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>Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life
>Raising Celia's son 

>ok this is my first Faq, so dont exspect anything special lol. I did this faq on 
Celia and her son because Celia i think, is the best wife choice. Later in the game 
she helps a lot by watering the plants and feeding the animals and such, saving you 
a ton of time. I also like celia cause her son, although a bit of a pain sometimes, 
is pretty fun to raise. Ok well here I Go.

I. Marriage

II. Toddler Years


This is in case you havent already married Celia and need help doing so. She's 
Fairly Easy to Woo if you know what to do. Start out with familiarizing youself 
with her movement patterns, she generally is in her house or in the farm tending to 
the plants, But sometimes she takes walks. Next, you should start gathering gifts 
to give her, She Likes flowers from all seasons, vegetables you have grown (not 
fruits!!!), and Ores from the ruins. Dont give her anything else and you should be 
fine. She hates fossils so never give her those, and never ever give her the Blue 
feather and tell her its not for her. THIS WILL SERIOUSLY SCREW YOU OVER. she will 
be heartbroken and her hearts will go way down for you. Oh ya you can check how 
much she loves you by going up to her bed and pressing "A" when it says "look". 
When she has 4 hearts, give her the blue feather you recieve from the harvest 
sprites. say it is for her and most of the time she will say yes, but sometimes she 
will say no and her hearts will go down to 3. If this happens give her more gifts 
and soon you will get a cutscene with her where she tells you that Vesta, the 
rather large woman she lives with, is trying to pressure her into an arranged 
Marriage. She asks you if she should go for it and get married, or not. If you say 
she should (dunno why you would), she will lose hearts for you and you have to give 
her more gifts. eventually, after she has 4 hearts again, propose with the blue 
feather, and you'll get Hitched! 

Note: even if you don't give her the feather, if she has 4 hearts by the end of 
winter in the first year, she'll propose to you.

So how do you get married in the village???? Its really nothing special... I was 
rather dissapointed, but i suppose it is kinda a cool cutscene. Basicly Vesta and 
Marlin (vesta's husband...or brother?) give away the bride, they all walk out of 
the farm and she walks away with your Character. They walk around the town talking 
to people, telling them how they got married and such. so there. Youre married. 

Celia after the Cutscene will ask you what you want her to call you as a pet name. 
I didnt know what to put so i put Honey. I know.... i should be more creative... 
but its just a game... lol

After you get married, the screen will go dark and it will say "A Few Years 

II. Toddler years, 2 Years long
You need to name your son now. Im gonna use the name i gave him in this faq so, im 
gonna call him Takuya (Ta-koo-ya. He is adorable and really really cute. He wears a 
little green hat and Overalls.  He has Brown hair and reddish brown shoes. Takuya 
is kinda rowdy, but he is so sweet it makes up for everything he does. He like 
plants like his mother, and playing with toys, but he has one weak spot. HE HATES 
ANIMALS! he is so afraid of them, if you take him near them, he will cry. if you 
hold one up to him he will cry. If he's in the same room with them he will CRY. 
he's even afraid of your dog! thats pretty sad. So this is what i did. i sold all 
his toys, (I know it sounds mean...) so he was forced to go outside and play (which 
he does anyway, its just that he stays inside a lot more when he has toys) 
Eventually he would go inside and look at the cows and sheep and horse from a 
distance. When you get the ducks he will allow you to take them up to him and show 
them it and he apparently likes them, but he still doesnt Like Chickens, so watch 
out. Basicly just keep him around the farm and go for field trips to places like 
the spring where there are Lizards and the turtle swamp and he'll warm up to the 
other Critters that are living around your farm. Heres a list of stuff that helps 
him with his animal problems, and other stuff you can get him interested in after 


>milk your cows with your bare hands
>keep animals in the pasture outside your barn
> love your animals
>Feed your animals when he's around
> give your animals snacks (carrots, turnips)
>show Takuya eggs and Milk

>Take him to Daryls house and Carter's Ruins
>use the Milker as much as possible
>Become friends with Deryl and Carter
>Buy him the toy car from VAN
>buy him the Blocks from VAN

>Take him to Gustafa's house
>Take him to Romana's Villa 
>Befriend Gustafa
>Befriend Romana and Lumina

> Take him to The artist (forgot his name)'s Trailer
>befriend the Artist
>take him to Visit Romana's butler
>Befriend the Butler
>Have him play with the Sketchpad

>Take him to wally's house
>befriend wally and his son Hughe  
>buy him the Ball from Van 


Takuya doesnt need much help in this category, he genetically loves plants, but you 
can help him along by:

>Showing him seeds
>Showing him fruits and vegetables
>taking him to Vesta's farm
>Growing things on your farm
>using fertilizer

Like I said, he geneticly loves plants so he doesnt need much help, but it never 
hurts to show him a carrot or two :)

You cant do much with Takuya in these first 2 years except build his interests. He 
will often(like every other time you talk to him) ask you to carry him and throw 
him up in the air. its cute the first couple of times, and then its downright 
ANNOYING. Dont do it every time, firstly because you'll wast a ton of time, and 
secondly cause it will spoil him, and we dont want that now do we?

eventually if you've been paying attention to takuya, he will ask you questions 
like, Do you like animals? you can say i like them, i hate them, or i Like You 

He asks a similar question too. Do you think animals are cute? You can say Yes, no, 
or I think you're cuter.

so he'l; ask you these questions all the time plus if you show him seeds, he'll ask 
what it is. im not sure if it matters what you say, cause they're basicly both the 
same answer, they are Its a Seed, and Its a seed for Planting. So i dont get it. 

Also if Takuya loves you enough, in the first year, he'll ask you if you want to 
take a bath with him. if you say yes, Celia will be excited, apparently Takuya isnt 
very fond of baths. So you go to the bathroom (The camera stays behind celia, who 
is working in the kitchen) and apparently, takuya slips and falls in because after 
the doors close, you hear a slipping noise, takuya scream, a splash and then takuya 
Crying. Strangly, he comes out very happy. 

Takuya is easy to handle if you know what he likes and dislikes, Like his mother. 
You have to be patient with him on the whole animal thing. He likes the cat you get 
in fall of year 2, but still not your dog. yep... he's one strange, but adorable 

             TAKUYA: BIG KID DAYS
             TAKUYA: BEING A TEEN

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