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Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness
By Sac
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:
Version 1.0

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Version History
09/08/2001 v 1.0 - I started work on the walkthru(about halfway through the cave you start in, 
                   playing as a Fighter), writing up the intro and the game's story.

Feel free to download this FAQ onto your hardrive, but you may not post this on your web site 
(Unless you ask me first), or sell it. Also, this FAQ may not be used in any form of magazine 
walkthru (And that includes fanzines and online gaming mags!)

This document is copyright (C)2001 by Sac

1. Intro
2. Story
3. Walkthru

1: Intro
Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthru for Quest for Glory 4, the second last game in the Quest for Glory 
series. This game has always been a bit of an oddity, becuase at ther end of Quest for Glory 2, 
the player was informed that the next game was going to be Shadows of Darkness. But, the third 
game instead became Wages of War. According to an interview I read in a magazine ages ago, this 
is becuase Lori and Cory Cole wanted to have a lighter game first, before having the hero (That's
you, in the game) dumped into a palce where he's distrusted and friendless.
But that aside, QFG4 is a great game, and the CD version is even more fun, becuase alot of the 
voices actors actually ad libbed their lines, coming up with extra dialog. But enough of my 
Ramblings. On with the FAQ!

2: Story
After you defeated the evil demon in Tarna, you were just getting ready to celebrate with all 
your friends, when suddenly, your whisked away by evil magic! When you come back to your sense, 
you find that your flying through the air. In the distance you can see an evil looking castle, 
but before you can get a better look, everything goes black again. When you finally come to 
again, you find yourself in a dark cave, with all posseions gone. You don't know where you are, 
or how you got there, but you won't let this faze you, becuase your a HERO!

3: Walkthru
NOTE: This Walkthru is based (for the moment) soley on a Fighter. I'll update the walkthru later 
on when I play through again as the other three classes.

The Caves-
You wake up in a strange cave, with all your items AND weapons gone. The only things you have are 
your armor (Well, it's a bit hard to lose something that your WEARING) and 1 crown. How did you 
end up with one of the coins of this palce? The game never says. You have one and that's that. 
But for now, you have to figure out how to escape from this cave. Now if you look around, you'll 
notice that there are three corpes on the ground, one near where youa re, and two a bit further 
into the cave. You should search these. The first will yeild a dagger, 5 crowns and 13 kopeks. 
From the second you'll get a piece of flint, 3 crowns and 13 kopeks. And from the final corpses, 
you'll find 10 assorted coins. The only two other areas of interest on this screen are the vavle 
(exit) and the Altar to the Dark One. If you try to open the valve right away, the game will 
inform you that it's too dark. But if, instead, you click on the bowl just beneath the altar, you 
will find a torch. To light it, click on the torch (in your inventory) with the flint. Now that 
you have some light, it's time to leave this creepy cave, so just click on the vavle, and your 
You'll now find yourself in the next room. Here you cna see thre eother exits and a big creepy 
altar in the center of the room. Ignore them for now. Towards the bottom of the screen you can 
see a sword and a shield, so don't waste any time and pick them up right away.(NOTE: The items 
your character had in the previous three games are gone for good now, so don't even think about 
them.) There's nothing else you can do here now, so exit at the botom of the screen. But keep in 
mind that before you can leave, you'll be attacked by a group of badders, so make sure you ready 
for combat.

If you have any questions about this game, and your questions ISN'T covered in teh FAQq, e-mail 
me and I'll do my best to help you.

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