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\      FFFFFFFF    AAA      BBBBBBBB   LLL       EEEEEEEEE                    /
\      FFF        AA AA     BBB    B   LLL       EEEEEEEEE                    /
\      FFF       AAA AAA    BBB    B   LLL       EEE                          /
\      FFFFFFFF AAA   AAA   BBBBBBBB   LLL       EEEEEEEEE                    /
\      FFF      AAAAAAAAA   BBB    B   LLL       EEEEEEEEE                    /
\      FFF      AA     AA   BBB    B   LLL       EEE                          /
\      FFF      AA     AA   BBB    B   LLL       EEEEEEEEE                    /
\      FFF      AA     AA   BBBBBBBB   LLLLLLLL  EEEEEEEEE                    /
\                                                                             /
\                                                                             /
\                            EXPERIANCE GUIDE                                 /
\                                                                             /
\                                                                             /

                  <><><>THE BEST WAY TO GET EXPERIENCE<><><>

       1.Go to the Arena in Witchwood, fight up until you beat the two rock     
trolls, when you beat them exit the main arena to the basement, save it, go 
back into the arena and fight the great Arachnanox when you beat it you should 
have around 25,000-35,000 experience, save it again then load the file you just 
saved. when it loads you should have 20,650 gold from the arena and all of the 
gold you aquired fighting.(Note you can repeat this as many time as you like.)

       2.When you get far enough through the game go to Lychfield Graveyard and 
just kill the undead. (Note you can only fight them when you on the quest to 
get to Bargate Prison.)

       3.When you go to Hook Coast for the second time instead of going to the 
gate that has a magic barrier around it, go over to the martial house that you 
can buy, a screamer should appear, kill it them head over to the lighthouse, 
another screamer should appear kill that one too, head back over to the martial 
house and another screamer appears, go back and forth killing the screamers and 
you get a load of experence. I got my combat multiplier up to 25 doing this and 
i got 2,000 experence.

       4.And last which my favorite is, Jack of Blades. all you have to do is 
beat Jack of Blades, he is actually vary easy to beat, the only hard part is 
the minions, they can be a bit of a bug but jack of blades gives you 5000 
experiance for every time you beat him so if you a times twenty five mutiplier 
you get 125,000 experiance

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