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"Reciepe List" Guide for Paper Mario

***Paper Mario Tayce T. Recipie List***
               FAQ Created by: Brakker-Z Ryan Rider + igotblueeggs

Table Of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. List Of Recipies A-L
4. List Of Recipies M-Z
5. Conclusion
6. Copyright Information

1. Introduction:
Paper Mario rules, so I decided not only to write a FAQ, but to write a
couple of In-depth ones. Well here is the first one, tell me what you think.

Ryan Rider

2. Updates
02-17-01- Version 1.0- Practically finished the FAQ.

02-20-01- Version 1.2- Small update. Added igotblueeggs's name...

3. List Of Recipies A-L
Apple Pie:
Cake Mix and Apple 
Stats:4HP 4FP 

Big Cookie:
Cake Mix and Red berry,Yellow Berry,Goomnut, and Egg. 
Stats :HP- FP20 

Bland Meal:
Koopa Leaf and Red berry or Yellow Berry or Blue berry or 
Stats: HP10 FP10 

Boiled Egg: 
Egg and Stinky Herb or Straneg Leaf. 
Stats:HP8 FP8 

Cake mix 
Stats:HP- FP15 

Coco Pop:
Cake mix and Coconut 
Stats:HP3 FP15
Deluxe Feast:
Strange Leaf and Whackas Bump or Potatoe Salad and Shroom Stake. 
Stats: HP40 FP40 

Dizzy Dial:
Strage Leaf and Stinky Herb or Strange Leaf and Volt Shroom 
Makes all enemies dizzy for a period of time.
Egg missle:
Egg and Fire Flower 
Stats:Attack item. Hits 6HP. 

Electro Pop:
Cake mix and Volt Shroom
Stats:HP- FP15

Electrafying Mushroom:
Koopa Leaf and Mushroom
Makes mario electritized and enemys that make contact lose health.  
Stats: ?

Fire Flower:
Dried Fruit and Strange leaf 
Stats:Attack Item. Hits 3HP.

Fire Pop:
Cake Mix and Fire Flower. 
Stats:HP-1 FP20 

Fried Egg: 
Stats:HP10 FP- 

Fried Shroom:
Mushroom or Super shroom or Dried shroom and Mushroom or Fire Flower and
Dried Shroom 
Stats:HP6 FP2 

Frozen Fries:
Fire Flower and Iced Potato 
Stats:HP15 FP- 

Healthy Juice:
Special Shake and Stinky Herb 
Stats:HP4 FP40 

Honey Candy:
Honey Syrup and Cake Mix 
Stats:HP- FP20 

Honey Shroom:
Honey Syrup and Mushroon 
Stats:HP5 FP5

Honey Super:
Honey Syrup and Supershroom 
Stats:HP10 FP5 

Honey Ultra:
Honey Syrup and Ultra Shroom 
Stats:HP50 FP5 

Hot Shroom:
Volt Shroom 
Stats:HP15 FP5 

Jelly Pop:
Jammin Jelly and Cake Mix 
Stats:HP- FP64 

Jelly Shroom:
Jammin Jelly and Mushroom 
Stats:HP5 FP50 

Jelly Super:
Jammin Jelly and Super Shroom 
Stats:HP10 FP50 

Jelly Ultra: 
Jammin Jelly and Ultra Shroom 
Stats:HP50 FP50 

Kooky Cookie:
Koopa Leaf and Cake mix 
Stats:HP- FP15

Koopa Tea:
Koopa Leaf 
Stats:HP- FP7 

Koopa Leaf and Dried Pasta 
Stats:HP7 FP7 

Lemon Candy:
Cake Mix and Lemon
Stats:HP5 FP15 

Life Shroom: 
Koopa Leaf and Super Mushroom
Stats:10 HP recovers when life reaches zero.
Lime Candy:
Cake Mix and Lime 
Stats:HP- FP20 

4. List Of Recipies M-Z
Maple Shroom:
Maple Syrup and Mushroom 
Stats:HP5 FP10

Maple Super:
Maple Syrup and Super Shroom 
Stats:HP10 FP10 

Maple Ultra:
Maple Syrup and Ultra
Stats:HP50 FP10 

Nutty Cake:
Stats:HP- FP10 

Potato Salad:
Iced Potato 
Stats:HP10 FP- 

Shroom Cake: 
Cake Mix and Mushroom 
Stats:HP10 FP10 

Shroom Steak:
Life Shroom and Dried Shroom 
Stats:HP30 FP10 

Sleepy Sheep:
Strange Leaf and Blue Berry
Stats: ? 

Dried Pasta 
Stats:HP6 FP4 

Special Shake:
Stats:HP- FP20 

Spicy Soup:
Fire Flower
Stats:HP4 FP4 

Strange Cake:
Strange Leaf and Cake Mix 
Stats:Has random Effects 

Super Soda:
Honey Syrup
Stats:HP- FP5 
Cures some status aliments. 

Sweet Shroom:
Cake mix and Ultra Shroom 
Stats:HP30 FP20 

Tasty Tonic: 
Stats:Cures Status Problems 

Thunder Rage:
Dried Fruit and Volt Shroom 
Stats:Hits 5HB on all enemies

Yoshi Cookie: 
Cake mix and Melon 
Stats:HP15 FP15 

Yummy Meal:
Dried Pasta and Dried Fruit
Stats:HP20 FP20  

4. Conclusion
I hope this FAQ came in handy and you liked it! If you have any questions
or comments or any ideas please feel free to e-mail me at

5. Copyright Info
This FAQ is Copyright (c)2001 Ryan Rider and igotblueeggs, this faq may not
be used on other sites besides the following without permission:

My sites: and
Game Faq
FB Games:

Thanks Everyone!!

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