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      This is my third fact.Ihope it helps 
1 Recomended 
      Party#1:Espeon with Psychic,Morning Sun,Psybeam,Swift;Umbreon with Confuse 
Ray,Faint Attack,Moonlight,Screech;Typhlosion with Flame 
Wheel,Dig,Flamethrower,Swift;Feraligator with Hydro 
Pump,Slash,Screech,Surf;Houndoom with Crunch,Flamethrower,Faint Attack,Smog or Fire 
Blast;Tyranitar with Earthquake,Crunch,Hyper Beam,Thunder.^^       
Party#2:Typhlosion with Flame Wheel,Dig,Flamethrower,Swift;Ho-oh with Sacred 
Fire,Recover,Fire Blast,Ancient Power;Houndoom with Crunch,Flamethrower,Faint 
Attack,Fire Blast;Metagross with Hyper Beam,Meteor Mash,Metal 
Claw,Psychic;Tyranitar with Earthquake,Crunch,Hyper Beam,and either Thunder or 
Blizzard,Feraligator with Slash,Hydro 
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