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 Table of Contents

1: Ultimate Fighters

2: Killers

3: Super Transformations


1: Ultimate Fighters [ I only list people I know how to get ]

The Good:

Trunks[ Kid & Adult]: Beat Vegeta's Dragon Universe

Videl:Find her in Adult Gohan's Dragon Universe

Vegeta: Beat him in Goku's Dragon Universe

Uub: Beat Kid Buu in Goku's Dragon Universe Using Super Spirit Bomb then beat 
him at the world tournament arena

Teen Gohan: Beat Kid Gohan's Dragon Universe

Adult Gohan: Beat Teen Gohan's Dragon Universe

Bardock: In Goku's Dragon Universe before you fight Radditz, find his spaceship 
and it should have a ??? it should have a capsul that unlocks Bardock.

The Bad:

Freiza: Beat him in Goku's Dragon Universe

Cell: Beat him in Gohan's Dragon Universe

Buu[ Majin, Super, Kid ]: Beat in Goku's Dragon Universe

Android 17: Beat in Piccolo's Dragon Universe

Android 18: Beat in Krillin's Dragon Universe

Android 20: Beat in Yamcha's Dragon Universe


2: Killers:

Broly: Go to the place that is all white on the map in Goku's Dragon Universe 
after you beat Fat Buu and Talk to Kibitokai [ Supreim Kai ] and he'll say that 
he senses an evil presence beside Buu [ Broly ] then beat Super Buu inside of 
Buu. Vegeta will then op to stall buu. Go to the next red spot on the map and 
beat broly

Cooler: once you Beat Freiza on your second time through Goku's Dragon 
Universe, Go to Freiza's Spaceship and look Around until you see Super Saiyan 
Vegeta. fight him then go to the red dot and fight cooler.

Meta Cooler: After you have unlocked cooler, go through goku's dragon universe 
again and after you beat freiza the first time there will be three dots on the 
map. go to the one on the central continent. cooler will talk after you beat 
him there will be one more dot . go to it and cooler will talk .after he is 
done talking look around coolers spaceship until you find a capsule that says 
coolers space ship.

Omega Shenron: Beat Everyone's Dragon universe 3 times then finish training mode 
the play as broly in dragon universe and after you fight videl there will be 
two dots one in the top and one in the bottom . go to the bottom one and beat 


3:Super Transformations: 

Super saiyan: Goku, Vegeta, Broly[ already ], Gohan [teen, adult], Goten, Trunks
[adult, kid]

Super saiyan 2: goku, vegeta, teen gohan, adult gohan

Super saiyan 3: goku

Super Siayan 4: goku, vegeta

Legendary super saiyan: broly

Unlock Potential: krillin, kid gohan

Sync with nail: piccolo

Fuse with kami: piccolo

Majin: Vegeta

Demonic Will: dabura

Absorbation: super buu

second form: freiza

third form: freiza

final form: freiza, cooler

100% full power: freiza

Meta/ metal: freiza, cooler

absorb 17: cell

absorb 18: cell

100% perfect form: cell


Notes: I did not put all info on this, just the stuff that I know.



This FAQ is property of robroyhart.

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