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Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo-Geneva : a quick guide by Ronnie Badger


Platform     - PlayStation2
Game version - PAL (SCES-50858)
Guide Author - RONNIE BADGER (a pseudonym of Paul Wilson)
Email        - [email protected]
Version 1.3  - last update: 22nd July 2002

This is my first FAQ. I suppose I have to start somewhere, and this is
as good a place as any. Some sections of the game are NOT covered in this 
guide. I guess that anyone who owns this game already owns GRAN TURISMO 3 
(or has, at the very least, played it). In other words, certain assumptions 
are being made.

If you have NEVER played GRAN TURISMO 3, I recommend that you buy it
immediately and immerse yourself in it.

1 - Contact details
2 - Important Information
    a - What is GT Concept?
    b - Course Licence mode 
    c - Course Licence prizes
    d - Single Race mode
    e - Single Race prizes
    f - Cars (default and dream)
5 - Secrets
6 - Credits
7 - Version History

1 - C O N T A C T  d e t a i l s 
If you have any genuine ENQUIRIES about, SUGGESTIONS for or CONTRIBUTIONS 
to this QUICK GUIDE, please email: [email protected] - include the 
words GRAN TURISMO CONCEPT in the subject line to avoid instant deletion 
and blocking. Any contributions used will be credited (NAME only - no other 
details will be published).

SPAM will be reported and/or deleted. I take no pleasure in getting email
accounts closed down for SPAM violations and I get no pleasure from 
receiving SPAM (or other junk) - let's all save ourselves the hassle and be 

Proof of sending is NOT proof of receipt. Please read the QUICK GUIDE in 
full before sending me an email.

2 - I M P O R T A N T  I N F O R M A T I O N  A B O U T  T H I S  G U I D E 
This guide refers to the PAL version of GT Concept (SCES-50850). If there 
are any significant differences between this and the US and Japanese 
versions, please let me know and I will add them to the guide.

NOTE: This guide will cover COURSE LICENCE and SINGLE RACE modes ONLY.
All other modes of play are not vital to the completion of the game. Please
be aware that this game uses the same control system(s) as GRAN TURISMO 3. 
I have avoided discussing STRATEGY in this guide. I leave that up to you. 
In addition, this guide will feature NO details on driving techniques or 
vehicle settings. You know where to look.... 

Please visit http://www.cheatcc.com and http://www.gamefaqs.com for all your GRAN 
TURISMO FAQ and guide needs. There are some great ones out there!

This guide is intended for PERSONAL use only. You may download and keep a 
SINGLE COPY of any version of this guide. You may FREELY (without money or 
equlivelant changing hands) distribute this guide provided it remains in 
its current form, unedited and with all its headers and copyright notices 

All other rights are reserved.

For entertainment purposes only. NOT to be taken internally.

3 - L E G A L  N O T I C E
This guide is subject to copyright and any infringement will be acted upon.

Quick Guide Content (c) 2002 Paul Wilson - aka RONNIE BADGER

All manufacturers, cars, brands and associated imagery featured in the game
are trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners

4 - G R A N  T U R I S M O  C O N C E P T:  t h e  g a m e

[a] - W h a t  i s  G R A N  T U R I S M O  C O N C E P T?
GRAN TURISMO CONCEPT is NOT an add-on pack for the much-loved and highly
popular GRAN TURISMO 3. It is a game in its own right. While the scope for
gameplay is much narrower than its illustrious forebear, it is no less
impressive to look at, play or listen to.

It is, essentially, GRAN TURISMO LITE. The one hundred ready-tuned vehicles
span concept cars, rally cars, production models and fantasy racers. While
these cars are beautifully modelled (as expected), there are no graphical
improvements that make them stand out compared to any vehicle represented 
in GT3. 

There are five principal circuits with all but one being lifted directly
from GT3. 

GRAN TURISMO CONCEPT is by no means an essential purchase. There is no
GRAN TURISMO mode, vehicles cannot be bought or sold; nor can they be
transferred to a GT3 game. This is a quick-fix racing game; something to 
get the adrenaline going without any of the relative tedium. Once started, 
this game will be finished very quickly. My advice is: play it, finish it,
put it on the shelf and only bring it out when you've got some friends

Enjoy it while it lasts; then sit back and wait for GRAN TURISMO 4.

[b] - C O U R S E  L I C E N C E  m o d e
Before entering a race, each course must be opened by gaining a LICENCE.
Each LICENCE consists of a single lap of each course in a predetermined
vehicle. The vehicle being used may not have its settings changed prior
to beginning the LICENCE lap.

Once you have selected the circuit you would like to race on, you will then
have the option to use a PACE CAR. This vehicle will drive in front, and it
may be used to follow the racing line and find the optimum braking points.

Its use is OPTIONAL. No penalty is imposed for using the PACE CAR. It can
be psychologically useful to use the PACE CAR - it acts as an opponent 
which can help improve your own performace. Be careful not to crash into 

Now it's time to race! Beat the times listed to win a prize and open the 
SINGLE RACE mode circuits.

Listed below are the courses used (NB: II refers, in GT tradition, to a
mirror version of a course), the test cars available for use on each
course as well as the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE qualifying lap times.

To open a course for use in SINGLE RACE mode, the lap must be completed
to at least the BRONZE standard. Finishing a lap in a time greater than
the BRONZE standard means you will have to try again in order to qualify.

COURSE                  TEST CAR 
******                  ******** 
Mid-Field Raceway       SL500
Tokyo R246              GT40 LM
Swiss Alps              TOYOTA RSC Rally Car
Tahiti Maze             Accent Rally Car
Autumn Ring             Elise

Mid-Field Raceway II    Abt AUDI TT-R
Tokyo R246 II           HONDA NSX-R Prototype
Swiss Alps II           Focus RS
Tahiti Maze II          MITSUBISHI CZ3 Tarmac Rally Car
Autumn Ring II          NISSAN GT-R Concept

COURSE                  GOLD time       SILVER time       BRONZE time 
******                  *********       ***********       *********** 
Mid-Field Raceway       1'27''          1'30''            1'37''
Tokyo R246              1'36''          1'43''            1'50''
Swiss Alps              1'24''          1'30''            1'37''
Tahiti Maze             2'00''          2'06''            2'20''
Autumn Ring             1'31''          1'36''            1'42''

Mid-Field Raceway II    1'14''          1'18''            1'25''
Tokyo R246 II           1'59''          2'06''            2'17''
Swiss Alps II           1'31''          1'37''            1'45''
Tahiti Maze II          1'57''          2'07''            2'23''
Autumn Ring II          1'21''          1'25''            1'34''

[c] - C O U R S E  L I C E N C E  P R I Z E S
By meeting certain standards in COURSE LICENCE mode, you will be rewarded
with a new car that you can later use to race. 

By gaining the BRONZE or GOLD standard, you win a car. SILVER is a little 
different. If you have previously gained BRONZE and improve to acheive
SILVER, there will be no reward except the personal satisfaction of beating
a previous lap time. However, if the SILVER standard is reached at your 
first attempt, you will be rewarded with the car that you would have won 
had you achieved only the BRONZE standard. If you are lucky enough to get 
GOLD at your first attempt, you will earn TWO cars - one for getting GOLD 
plus the one that would have been awarded for BRONZE.

In summary, for every course available in COURSE LICENCE mode, there are
TWO cars to be won.

Apart from opening up all the available circuits in SINGLE RACE mode, 
completion of COURSE LICENCE mode opens up the POD RACE (see SECRETS 

COURSE                  BONUS CAR (BRONZE)               BONUS CAR (GOLD)
******                  ******************               ****************
Mid-Field Raceway       Pennzoil Zexel GTR               ?
Tokyo R246              HCD 6                            ?
Swiss Alps              Elise Type 72                    ?
Tahiti Maze             FX 45                            ?
Autumn Ring             CIEN                             ?

Mid-Field Raceway II    RSC                              ?
Tokyo R246 II           Esso Ultraflo Supra              ?
Swiss Alps II           Audi TT-R                        ?
Tahiti Maze II          Copen                            ?
Autumn Ring II          Skyline GT-R v-spec              ?

These prize cars may be used in SINGLE RACE mode.

[d] - S I N G L E  R A C E  m o d e
Gaining a LICENCE for a track allows it to be used in SINGLE RACE mode. The
aim of the game here is to WIN, WIN, WIN! Winning a race results in a 
reward being given - a car for future use.

You will race against a full field of FIVE cars on the MID-FIELD RACEWAY,
TOKYO R246 and AUTUMN RING circuits; and a single opponent on the SWISS 
ALPS and TAHITI MAZE circuits.

There are two levels of difficulty available: NORMAL and PROFESSIONAL. 
These modes dictate the driving skills of the opposition. NORMAL is 
designed for beginners and PROFESSIONAL is for more experienced drivers. 
There is a third mode available: see SECRETS section for details.

The length of the race depends on the difficulty chosen. Racing under
NORMAL conditions offers a TWO-lap race. Racing under PROFESSIONAL offers
a THREE-lap race.

Having chosen a level of difficulty, you will be invited to choose a car.
The car you choose dictates what opposition you will face; and you may 
only choose cars that have already been unlocked or those that appear by
default. As with all cars in all versions of GRAN TURISMO, you may select
AUTOMATIC or MANUAL transmission.

Different sets of cars appear under several categories. See CARS section
for more details.

One of FIVE circuits may be selected for a SINGLE RACE. A circuit may be 
attempted in its reverse form as well as its default form.

It is possible, just before the race begins, to choose DRIVING AIDS to best 
suit your driving skills and/or style. NOTE: this option is not available 
for DIRT TRACK races. The DRIVINGS AID option allows the 
ASM (Active Stability Management) and TCS (Traction Control System) to be 
switched ON or OFF:

ASM + TCS = for beginners (easy handling)
TCS only  = for intermediate drivers (moderate handling)
NO assist = for expert drivers (maximum speed)

In SINGLE RACE mode, there is no option to qualify for a place on the
starting grid: you will always start the race in last place.

Before the race begins, you will have the opportunity to alter some of
your car's settings.

When you choose to START the race, the countdown begins and battle 

[e] - S I N G L E  R A C E  P R I Z E S
If you win a race, you win a car - it's as simple as that! The car that 
you win depends on the chosen level of difficulty. Here's a list of the
cars that you can win in SINGLE RACE mode (N = Normal difficulty; and 
P = Professional difficulty):

COURSE (Race Difficulty)    BONUS CAR                  BHP    DRIVE-TYPE 
************************    *********                  ***    **********
Mid-Field Raceway (N)       Cooper S                   160    FF
Mid-Field Raceway (P)       Spyker C8 Laviolette       449    *
Tokyo R246 (N)              NSX-R                      *      *
Tokyo R246 (P)              Honda NSX-R LM Edition     *      MR
Swiss Alps (N)              Focus RS                   217    FF
Swiss Alps (P)              Solstice                   239    FR
Tahiti Maze (N)             Mobil 1 NSX                445    MR
Tahiti Maze (P)             Ford GT40                  499    *
Autumn Ring (N)             V6 IMA MID DUALNOTE        391    4WD
Autumn Ring (P)             Mitsubishi CZ-3 
                                 Tarmac Rally Car      301    4WD

Mid-Field Raceway II (N)    Castrol Tom's Supra        464    FR
Mid-Field Raceway II (P)    Nissan GT R Concept        *      *
Tokyo R246 II (N)           RS 6                       446    4WD
Tokyo R246 II (P)           Chrysler Crossfire         214    FR
Swiss Alps II (N)           350Z GT Aero               *      *
Swiss Alps II (P)           Suzuki GSX-R 4             172    MR
Tahiti Maze II (N)          Toyota Pod                 *      FF
Tahiti Maze II (P)          Mercedes-Benz AMG SL55     469    FR
Autumn Ring II (N)          CLIX                       300    4WD
Autumn Ring II (P)          Volkswagen W12             591    MR

* = details undisclosed

[f] - C A R S ( D E F A U L T  a n d  D R E A M )
There are 54 cars available from the start of the game, with an additional 
46 available to unlock. The DEFAULT and DREAM cars (which must be unlocked) 
are listed below.


CATEGORY              CAR                          BHP    DRIVE-TYPE 
********              ***                          ***    **********
NEW CARS Pacific      Ford KA                      59     FF
NEW CARS Pacific      Honda Jazz                   84     FF
NEW CARS Pacific      Hyundai Coupe                172    FF
NEW CARS Pacific      Mazda 6                      175    *
NEW CARS Pacific      Lexus IS-300                 216    FR
NEW CARS Pacific      Nissan Primera               201    FF
NEW CARS Pacific      Toyota Will VS               187    FF
NEW CARS Pacific      Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo     236    4WD
NEW CARS Pacific      Lexus SC-430                 276    FR
NEW CARS Pacific      Infiniti G35                 256    FR
NEW CARS Pacific      Nissan Skyline 300 GT        256    FR
NEW CARS Pacific      Honda Civic Type-R           212    FF
NEW CARS Pacific      Honda Integra Type-R         216    FF
NEW CARS Pacific      Mitsubishi Lancer 
                           Evolution VII GT-A      268    4WD
NEW CARS Pacific      Honda S2000                  246    FR
NEW CARS Pacific      Nissan Skyline GT-R M-spec   276    4WD
NEW CARS Pacific      Subaru Imprezza WRX
                           STL Prodrive Style      276    4WD
NEW CARS Pacific      Mazda RX-7 Spirit A Type-R   276    FR
NEW CARS Pacific      Mazda RX-7 Type-R 
                           Bathurst                276    FR
NEW CARS Pacific      Chevrolet Corvette Z06       379    FR

* = details undisclosed

CATEGORY              CAR                          BHP    DRIVE-TYPE 
********              ***                          ***    **********
NEW CARS Europe       Volkswagen Golf GTi          147    FF
NEW CARS Europe       Volkswagen Lupo GTi          123    FF
NEW CARS Europe       Renault Clio Sport           169    FF
NEW CARS Europe       Mercedes-Benz SL 500         301    FR
NEW CARS Europe       Lotus Elise                  120    MR
NEW CARS Europe       Vauxhall VX220               144    MR
NEW CARS Europe       Jaguar S-Type R              400    FR
NEW CARS Europe       Audi RS 4                    375    4WD
NEW CARS Europe       Audi RS 6                    443    4WD
NEW CARS Europe       Aston Martin Vanquish        449    FR
NEW CARS Europe       RUF RGT                      379    RR
NEW CARS Europe       TVR Tuscan Speed Six         359    FR

CATEGORY              CAR                          BHP    DRIVE-TYPE 
********              ***                          ***    **********
CONCEPT CARS          Nissan MM                    *      FF
CONCEPT CARS          Dome ZERO                    142    MR
CONCEPT CARS          Mitsubishi CZ-3 Tarmac       *      4WD
CONCEPT CARS          Nissan 350 Z                 *      *
CONCEPT CARS          ASL Garaiya                  201    MR
CONCEPT CARS          Mazda RX-8                   246    FR
CONCEPT CARS          Dodge Viper GTS R Concept    498    FR
CONCEPT CARS          Pagani Zonda S 7.3           547    MR

* = details undisclosed

CATEGORY              CAR                          BHP    DRIVE-TYPE 
********              ***                          ***    **********
RACING CARS           Hyundai Accent Rally Car     295    4WD
RACING CARS           Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 
                           VII Rally Car           295    4WD
RACING CARS           Subaru Imprezza Rally Car    295    4WD
RACING CARS           Peugot 206 Rally Car         299    4WD
RACING CARS           Honda Loctite Mugen NSX      473    MR
RACING CARS           Honda ARTA NSX               473    MR
RACING CARS           Honda RAYBRIG NSX            473    MR
RACING CARS           Nissan Pennzoil Nismo GT-R   493    FR
RACING CARS           Nissan Calsonic SKyline      453    FR
RACING CARS           Nissan Xanavi Hiroto GT=R    453    FR
RACING CARS           Toyota AU Cerumo Supra       463    FR
RACING CARS           Toyota Castrol Tom's Supra   463    FR
RACING CARS           Tickford Falcon XR8 Race Car 599    FR
RACING CARS           Chevrolet Corvette C5R       620    FR

NOTE: these cars must be unlocked as PRIZE rewards

CATEGORY              CAR                          BHP    DRIVE-TYPE 
********              ***                          ***    **********
DREAM CARS            Honda NSX-R LM Edition       *      MR
DREAM CARS            Mitsubishi CZ-3
                           Tarmac Rally Car        301    4WD

      --------->      more DREAM CARS to follow      <----------

NOTE: all default and unlocked cars may be used for ROAD races, but choices 
will be limited for DIRT TRACK races.

5 - S E C R E T S
Listed below are bonuses that can be unlocked, gameplay quirks or
added-value extras. If there are any more, let me know.

Instead of selecting GAME START from the front menu, press TRIANGLE to
start a selection of rolling demos featuring cars from the game. Each
demo ends with an advert for the game before more rolling demos begin.
Return to the front menu by pressing START.

Alternatively, leave the game inactive for a short while to initiate
the demo sequence.

In SINGLE RACE mode at the LEVEL SELECTION screen, press L1 and R1 together
to reveal a hidden level of difficulty, ACE LEVEL. Races run for FIVE laps,
and the opposition has the highest ability.

NOTE: If you win all races in SINGLE RACE (Professional) mode, you will be 
alerted to this extra feature.

This mode must be activated each time the game is loaded (ie it doesn't 
SAVE to a memory card)

(CREDIT: listed at GameFAQs by Davut; and ME from playing the game)

No, it has nothing to do with STAR WARS. This race mode (selected from the
GAME STATUS screen) becomes available after completing COURSE LICENCE mode.

This race comprises three laps of an elongated oval, driving the most 
ludicrous vehicle ever invented, the Toyota POD and just before the end of 
each lap you are obliged to apply the handbrake ans stop for a few seconds. 
Failure to do so means RACE OVER! Winning this race earns no reward. 

The POD displays its emotions by way of different colour lights at the 
front and back of the vehicle: RED means it's angry, BLUE means it's sad, 
and ORANGE means it's happy. Your driving skills determine the colour. A 
little "tail" wags at the rear of the vehicle. It steers like a cow.

During the POD RACE (see above), you can drive over some fluorescent 
bollards, watching them scatter across the track.

To earn 10,000,000 credits for use in GRAN TURISMO 3, win all races in 
SINGLE RACE (Normal) mode

(CREDIT: Official UK PlayStation2 Magazine - August issue)

In addition to getting 10,000,000 credits, you will be awarded a BRONZE 
trophy for EVERY licence not yet taken in GRAN TURISMO 3. So, if you (like 
me) have previously had a little difficulty getting the SPECIAL LICENCE (or 
any licence, for that matter), then worry no more! ALL races in GT mode 
will now be available.

(CREDIT: Ben Dwyer - by email)

Complete 50% of the game to view this movie in the GAME STATUS screen

Complete 75% of the game to view this movie in the GAME STATUS screen

6 - C R E D I T S
Thanks to POLYPHONY DIGITAL for Gran Turismo in all its incarnations - 
driving games have never been so absorbing, great-looking and fun!

Thanks to ANDY and MARK for being the best sparring partners 

Thanks to GameFAQs for giving and receiving 

Thanks to BEN DWYER for providing my first READER CONTRIBUTION

Thanks to OZRIC TENTACLES for not only making the best head music around,
but for providing the soundtrack to this guide: this guide is best
experienced with the OZRIC TENTACLES CD "Curious Corn" playing. Their music
would work so well in the game.

Thanks to TYLER, my cat, who insisted on treading upon the keyboard and
sitting in my lap when I was trying to play the game

7 - V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y

1.0 - First-ever FAQ. Did the intro bits and COURSE LICENCE section.        
      Started CREDITS (getting ahead of myself) and VERSION HISTORY       
      (surprise, surprise) plus CARS, SECRETS and SINGLE RACE sections 
      (20th July 2002)

1.1 - Almost completed CARS section; filled out vehicle data elsewhere. 
      Added further SECRETS and tweaked COURSE LICENCE section 
      (21st July 2002, early hours)

1.2 - Re-jigged CARS section; added more vehicles to SINGLE RACE PRIZE 
      section (having won some more races!); included additional SECRETS 
      and DRIVING AID details in the SINGLE RACE section; also included 
      extended HEADER details and drank lots of TEA 
      (22nd July 2002, very early hours)

1.3   Added a couple of missing details; included a USER CONTRIBUTION in 
      the SECRETS section; slight re-design to vehivle list in SINGLE RACE 
      PRIZES section; now feeling a bit rough.... :(
      (22nd July, early evening)      
Quick Guide Content (C) 2002 Paul Wilson - aka RONNIE BADGER

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