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The Sonic 2 Adventure CHAO GUIDE
1. Chao?
2. Buying a Chao
3. Hatching your Chao
4. The equipment needed for raising your Chao
5. Feeding your Chao
6. Customize your Chao
7. Chao Gardens
8.Legal Stuff				

A Chao is a friendly creature/ pet. I don’t know a lot about Chaos, but I do know 
that they 
                are so cute.

 					2. Buying a Chao
	To buy a Chao you must go to the building you can reach there by going 
through the Chao Lobby.  When you walk in turn left and there will be a closet, and 
when open the door; you’re in the Black Market.  
	If you have enough rings (from 1-player levels) you can buy a Chao egg. Then 
go to the Chao Garden and your egg will be there.

			3. Hatching your Chao
	When you are at your Chao egg there is 3 ways to hatch the eggs.  
1st you could pick up the egg and rock it back and forth, then put it down and it 
should hatch soon.  (When it hatches it will love you.)
2nd you could leave it on the ground and it should hatch.
(When it hatches it will be neutral to you.)
3rd you could pick the egg up and throw it against the wall, it will then break and 
(When it hatches it will loathe you.)

4. The equipment you need for raising you Chao
	First when your egg hatches you will need to go to the building from the 
lobby (see Chapter 2) and go to the doctor’s office. On the Chao’s report it will 
say all about your Chao it’s favorite food and everything about your Chao.
	Next (if wanted) go to the Principals Office, he will give you tips.
	Then (once again, if wanted) go to the kindergarten, to have it learn and 
grow brainpower.
	Now, go to the Black Market and buy fruit or whatever.
	The most important part is to go to 1 player mode. (I suggest level 1, City 
Escape.) Find rings (to buy, you know, stuff) and find little animals to give to 
your Chao.  This is also helpful.  Then you see flying robots or any kind of robot 
they might drop little containers.  Now, these little containers are called drives. 
Drives can come in yellow, green, blue and red.  Now finish the level and go to the 
garden.  Give the drives to your Chao(s). To find out what to do with the animals go 
to chapter 6.

			5. Feeding your Chao	
	Now this is the easiest step in Chao raising is to feed your Chao.  All you 
have to do is pick up drives, fruit or animals (you’ll find out what animals do in 
the next chapter) and give your Chao(s) the stuff.

		6. Customizing your Chao
	Finally, you will learn what the animals, you feed you Chao(s).  If you look 
carefully you can see what animal it is.  Now, if, for example, you give your Chao
(s) a lion it will either grow lion claws, a lion tail, lion ears or lion feet.  If 
you find a bird it could also grow wings.

                                 7. Chao Gardens
 			Ok, last chapter.  You start with one Chao garden, but there 
are two other gardens!  There is a Hero Garden and a Dark Garden.
			To get the Hero Garden rock your Chao egg back and forth 
(see chapter 3).  When it hatches all you have to do is feed it one Hero Fruit, then 
leave it alone until it evolves, then in the Chao Lobby there will be stairs going 
into a new garden.
			To get the Dark Garden through your egg against the wall to 
hatch it (see chapter 3). When it hatches all you have to do is feed it one Dark 
Fruit, then leave it alone until it evolves, then in the Chao Lobby there will be 
stairs going into a new garden.

                                      8. Legal Stuff	
			This has NOTHING to do with Chaos.  I put this on here so 
people would not steal this and take credit for it.  If you want to put this on your 
web-site just e-mail me at [email protected]  You must tell me what you need it 
for, then I will e-mail you back if it’s alright to use it.

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