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Start: Begin by speaking to Sir Amik Varze in the White Knight Castle in Falador. 
Skills: Able to defeat a level 20 enemy without weapons or armor.
Quests: You must have already completed the Black Knight's Fortress and the Druidic 
Ritual Quests. 
What You Need: 3,000gp for the Makeover Mage, if you're a male character. You can't 
be wearing anything or carrying anything in your backpack. 


Getting Started

Start off by speaking to Sir Amik Varze upstairs in the White Knight Castle in 
Falador. When he asks if you would like him to recommend you to a secret 
organization, tell him "yes." He will tell you to go to Falador Park for your 

Make sure that you aren't wearing anything, or have anything in your backpack when 
you go there. Also, be sure that your character is a female. If you're a male 
character, take 3,000gp to the Makeover Mage north of the Crafting Guild and change 
your gender to a female. Otherwise, you'll be unable to complete the quest.

Training Grounds 

Speak to Tiffy Cashien in the park and tell him that you are ready. You'll see a 
short cutscene, and you'll be teleported to the Knight's Temple. The trial you 
arrive at will be random, so be sure to check which 1 you have from the trials 
below! You have 5 different trials to go through, and if you fail, you'll return to 
Tiffy and start over again.

Ren Itchwood 

Speak to Sir Ren Itchwood and he will give you a riddle to solve. If it's too 
difficult to solve, talk to him again and he'll give you a different one. When you 
think you have the right answer, try the combination on the door. Now to solve the 
riddle, take the first letter of each line of the riddle and put them together to 
get the password.

Kuam Feretse & Sir Leye 

If you appear in a room full of warriors called Sir Leye, you'll need to be a 
female character to defeat him. He is level 20 and has been blessed by Saradomin. 
Kuam Feretse will tell you that no man can defeat him. He is very easy, and you 
shouldn't have much of a problem defeating him.

Lady Table 

You may appear in a room with statues of Gold Silver and Bronze. Speak to Lady 
Table and she will ask you to touch the statue that has been added. My tip is to 
just find which set of statues has only 3 and remember them. When the missing 1 is 
brought in it will be easier to tell which has been added. 

You can also take a screenshot of the statues before they're moved, and take 
another after 1 is moved in. Compare those and you'll have your answer!

The Chicken, Fox & Grain Bridge

If you get a puzzle with a Fox, Chicken and a Grain Sack, pick up the Chicken 
first. This leaves the Fox and Grain, and the Fox will not eat the Grain. Drop the 
Chicken on the other side of the bridge and go back over. Go back and take the 
Grain over, and pick the Chicken back up. Take it back to the start, drop it and 
pick up the Fox. Take the Fox over, drop it and go back for the Chicken. Take it 
and bring the Chicken to the end. 

Sir Tinley & the Patience Test 

If you get a puzzle with Sir Tinley, he tells you that the key to solving it is 
Patience. To solve this, just stand there and don't move or do anything. Eventually 
(after no more than 15 seconds) he will tell you that you have passed the test.

Chemicals & the Stone Door 

If you find yourself in the following puzzle: 

First search all of the Shelves and take everything that you find. Now search all 
of the Crates and take everything. Find some Gypsum and use it on the Cake Tin from 
the Crates. Find a Vial of Liquid and use it on the Cake Tin. It will form a mould 
for a key imprint. 

Find the key chained to the wall and use the Cake Tin on it to form a key 
impression. Now pour some Cupric Ore Powder (there are 2 Cupric vials: 1 of liquid 
and another with an ore) and Tin Ore Powder into the impression and use the tin on 
the Bunsen Burner. Now use the Chisel from the crates on the tin to make a Bronze 

Pick up the Metal Spade and use it with the Bunsen Burner. Now use the newly formed 
Metal Spade (without a handle) with the Stone Door. Use all of your remaining 
chemicals except for the Vial of Liquid on the spade, and then finally use the Vial 
of Liquid with it. The spade will expand, allowing you to open the Stone Door. Now 
just use your Bronze Key on the next door. 

Ms. Hynn Terprett 

If you get a puzzle with Ms. Hynn Terprett, you will be asked 1 of these questions:

1. Which demise would be the wisest? - Wolves.
2. Which of the following statements is true? - The third statement.
3. What would you get if you multiply by 5 everything left hand by the nearest 
million? - 5,000,000,000.
4. The four stones, four buckets, four temperatures riddle - 32 Degrees.
5. Father and Daughter riddle - 10.

Completing the Quest

Once you've gone through all 5 tests, you will be returned to Falador Park. Talk 
with Tiffy and he will reward you. Congratulations, quest complete!


Initiate Helm 
Ability to buy Initiate Armor from Tiffy - a full set costs 20,000gp! 
A Free Makeover Voucher and 3,000gp if you were a male when you started the quest 
Gaze of Saradomin - Teleports you to Falador rather than Lumbridge, should you 
happen to die. 
1,000 Prayer, Agility and Herblore experience 
1 Quest Point 

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