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Are you having trouble in this game? I'll answer some 
 Q: How do I get a new garden for 
 A: Simple. Just get a chao of that type. [Example: dark chao, dark garden.] A chao 
must evolve to get a 
 Q: How do I complete the third mission, find the lost 
 A: You ALWAYS need Mystic Melody for the character you are using. Sometimes, 
you'll need to be able to dig, break iron containers, and more. Good 
 Q: In stages that you are timed to find the 3 emeralds, isn't there an eaisier way 
 A: Yes, there is. If you get away from the starting point, and collet 1 or 2 
emeralds, this might work. After collecting 1 or 2 emeralds, you may be thinking 
that you can't find the 2nd or 3rd one. Sometimes this'll work. Go back to where 
you started, and you might see the goal ring. If so, jump through and you'll start 
over, and still have the emeralds you already 
 Q: How come I can't access the 2P 
 A: You need a controller in sockets 1 and 
 Q: In Tails' Route 101, don't hit any cars, I didn't hit any, and when I went 
through the last goal, I was taken back to start. 
 A: Well, you have to find the president's car, 
 Q: How do I get more items in the black 
 A: Obvious! You need to beat a couple of levels to get the secret 
 Q: When I gave my chao a tree seed, he didn't plant it. 
 A: Your chao needs to win some races. You see, your chao will get a prize if it 
beats the course record, comes in first, etc. It will need the shovel and the 
watering can to plant a tree seed. The seed will grow into a tree and fruit will 
 Q: Is there a way to skip those boring FMV sequences and start the 
 A: Personally, I like them, but all you have to do is press A or 
 Q: How do I know a chao is 
 A: A cocoon will form around your chao. Sometimes music will play, but usually it 
 Q: What's Mating 
 A: It's when flowers bloom around chao and they have a heart above their heads. 
Another chao will come over. In order for them to lay an egg, you must give them a 
heart fruit [Black Market, 300 Rings.] You will automatically get The Breeding 
Garden. Patience. It doesn't come every day, you know. Still, be 
 Well, that's just about all I can think of. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

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