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    1)Food I know in ABC order
    2)How to get Van
    3)How to get Ruby
    4)A little about me

      1)  All types of Mayonaise
          Oil          Whisk

           Baked corn
         Corn     Oven
            Bodigizer XL
        Bodigizer   mixer
        Blue grass
           Boiled Egg
         Egg      Pot
        Buckwheat Noodles
        onion      pot
    Egg(any size)  Knife
        Fish(s)   Rolling
        Buckwheat    Pin

        Milk     Mixer

         Egg     Oven
        Flour    Whisk
        Butter   Sugar

         Chocolate Cake
      Chocolate     Oven
        Flour      Sugar
        Egg        Whisk

        Chocolate Cookies
      Chocolate      Oven
        Flour       Rolling
        Egg           Pin
      Butter         Sugar

        Curry Noodles
      Onion      Pot
      Egg       Knife
     Fish(s)    Rolling
     Flour        Pin

         Curry Rice
       Rice     Pot

         Fish Sticks
        Fish(l)  Mixer

           Fried Rice
         Rice    Salt
         Oil     fry.Pan

          Fruit Latte
     Any Fruit   Mixer

          fruit Juice
    Any Fruit    Mixer

        grape Juice
     W.grapes   Mixer

         Hot milk
       milk   Pot

       Ice cream
      milk   pot
       Egg   Whisk

   Any Fruit  Pot

        Jam Bun

   Tomato    Mixer
    Onion    Salt

       Miso Soup
      Egg    Pot

     Moon dumplings
    Dumpling    Sugar

      Mushroom Rice
     Mushroom   Pot

     Onion   Pot
      Egg   Knife
      Fish  Rolling
     Flour    Pin

   Cheese   Fry.Pan
      Oil     Whisk

     Pineapple Juice
  Pineapple     Mixer

     Corn   Fry.Pan

      Rice Gruel
    Rice    Pot

    Bread  Oven

      Toasted Riceball
    Rice        Oven

        tomato juice
     tomato     mixer

        Truffle rice
      Truffel    Pot

         Veggie Latte
    Any Veggie.   Mixer

         Veggie Juice
    Any Veggie.   mixer   
          Wild Wine
       Grapes    pot
     purple grass

       2) If you want to get Van, you have to have one of those connectors that 
hooks up your GBA to your GC. When you link the first time, you have 3-5 stars 
colored black. To link, you need to throw something in the lake with the waterfall
(as if you don`t know).Wonce you connect, by next TUESDAY Van will come and say 
he`s from Forget yada yada and will be selling stuff every Wednes day. Eventually 
after a little while, you will start geting letters in the mail with wine in it. 
the letter will say Congrats. you won the yada yada. If you give it to Van, he will 
say he has a secret item and is willing to sell it to you for 1,000,000g. Don`t buy 
it, and  I`m being serios.I don`t know what it is, but if you want it you`d better 
save up alot and save before you get the whatever it is.(oh yeah, and by the way, 
you CAN`T drink the wine)

      3) Ruby is a woman from the GC game, and knows ALOT of recipies! If you want 
her, you have to 5-6 times succesfully getting 21 black colored stars.Then on a 
Sunday, she will come to your house and say "I`m from Forget-me-not yada yada" And 
will buy stuff you want to sell. This includes stuff you CAN`T put in the shipping 
ben like Perfume,dresses,golden lumber,wood,etc.Ruby is very nice, and if you 
become friends with her, she will give you a recipie EVERY monday.(oh, I also 
forgot,Van and Ruby open their stands at the Inn.Sorry)

       4) My name is kirsten,and I have long brown hair.This is one of my fav. 
games.The way I found this game(actually it was the #1 game for gc,but who 
cares,it`s still a hm game)was when my dad and I went to Toys`R`Us for a sims 
game.They didn`t have any left so I decided to look around.When I saw the H.M. game 
I thought it looked boring,but I can`t resest picking up a game I don`t know about 
and reading it.So I started reading and found that it didn`t seem half bad,and the 
price of it was only 10$.So that`s why I started collecting all the harvest moon 
games.Right now I have the 2 H.M. games for gc, and the 2 for gba.In the first game 
for gba,I`m on my 12th year and married to Karen.(and guess what,it took me 9 years 
to marry her because I stopped paying attention to her for 2 years,and had to make-
up 2 years and a month to finnally marry her.(geez that`s alot of writting,my hands 
are litterly killing me!)(oh yeah, if anyone knows how to get a cursed tool,please 
tell me,I`m dessparet!!!!!)

                          See                 Ya!


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