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Wizard101 FAQ and Guide


A. Introductions
B. Legal Information
C. Guide 
D. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: Introductions|

Hey everyone Oran here. Some of you may be wondering who would write an 
FAQ/Guide for such a game as wizard101 and the answer to that is me. I have been 
reading the cheats, codes, hints etc... for playing this game and I really need 
to clarify things up a bit. I can safely tell you that every cheat code and tip 
on this site, for this game through 2008-09 is out of date. Please read this 
guide and enjoy hope it helps.
B: Legal Information|

This written document is copyright (c)2010.  Shane Dach.  Please do not use this 
document on another site without permission, please do not post bits of this on 
another site without permission either. If you use info from this document give 
credit and link to the original page. This document is property of me (Shane) 
and also to cheatcodes (thanks for hosting this FAQ) Legal actions may be taken 
if these terms are not followed. 

Email: [email protected]
C: Guide to out of date info, tips and codes|

Right away I want to talk about the many codes you may see on this site. 

Here is the deal with these codes, don't try them unless you specifically see it 
in an official Wizard101 document, magazine, commercial etc... 
Also there is no code I know of (unless emailed to you by KI staff) that will 
get you crowns. There is also no code to get a free mount (Again unless emailed 
by official KI staff as consolation for something in game that has caused you 
problems) The codes on this site have all been checked by me specifically (years 
2008-09) and they are all out of date and/or are not real. If any player gives 
you a code it is probably fake. If a player is impersonating KI staff to try to 
give you a fake code it is a scam, report them (There is no in game mods on 
W101) So anyway basically codes usually will not work dont trust them

Next some of the tips i have seen

There are always some crazy things people say to get gold fast, now unless you 
are in Mooshu and up gold will naturally come slow. If someone tells you that 
you will make 50-300 gold it is not worth it. The best way to make money is in 
fact to "grind" (or farm as it's called) a boss in Dragon S. and sell the items 
for 500+ gold each.

Next is the pet cheats, (seen enough of this scam) Note: you will never get a 
pet from buying an item. The following are the only ways to get pets.

1. Shops throughout the Spiral
2. Gift cards that give a bonus pet
3. Drops from an enemy
4. Gift from a player
5. Gained from a quest
NOT: Any other way


Welcome to the FAQ section, please email your questions and I will try to answer 
them, I have included some in game questions i have been asked.

Q: Is there a way I can level up fast at the beginning of the game?

A: Indeed you can, get a strong friend to take you to a mooshu or dragonspyre 
dungeon. This will get you a few thousand exp and you will gain 5-15+ levels 
depending on the dungeon. This will lessen the exp you get when you actually get 
to this dungeon yourself, however it will not affect your overall level at the 
end of dragonspyre

Q: How do you make your money?

A: Simple enough, I go to dragon S. and either farm malistaire's dungeon or 
another similar one then sell the items. (Makes 500-5000 gold a run) Estimated 
time for this dungeon is 45minutes depending on how strong everyone is

Q: Should I do all the possible quests?

A: Plainly No, Some quests are not worth doing but I recommend doing as much as 
you can

Q: What is a good secondary school for me?

A: There is no real answer but let me give you some ideas. You can never go 
wrong with life for healing always a good choice. If you are life, I recommend 
death to feint and spend the rest on anything else. Always a good choice is 
death to feint, Ice to tower shield and life to Satyr. Always have your main 
schools, TRI-blade and traps, from the balance tree in the krokosphinx 

Those are some basic ones email me to ask your own thanks.


I hope i cleared some outdated things up if you have a question email me and I 
will respond in email as well as post it here in this guides FAQ section.

[email protected] 

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