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Hey people, This Edgecatore again.

Table of Contents
1.My recommendations for an unique team
2.Pokemon Battle hints
3.Elite 4
4.Gameshark Codes
6.Special thanx

1.My recommendations for an unique team
If you want a healthy , strong and unique team my recommendations are:
A pokemon that knows effect move like hypnosis or poison powder "grass,psychic type"
pokemon with all different type and elements. For more read #2. below!!
2. Pokemon Battle hints:
In a pokemon lineup you need 2 effectionnist , and 4 
and Shiny Armour(Power Attackers). An effectionnist is a pokemon that knows effect 
attacks such as Spore or Hypnosis , sleep powder etc..... you get the idea (I hope).
Now when I say Knight and shiny armour that mean pokemon with ass-kickin attacks 
such as my : Flareon(Iron tail , Flamethrower , Zap Cannon and Shadowball.

3.Elite 4:

4.Gameshark Codes:

5. Credits: Ksean19 , chaosdemon007 and me

6. Special Thanx : My Girlfriend Maxi , My Boss Patrick and’s Staff

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