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                              R E C O V E R   N O C   L I S T   
                                     EMBASSY FUCTION
                                         Level II
                                          Part I
    -Find face maker
    -Find score
    -Find nausea powder
    -Find drink
    -Place smoke generators
    -Assume Ambassador's Aide's I.D.
    -Acess restricted area
    -Kill Scofield
    This level isn't hard, it's just complicated. The most important thing to
remember in this level is to not be seen by the guards while placing the smoke
generators and getting the face maker. Also, there is an added objective in this
mission, which is to kill Scofield. Don't worry, it's easier than getting mugged in
East St. Louis.
    I start off the level with the easy objectives first. Which is finding the nausea
powder, drink, and the score. Start out by turning left down the hall, then right,
left, right, and then right. That should put youin the main room. But, when you enter
the room, you'll get a message that basically says that Scofield is following you.
Walk towards the bar, and talk to the bartender. He'll hook you up with the goods
that you'll need. Now you have the nausea powder and the drink. Cool. Now, turn
around and talk to the pianist. He'll tell you that some idiot walked off with the
score. About now you will see a woman in red. That's Scofield if you hadn't guessed.
Watch out though, she's packin' heat. But, you don't have to worry about that until
later. Right now you have to find the jerk that took the score! Walk back down the
hall that you came from until you see some peeps sitting in two chairs. This, is the
jerk that took it, but as tempting as it is to steal this dude in the face, you
can't. You can, but you'd fail. You have to insteadmake polite conversation so that 
he'll get his butt off the score. Walk to the side of the chair after talking with
him to collect the score.
    If you haven't notice yet, Scofield is stalking you. What nerve. Oh, well. Now
we'll have to to take that [email protected]#$% out. Not quite yet though. Make a left and continue
down to the end of the hall. Make a right, then an immediate left. Straight in front
of you are the bathrooms where you take care of your business. When you get in to the
bathroom, you will get a message that basically says that this is a good spot to do
your killin'. Walk to the back wall, turn around, pull out your blow pipe and aim it
at the top left green tile close to the door. Wait for her to come in and shoot her.
Easy as pie. There will be a short video of you putting her in the stall, then it
will end. Shut the door to the stall and put your blow pipe away.
    Exit the bathroom and walk down the hall. Right aroud the corner to your left,
there is a ventilation duct. This is where you put the smoke generators in. But
before you put it in, look around to make sure that a guard isn't around. Put it in
and turn around, and make a left and continue down the hallway until you see a woman
and a man talking. Go up to them and talk, turn around, walk away a couple of step,
and go back and talk again. Walk away a couple of steps, and the dude will leve. Talk
to the lady, this is Sarah. She'll give you the face maker. But, when she says, "make
sure that no one is looking," or something like that, LOOK AROUND FOR GUARDS!!! You
don't want to be caught. When no one's around, hit 'A,' and she'll give it to you.
Now, turn 3/4's of the way around to the right, and there will be a ventilation duct
right in front of you. Again make sure that there are no guards around. Put the smoke
generator in. There's another one next to the chairs where you found the score, two
other ones are in the main room on either sides on the stair case, and the last one
you get later. After placing those smoke generators, go back over to the pianist and
give him the score. 
    Once you give it to him, the Ambassador's Aide will come down. Give him the
drink, and BOOM! He'll take off for the bathroom. Follow him there, and that's when
you get to stick him in the face. He goes out like a light. After a breif video, use
the face maker on him, and then you have assumed Ambassador's Aide's I.D. Walkback to
the main room and go up the stairs and turn left. You will now seea couch and a
chair. To the left of the chair there is the last ventilation duct. Place the smoke
generator and turn around to the way you came. Walk straight, past the guard, and up
the ramp. CTurn right and talk to the guard that's in front of the door.


Recover Noc List: Warehouse coming soon...
Sorry it took so long, 
               'Big Darrel'   

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