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1] Rahau |
2] Rahau ||
3] Rahau |||

Rahau 1

To defeat Rahau 1 is not that hard. First before you start the battle make sure that
you have the wall bomb and gatling gun(the other parts dont matter). When the battle
starts Rahau wont move for a brief moment. Hurry up and jump and shoot him. he will 
try to shoot you so take cover. You should shoot the wall bomb when he walks to 
close to run away. Keep distance and repeat till killed. Shoot gatling gun by air.

Rahau 2

Same as 1 but with wall pods too. Try to keep far distance.

Rahau 3 

This one is hard. Use illeagel shoe's and wolf spider pods(the rest the same as 
last two). While he's distracted by the other two get close and release bombs and 
pods the hurry and take cover. He'll target you and shoot. If you are hidden you 
will be safe because he'll target the other two if your not hit. When he is low on 
health there is a good chance that the two are dead. Hide behind the poles and run 
to the next one each time he comes close and leave pods behind. you will have a 
short time to run. If the other two aren't dead than continue the prosses from 
earlyer and maybe shoot him with the gatling gun while going back to hide. You have 
a 75% chance you won't win on your first try but if you do your better than me. I 
had to try 7 times. 

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