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Races, Skills, and Signs

Note: Below is what I have surmised about each race, skill, and sign and thier 
worthyness in the game. Below each description is a number between 1-10. 1 meaning 
the described item is next to useless (as I have found) and 10 meaning it is the 
best. Most of the decisions are based on a skills usefulness in the main quest, but 
I may unconsciosly rate an item based on my favorite factions (mainly warrior 
types:fighters guild, house redoran, and the imperial legion) Depending on what you 
want to be in the world, a different item may suit you better.


Argonian: I have found the “denizens of the black marsh” to be average characters, 
best suited for warrior or mage classes that focus on thier bonuses. Thier 
incredible resiliance makes them a good choice for the adventerur who likes hunting 
down diseased creatures as they are immune to it. The Argonians ability to breath 
underwater is incredibly useful as well. For the main quest both of these special 
attributes are useful, but I dont like the skill bonuses because they are too spread 
out, I mean who needs both “spear” AND “illusion”?
I give the Argonians: 6

Brenton: Brentons are , in (obviously) my opinion, great characters to play by. 
Thier natural resistance to magika coupled with thier 50 point sheild make them as 
good AGAINST mages as they make mages. They make good healers and other NON-
destructive characters. Only their lack of armor bonuses, even unarmored, gives them 
a disadvantage. Especially when you need to wear the wraithguard. The same is true 
for weapons. Like when you need to use sunder or keening. 
All in all I give the Brentons a: 4

Dark Elf: The most diverse race of all. Dark Elves make excelent custom characters 
that utilize ALL of the Dark Elven bonuses. Thier bonuses in Long and Short Blade 
are perhaps the most useful of all because most powerful weapons, such as Chysemere 
or Umbra, are long blades, and Keening is a short blade.For premade characters, the 
Dark Elf fits the Battlemage well. 
One of my favorites, I give the Dark Elves a: 9 out of 10

High Elves: The High Elves, like the Brentons, make some of the BEST mages. Unlike 
the Brentons, they make great destructive mages and are less fit for healing and the 
like. Though thier lack of a bonus towards weapons or armor desturbs me, they have 
the defensive alteration and the offensive Destruction bonuses. My biggest concern 
is thier weakness to the magika they have mastered. and a weakness to ALL of them. 
even thier bonus magika and resistance to disease doesnt balence out the good and 
the bad.
In the main quest situation, I dont like them.
They get a : 2

Imperial: My FAVORITE race. As thier name implies, the Imperials show a dominace of 
most other races in the main questing situation. With thier skills of merchantile, 
speechcraft, and thier unique Voice of the emporer, nobody could hate them if they 
didnt want them to. As I stated previously with the dark elves, most powerful 
weapons are long blades (not including sunder and keening though, sadly) and the +10 
bonus to it gives imperials an edge where the blade is already sharp.Best suited I 
think for custom characters or bards, The imperial caught my attention and I first 
won the whole game (expansions and all) with one of them. 
Obviously, I rate the Imperials with a: 10

Khajiit: WHO, I ask, WHO can pronounce THAT without hearing it heard from the game 
first?(some Khajiit say: “What can Khajiit do for you?”) Not many I’d say. Anyway, 
the Khajiit obviously make the best thieves and “acrobats”. Thier skills are all 
focused for stealth and even thier specials help them thieve. What can I say? If you 
want to be rich, and eaisily, GO FOR IT with a Khajiit. BUT if you want to WIN... 
The easy richness earns them points but... the Khajiit only gets a: 3 in the main 
quest regard.

Nords: The nords make the best warrior classes, mostly barbarians. The Frost lovers 
have bonuses on thier side a heavy armor bonus (for the Wraithguard) and Blunt 
weapon bonuses for Sunder. And if you’ve read my previous descriptions you know I 
love Long blades. Woad and Thunder fist further add to thier large list of “Good 
things”. Beyond the Morrowind main quest, the Nords excel in the Solsthiem 
(Bloodmoon) main quest, as it has A LOT of cold.
I grant the Nords a generous: 8 out of 10

Orcs: I like the Orcs. Although they only have 5 skill bonuses, 4 of them are + 10 
which evens it out. Berserk and thier resist against Magika furter thier goals. If 
you’ve read all the races thusfar, you would notice that I like races that make good 
warriors. That, you’ve confirmed, is true since I’ve mentioned it. WHO CARES about 
FANCY MAGIKA! Just take an AXE and CHOP ‘EM! Orcs make great barbarians and are 
similar to Nords
That being said, I rate them alike as well, Orcs get an : 8

Redguards: One may say: “If he likes warriors SO much, why doesnt he like the 
REDGUARDS best and NOT the Imperials?” and my answer is: “I LOVE the redgaurds too 
but the Imperials can kill somone and not get in trouble because they taunted 
them... or in the main quest, the Imperial can persuade the house counsilers to like 
him.” The Redguard can only kill somone with ease and has all the warrior skills 
necesary for the main quest, just not the personality. Hes go a WHOPIN +15 long 
blade (YAY!), +5 short blade for keening, and +5 Blunt weapon for sunder. and the 
armor and athletics to back him up. His specials are also great.
I couldn’t decide “9” or “10” so I made an exception: 9.5

Wood Elf: Theres only one “elflike” race less than “humanlike” races. 4 humans 3 
elves. A LITTLE DIVERSITY HERE PLEASE!!! The Wood elves...make good archers... as is 
to be expected. Since I HATE archers I cant give them a very good mark... plus in 
the main quest it is only Wood elves that I havent even come CLOSE to winning with. 
I hate them man.. I hate em. Only thier sneak and beast tongue is any good.
They get only a : 1


nobody wants to read a description. go read the book that came with the game. I only 
make RATINGS here.

Block : 6
Armorer :6
Medium Armor : 6
Heavy Armor : 8
Blunt weapon: 10 (Sunder)
Long Blade: 7 (not NECESARY [see above for my love of this skill])
Axe: 1
Spear :1
Athletics : 5

Destruction: 5
Alteration : 5
Illusion : 2
Conjuration : 7
Mysticism : 9 (interventions, Mark/recall, etc)
Restoration : 5
Enchant : 7
Alchemy : 3
Unarmored : 1

Security : 3
Sneak : 5
Acrobatics : 1
Light armor : 5 (hey, if its your only armor skill...)
Short balde : 10 (Keening)
Marksman: ummmm... 0
Merchantile : 7
Speechcraft: 7
Hand to Hand: 5 (its fun and good for some faction quests)

I regret to announce that because I do not have THAT much free time on my hands I 
will NOT describe and rate all 21 classes. Also because I have not used them all. I 
will state my favorites here.. Warrior, Battlemage, Knight, Bard, and Barbarian. And 
the first class I beat the came with was a custom:
Manslayer: Combat (an Imperial with the Tower sign)


Heavy Armor
Medium Armor
Long Blade (yea....)


Alchemy (I would now prefer it to be Enchant)
Illusion (I would change it to Blunt weapon)


The apprentice: 3 
I dont like the magika weakness

The Atronach : 1
Who wouldnt want to be able to get back magika?

The Lady : 8 
No negative effects.. good positive ones.

The lord: 5
I dont like the weakness to fire... it would KILL if you were a high elf

The Lover: 7
Cool effect

The mage: 10
Great bonus

The ritual: 8
I hate undead.. and I hate being hurt

The serpant: 1
all the books hate this thing... it sounds like a cult skill

The shadow : 10
useful for anyone

The steed: 5
Its ok to be fast

The thief: 3
I dont really get “sanctuary”

The tower: 11
A+’s all around.. two skills. EXTREMLY useful

The Warrior: 10
Who DOESNT wanna bash more times

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