to the
tree branch (grab the right part of it, because you can't
grip the leftmost part) and swing off it to the wall. 

Drop down from the wall and stand on the switch to let
Farah in. Farah notices, "Birds. I wonder how they
survived the sands. " Prince darkly says, "I don't think
they did survive. "

Fight time. You have to kill five of the sand birds. It's
hard to attack the birds, as they swoop down and attack
you. The best strategy, I've found, is to block (with R)
and attack after you block an attack. Farah, with her bow
and arrow, helps you out because the birds die in one hit. 

Once the birds are dead, enter the small cave with torches
by the entrance. Pull the box inside so it is away from
the wall. This revels a crack. Farah crawls through it
and pulls a lever. She goes through another crack and
comes back at you, through the big birdcage. 

The lever she pulled opened the door to the big birdcage. 
It's the menagerie of Azad, one of the wonders of the
world, but now it's just a big mess of a birdcage, just
like the Robin Williams movie (just kidding). 

Enter the birdcage. There is a bar right by the entrance. 
Jump to it. Swing towards the wall, jump at and then off
the wall to reach the bar above. 

Facing opposite the door, swing to another bar, and swing
from that bar to a wooden platform. Get to the other end
of the platform, and jump off it toward the big bar in the
middle of the room. 

Get to the left end of this bar, and swing off it to
another, smaller bar. You land on a platform instead. 
Jump up to reach the bar that you missed. 

Swing away from the wooden platform here and swing across
three bars to reach another wooden platform. Go right and
climb the ladder at the end of this platform. 

You're at the top of the birdcage now. R-run left
 (counterclockwise) to a wooden platform. R-run left off
that platform to a bar. Move left across the bar, so you
are in the middle of the room. Swing to a platform in
front of you. 

This platform leads out of the birdcage because there's a
hole in the wall. Jump out of the birdcage to an area with
a tree. A branch of the tree could act as a bar. R-run up
a wall and jump off to reach the bar, then swing off the
bar to be on top of the birdcage. 

Turn the crank here to open a door. Jump off the top of
the birdcage, toward a sand vortex. Save to see a weird
vision in which Prince is hanging onto a bridge, but then
falls as Farah tries to help him. 

005m-Atop a Bird Cage

Drop down the right side of this platform, and you reach
bars. Swing across the bars toward the door you opened by
pushing the crank. Rather than go through the door, go
past it to the switch on the wall. R-run up to the switch
and jump off to pull down a lever, which drops a ladder, 
letting Farah get to you. 

Go through the door now. As you go down through this area, 
Prince says, "If you have believed the rest of my tale
until now, perhaps you will also believe me when I tell you
that, as we made our way through the moonlit ruins, I began
to feel strangely drawn to the girl at my side. My reason
told me to distrust her, for she had good cause to hate me. 
Yet she had proved herself a loyal companion. And, I
confess, I was grateful for company of someone who, like
me, was flesh and blood. "

Go down through the tunnel, and turn left into the first
room. Fight the eight sand beetles here. When they're
dead, jump up so you're on the elevated rock in the corner. 
R-run left off the rock, and when you reach the switch, 
jump off to pull a lever, opening a door. 

Go through the door. Get the sand cloud on the rock there, 
and pull the box away to reveal a crack. Farah goes
through. She steps on a switch (pressure plank) to open a
door. Go down through the tunnel again, and go through the
door Farah is opening. It closes behind you. Farah calls, 
"Now how do I get through? "  Prink retorts, "I don't know! 
Can't you crawl through a crack or something? "  She does. 

Break the barrels here to reveal a lever. Pull it to open
a door, which you must get to before the lever retracts. 
Go down the tunnel. There are three knives that have
spikes nearby. Roll under the knife blade on the side that
doesn't have spikes. Jump over the spike pit past the
third knife. 

Turn right, and you see Farah, right behind the door. 
R-run across the left wall when the buzzsaws are going up
and are halfway up. Move slowly past a spike area and roll
through the door to reach Farah. 

Go across the bridge, jumping over the big gap, to reach a
sand vortex. Save here. 

005n-Cliffs and Waterfall

Go back to where Farah is. R-run across the wall to reach
the small area in the corner. Climb the tree here, and
jump off at another tree. Climb that tree, and jump off to
the right to reach a high ledge. 

You get attacked by two sand birds. Kill them. R-run
off this platform, going right along the rock wall. You
reach a small ledge that Prince grabs onto. Move along the
ledge and jump off, toward the tree. Slide down the tree
and get the sand cloud at the bottom. 

Climb back up the tree (about halfway) and jump to the next
tree. Climb all the way up this tree, and jump to the next
tree, by a waterfall. Climb up this tree and jump right
off it to reach the area where the water falls. 

Sand birds attack. Kill all eight of them. Use the water
here to regain lost health, then drop so you're hanging off
this platform. Move along this platform so you're by a
bridge. Drop down to be on the platform that has the
bridge. Cross the bridge, jumping over the holes in

Pull the crank to open a door. Farah goes to the door. 
Turn left. See the tree? Jump to the tree (freaking hard)
and climb down. Jump to the next tree (not freaking hard)
and climb down that one. Jump off it to the green

At the end of the green platform, R-run across the left
wall to reach the door Farah is at. Go through the door
and down the hallway. Sand beetles attack you. Kill them
and keep going through the hallways. Past a fountain, you
must fight more sand beetles. 

Go through the hallways. At the end is a hole in the wall. 
Go through the hole, which leads you to the baths. You
have to fight sand creatures here, including new enemies
with chains (they are easily frozen). Kill seven of them, 
then go up the stairs to find more sand creatures. Kill
eleven of them to end the battle. 

When the battle's over, use the water from the baths to
refill your health. Then go into the sand vortex, which
Farah understands doesn't hurt Prince, and save. 

005o-The Baths

There's a ladder here, but Prince can't reach it because
it's by water, which stops his R-runs. Instead, go up the
staircases to the top of the room, where there's a switch
by the door. 

Move the statue nearby on the switch. It opens a door, and
the door will stay open because of the statue. Also, Farah
goes through a crack the statue was hiding. 

Go through the door to find a spiked log swinging from the
ceiling. Get to the edge of this area and drop so you're
hanging off it (time this so you don't get hit by the
spiked log). Drop down to the floor. 

Do an R-run up a wall and jump off to reach a bar. Swing
to the next bar, and swing off that bar to reach an area
just like the one you came from. 

Here, you must jump from wall to wall (only hit A once when
you touch the wall, or else you fall). If you mess up, 
you'll fall and get hurt. Do this to reach the top of this
room, and exit past the spiked log. 

You enter what seems to be a private bath area. Farah is
there, on a ledge. You must fight sand creatures here. 
Kill nineteen enemies to win the battle (around the eighth
one, there will be only one enemy left to kill before
another group of enemies come, which is a good time to
refill health). 

After the fight, Farah comes down and tells you, "There's
something glowing up there. I saw it from the ledge. "
Enter the sand vortex  and save the game here. 

005p-"There's something glowing up there"

There are three switches nearby. One of them is by a
statue (near where the water comes out). Push the statue
into the switch to set it. 

Step on another switch (it's underwater). Farah will come
by and stand on the switch for you. How nice. 

The third switch is where you'd expect a second statue to
be. R-run up the wall to set off the switch. Then run to
the now-open doorway (on the ground by the side that has
the statue) and go through it. 

Get the sand cloud here and pull the crank at the end of
this area. Pulling the crank makes a drain appear, which
gets rid of all the water in the room that is preventing
Prince from exploring this room. 

Go back to the room (step on the switch on the floor to
open the door). In two corners of this room are ledges
that you can R-run up to. Go to the corner that has a
movable box nearby. Get to the ledge and go on it. Jump
off the edge to reach a bar. Swing from this bar to a

Leap to the next pillar. Jump from this pillar to a bar
back at the wall. Move along this bar until you are
perpendicular to the wall. Swing to another bar, in the
direction of the closer corner. Swing from that bar to a
third bar, which is really a switch that opens some gates a
little bit. 

Head to the other corner of the room where you can R-run to
a ledge on the wall. Climb up the ledge and jump off it to
reach a bar. Move along the bar so you're perpendicular to
the wall. Swing forward to another bar. 

Move so you are parallel to the wall and swing to a pillar. 
Jump to the next pillar, and jump back toward the wall to
grab a bar  Move so you're perpendicular to the wall, and
then swing from bar to bar to reach another lever. The 
gates then open all the way. 

Get back to the movable block. Push it into the hole into
the wall that is opened now because the gates are open. 
The block falls down, into the other part of the baths. 

Get back to the other part of the baths (past the spiky
log room). You'll find the block on the upper level there, 
in the water. Push/pull the block over the small
waterfall, and then move it so it is under the ladder I
mentioned in the first paragraph of the "The Baths"

Climb on the block, then up the ladder. Get the sand cloud
here and jump to the above ledge. Flip over to the other
side of the ledge and drop to the ledge below. 

Get on this ledge and move to the wooden area. Go through
the hole in the wall to reach another ledge. Move left on
this ledge, and then jump off to reach a wooden post. Jump
from this post to another wall, the wall with ledges. 

On the bottom ledge, move right until your way is stopped
by spikes. Jump to the above ledge and hang from it, and
move on, past the spikes. Drop to the bottom l.

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