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rayman faq 1
version 1.2
last updated 25/10/02
FAQ explenations by:dvdmth

table of contents

I:how to get the 75% code.
II: inverteble Razordbeard ?
III: the getaway (version 1.2)

I: wel,you probably asked yourself:how to get the 75%.(NOTE:for doing this you must 
completed the game itself). go to"the sanctuary of rock and lava".ok,in the 
beginning of this level,there is a split-up,go to the left.then go in a temple were 
bugs are.(meanwhile,reach the end of the temple).there is a frog,hit it with 
youre"fireball".play this level out.then go to the"fairy glade"where LY was captured 
stand on that plate and,the code is yours.

II:this is just for fun!!!ok,go to "the crows nest".before defeating Razorbeard 
press 40 times start in a row.the time will slow down,but Razorbeard not.He will 
turn around for 40 times,twirling and twirling,and you'lle get the inverteble 
Razorbeard. Its fun,try it either.

III:WARNING:you must have the gameshark to do this!!!
in the"the top of the world"level you must go sit first on a driving chair,isn't it? 
Wel,sit in the chair and drive.now,putt the gameshark on. you should be flipping!!!
isn't it cool!!! WARNING:don't save or an error or freeze should pop-up.
IIII: and at least the credits

thanks to: [email protected] and [email protected] or 
[email protected]
also:Steve kannif,micheal Duncan,George Van De Wauwer and Cristian Smeets.
thank you and i hope this FAQ should work.

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