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6.3. Chapter Unlocks Table
Credit to Peter Meekel for sending me this table.

Chapter            Good                 Excellent            Bounty Hunter
Bulls Eye          Old Pistol+          Broken Creek         Falling Star
Bounty Hunter      Bloody Tom           Big Oaf Whitney      Curly Shaw
Ugly Streetfight   Ugly Chris           Widow’s Patch        Twiggy Phelps
Railroaded         Owl Rifle+           Rico Pedrosa         Sheriff Bartlett
Carnival Life      Deadeye Max Increase Pig Josh             Fidgit
Freak Show         Health Max Increase  Breech Loader+       Professor Perry
Rogue Valley       Cooper               Bad Bessie           Sissy Fess
Ghost Town         -----------          -----------          Dig Fowler
The Cemetery       Ghost Town           Mr. Black            -----------
Range War          The Ranch            Holstein Hal         Smitty
Bar Fight          Dan                  Sam                  Natalie
The Traitor        The Bridge           Health Max Increase  Fallen Peak
Sunset Canyon      Twin Revolvers       Deadeye Max Increase Sunset Canyon
Bear Mountain      Shadow Wolf          Standing Snake       Grizzly
The Mine           Smiley Fawler        The Mine             Sad Stars
Stagecoach         -----------          -----------          No HUD
Hell Pass          Buffalo              Gabriel Navarro      -----------
Fort Diego         Health Max Increase  Colonel Daren        Bite the Bullet
End of the Line    -----------          -----------          No Distortion
Devils and Angels  The Ranch            General Diego        -----------
Battle Finale      Deadeye Max Increase Mr. Kelley           Infinite Deadeye
The Siege          Mansion Grounds      Jason Cornet         Golden Gun
Fall From Grace    Scorpion             Governor Griffon     Invincibility

7. Showdown Mode
7.1. Showdown Characters:
I have 46 playable characters listed below. I do not have the official
Strategy Guide from Brady Games but supposedly they list 47 characters. Others
have reported that there is a 48th character named Manny Quinn. The
requirements for unlocking Manny are not clear yet. Until proven, repeatable
requirements are found, I won't list Manny here.

Default Characters: 
 Hedgehog Thornton
 Whiskey Treadwell
 Annie Stoakes
 Jack Swift
 Gigolo Hancock

Locked Characters:
 Name                   Item Unlock           Chapter Unlock
 Bad Bessie             Harmonica             Rogue Valley - Excellent
 Big Oaf Whitney        Stethoscope           Bounty Hunter - Excellent
 Bloody Tom             Stained Clothing      Bounty Hunter - Good
 Buffalo                Deer Antlers          Hell Pass - Good
 Colonel Daren          Shot Glass            Fort Diego - Excellent
 Cooper                 Large Barrel          Rogue Valley - Good
 Curly Shaw             Open Sign             Bounty Hunter - Bounty
 Dan                    Purse Mirror          Bar Fight - Good
 Dig Fowler             Dirt Shovel           Ghost Town - Bounty
 Falling Star           Wedding Rope          Bulls Eye - Bounty
Fidgit                 Napoleon?             Carnival Life - Bounty
 Gabriel Navarro        Ornate Bottle         Hell Pass - Excellent
 General Diego          General's Stripes     Devils And Angels - Excellent
 Governor Griffon       Deed To Mine          Fall From Grace - Excellent
 Grizzly                Necklace              Bear Mountain - Bounty
 Holstein Hal           Branding Iron         Range War - Excellent
 Jason Cornet           Store Photo           The Siege - Excellent
 Katie                  Horseshoe
 Kid Cougar             Handkerchief
 Mr. Black              Embalming Tools       The Cemetary - Excellent
 Mr. Kelly                                    Battle Finale - Excellent
 Natalie                Hand Fan              Bar Fight - Bounty
 Nate Harlow            Pan
 Pig Josh               Pig's Feet            Carnival Life - Excellent
 Professor Perry        Monocle               Freak Show - Bounty
 Rico Pedrosa           Woman Photo           Railroaded - Excellent
 Sam                    Beard Comb            Bar Fight - Excellent
 Shadow Wolf                                  Bear Mountain - Good
 Sheriff Bartlett       Journal               Railroaded - Bounty
 Sheriff O'Grady        Family Photo          
 Sissy Fess             Bloody Rock           Rogue Valley - Bounty
 Smiley Fowler          Red Bandana           The Mine - Good
 Smitty                 Black Bandana         Range War - Bounty
 Standing Snake         Arrowhead             Bear Mountain - Excellent
 The Blade Slade        Pot Belly Stove
 Twiggy Phelps          Straw Pipe            Ugly Streetfight - Bounty
 Ugly Chris                                   Ugly Streetfight - Good
 Young Red Harlow       Sand Painting
7.2. Showdown Levels:
 L Level Name           Item Unlock        Chapter Unlock
   Twin Rocks
   Desert Fortress
 L Broken Creek         Burnt Gun Case     Bulls Eye - Excellent
 L Fairgrounds          Uniform
 L Fallen Peak                             The Traitor - Bounty
 L Ghost Town           Tombstone          The Cemetary - Good
 L Mansion Grounds      Poster?            The Siege - Good
 L Sunset Canyon                           Sunset Canyon - Bounty
 L The Bridge           Coffee Pot         The Traitor - Good
 L The Mine             Ore Cart           The Mine - Excellent
 L The Ranch            Deed To Ranch      Range War - Good
                                           Devils And Angels - Good
 L Widow's Patch        Deed To Saloon     Ugly Streetfight - Excellent

8. Journal 
   The Journal is probably the most pleasant surprise for me in this game. It
is very detailed and evident that a lot of work was put into it. The navigation
for the Journal is very intuitive as well, the O button for the Contents works
great and use the Right Stick to Zoom in to read the small text. Be sure to 
check out the Frontier Battles to see your game stats. I am not going to 
reprint every word that is in the Journal but I do plan to highlight every 
page. A preceding "L" indicates that the page is initially locked.

Journal: Table of Contents
     Side Arms
   L Ranged Weapons
   L Thrown Weapons
     Ugly Chris' Gang
   L Prof Perry's Peculiarities
   L Outlaws in Twelve States
   L Wanted: Dead or Alive
   L Renegade Army
   L Citizens of the Wilderness
     Good People of Brimstone
   L Battle Royale Contestants
   L Merchants of Brimstone
   L Protectors of Brimstone
     Frontier Places
     Frontier Battles

Journal: Page by Page
   Pages    Contents
   1        Main Table of Contents
   2-3      Heroes TOC
   4-7      Red Harlow
   8-13     Jack Swift
   14-17    Annie Stoakes
 L 18-21    Shadow Wolf
 L 22-23    Buffalo Soldier
   24-25    Side Arms TOC
   26-27    Old Pistol
 L 28-29    Revolver
 L 30-31    Twin Revolvers
 L 32-33    Widowmaker
 L 34-35    The Scorpion
 L 36-37    Six Shooter
 L 38-39    Pacificador
 L 40-41    Inquisitor

 L 42-43    Ranged Weapons TOC
 L 44-45    Owl Rifle
 L 46-47    Repeater Rifle
 L 48-49    High Calibre
 L 50-51    Halcon Rifle
 L 52-53    Bayonet Rifle
 L 54-55    Oppressor
 L 56-57    Breech Loader
 L 58-59    The Lion
 L 60-61    Twelve Gauge
 L 62-63
 L 64-65
 L 66-67    Zwei Fasser

 L 68-69    Thrown Weapons TOC
 L 70-71    Fire Bottle
 L 72-73    Snake Oil
 L 74-75    Dynamite
 L 76-77    Knife

   78-79    Ugly Chris' Gang TOC
 L 80-81    Ugly Chris
   82-83    Whiskey, William "Whiskey" Treadwell, No Bounty
   84-85    Hedgehog, Hedgehog Thornton, Bounty $100
   86-87    Gigolo, Charlie "Gigolo" Hancock, Bounty $25
   88-89    Chicken, known only as Chicken, Bounty $125

 L 90-91    Prof. Perry's Peculiarities
 L 92-93    Asada
 L 94-95    Atlas Jones
 L 96-97    Clyde Slade
 L 98-99    Lightning LaRouche
 L 100-101  Pig Josh
 L 102-103  Professor Perry
 L 104-105  The Clowns

 L 106-107  Outlaws in 12 States TOC
 L 108-109  Bad Bob Larson
 L 110-111  Bandito
 L 112-113  Cooper
 L 114-115  Father Driscoll
 L 116-117  Gordon "Digs" Fowler
 L 118-119  Jacques
 L 120-121  Jethro Greensleaves
 L 122-123  Juan "Loco" Sanchez
 L 124-125
 L 126-127
 L 128-129  Sidney "Sissy" Fess
 L 130-131  Smiley Fawler
 L 132-133
 L 134-135  Standing Snake
 L 136-137  Twiggy Phelps
 L 138-139  Udo Kang

 L 140-141  Wanted: Dead or Alive TOC
 L 142-143
 L 144-145  Bloody Tom $250 Reward
 L 146-147  Dan
 L 148-149  Greg "Big Oaf" Whitney $750 Reward
 L 150-151  Harry "Hatchet" Schultz $500 Reward
 L 152-153
 L 154-155  Jesse Lynch $800 Reward
 L 156-157  Loaf Whitney $250 Reward
 L 158-159  Longhorn Luke $500 Reward
 L 160-161
 L 162-163  Rico Pedrosa
 L 164-165  Roberto Pedrosa $300 Reward
 L 166-167  Sam

 L 168-169  Renegade Army TOC
 L 170-171  Captain Bufias
 L 172-173  
 L 174-175  
 L 176-177  Lieutenant Cleu
 L 178-179  
 L 180-181  Private Hanson
 L 182-183  The Duelist
 L 184-185  "Pick Axe" Miller

 L 194-195  Citizens of the Wilderness TOC
 L 196-197
 L 198-199  Blind Willy Wilson
 L 200-201  Running Moon
 L 202-203  Curly Shaw
 L 204-205  Fred Kenyon
 L 206-207  Gabby Brennan
 L 208-209
 L 210-211  Hank Pullman
 L 212-213  Katie O'Grady
 L 214-215  Red Wolf Tribe
 L 216-217  Sheriff O'Grady

   218-219  Good People of Brimstone TOC
 L 220-221  Abigail
 L 222-223  Cheryl-Lynn
   224-225  Christina
 L 226-227  Jebidah Cole
 L 228-229  Jody
 L 230-231  Lily Belle
 L 232-233  Mathias Lampry
 L 234-235  
 L 236-237  Sandy Dodge
 L 238-239  Tameri
 L 240-241  Verne Wiggins

 L 242-243  Contestants in the Battle Royale
 L 244-245  Gabriel Navarro
 L 246-247  Kidd Cougar
 L 248-249  Mr. Kelly

 L 250-251  Merchants of Brimstone TOC
 L 252-253  Carnaby Peabody
 L 254-255  Doc Weatherby
 L 256-257  Fitch
 L 258-259  Hanz Kenyon
 L 260-261
 L 262-263  Perry Merriweather
 L 264-265  Ralph Clover
 L 266-267  Woodrow "Woody" Klein

 L 268-269  Protectors of Brimstone TOC
 L 270-271  
 L 272-273  Jason Cornet
 L 274-275  Rat Chavez
 L 276-277
 L 278-279  Sergeant Marquez
 L 280-281  Sheriff Bartlett
 L 282-283  The Cornet Brothers

   284-285  Frontier Places TOC
   286-291  Broken Creek
 L 292-293  Twin Rocks
 L 294-295  Widow's Patch
 L 296-299  Pan-Atlantic Railroad
 L 300-301  Brimstone
 L 302-305  Tarnation
 L 306-307  Fairgrounds
 L 308-309  Widow's Patch, Night
 L 310-311  Annie's Ranch 
 L 312-313  Brimstone Saloon
 L 314-315  Border Bridge
 L 316-317  Sunset Canyon
 L 318-319  Bear Mountain
 L 320-321  The Jail
 L 322-323  Fort Diego
 L 324-325  Diego's Railroad
 L 326-327  Mansion

9. Weapon Tables 

Three weapon types, SideArms, LongArms, Thrown

Name:                    Fire Rate   Reload      Range       Damage   Accuracy
Old Pistol (Upgrade 1)               Fast        V. Short      6        16
Revolver                 Medium      Fast        Short         10       17
Revolver (Upgrade 1)                 Fast        Short         12       16
Twin Revolvers           Fast        V. Slow     Short         10       17
Twin Revolvers (UP1)                 Slow        Short         10       17
Six Shooter                          V. Fast     V. Short      4        13
Six Shooter (Upgrade 1)              V. Fast     Medium        4        13
Pacificador                          Fast        Medium        10       16
Scorpion Gun                         Fast        Medium        20       20
The Inquisitor                       Fast        Medium        15       19

Name:                    Fire Rate   Reload      Range       Damage   Accuracy
Owl Rifle                            V. Slow     Medium        6        16
Owl Rifle (Upgrade 1)                Slow        Short         12       16
Halcon Rifle                         Medium      Long          5        12
Bayonet Rifle                        V. Slow     Medium        17       18
Sawn Off Shotgun
Breech Loader            Slow        V. Slow     Short         12       6
The Lion                             Slow        Short         15       11
Repeater Rifle           Fast        Medium      Long          11       17
Repeater Rifle (UP1)                 Fast        Long          11       17
12 Gauge Shotgun         Slow        Slow        Short         16       14
High Calibre Rifle       Medium      Medium      Long          16       18
Escopeta                 Medium      Medium      Short  
The Oppressor                        Medium      Long          17       18
Zwei Fasser                          Slow        Short         17       9

Name:                    Fire Rate   Reload      Range       Damage   Accuracy
Knife                                Fast        Short         3
Fire Bottle              Slow        Slow        Short         18
Dynamite                 Slow        Slow        Short         20
Snake Oil                            Medium      Short         6

10. Item Tables
The list below is sorted chronologically. Some items are available in more than
one chapter and are indicated. Not sure yet if item collection is required for
100% completion. The Brimstone chapters are not available in Bounty Hunter Mode
so you will have to play through the chapters again to get items you missed or
that you could not afford. Please submit any corrections or additions or if you
have prices that I missed.

- Items available in Brimstone are listed by the chapter they follow.

- Items not indented are items that I need to confirm Price or Effect for.
Please submit any information that applies to these items.

- Items with a preceding "H" are hidden vendors, see the chapter walkthroughs
for details.

  Name                 Price    Effect                       Chapter(s)
  Whiskey Bottle       $19      Unlocks Journal Page           2,5,7,8,10,22
  Ruined Poncho        $6       Unlocks Journal Page           2
  Open Sign            $760     USC Curly Shaw                 2
  Burnt Gun Case       $1000    USL Broken Creek               2
  Shovel               $13      Unlocks Journal Page           3
  Stethoscope          $700     USC Big Oaf Whitney            3
  Family Photo         $650     USC Sheriff O'Grady            4
  Gutted Bible         $7       Unlocks Journal Page           4
  Ornate Bottle        $500     USC Gabriel Navarro            5,7,8,10,22
  Red Bandana          $550     USC "Smiley" Fawler            5,7,8
  Tape Measure         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           5,7,8
  Stained Clothing     $        USC "Bloody" Tom               5,7,8
  Belt Buckle          $50      Unlocks Journal Page           5,7,8
  Bed Roll             $50      Unlocks Journal Page           5
  Sun Umbrella         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           5
  Pencil and Paper     $50      Unlocks Journal Page           5
  Gun Holster          $35      Unlocks Journal Page           5
  Woman Photo          $750     USC Rico Pedrosa               5
  Book                 $40      Unlocks Journal Page           5
  Deed to Saloon       $1000    USL Widow's Patch              5,7,22
H Lucky Flask          $1500    Increase Health Max            7,8,10
  Pot Belly Stove      $1450    USC "The Blade" Slade          7,8,10,17,22
  Kerosene Lamp        $35      Unlocks Journal Page           7,8,10,22
  Drink Tray           $50      Unlocks Journal Page           7,8,10,22
  Strong Drink         $1500    Increase Deadeye Max           7,8,10,22
  Handkerchief         $50      USC "Kid" Cougar               7,8
  Lighter              $50      Unlocks Journal Page           7
  Wedding Ring         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           7
  Bootie Bag           $50      Unlocks Journal Page           7
  False Teeth          $500     Unlocks Journal Page           7
  Make Up Kit          $30      Unlocks Journal Page           7
  Store Photo          $600     USC Jason Cornet               7
  Pig's Feet           $        USC "Pig" Josh                 7
  Monocle              $666     USC Professor Perry            7
Napoleon             $900     USC Fidgit?                    7
H Snakebite Kit        $1500    Increases Max Health           8
  Hammer & Anvil       $40      Unlocks Journal Page           8,10,22
  Cord of Wood         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8,10,22
  Kerosene Lamp        $35      Unlocks Journal Page           8
  Mixing Spoon         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8,10,22
  Silver Crucifix      $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8,10
  Bouquet              $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8,10
  Uniform              $1000    USL Fairgrounds                8,10
  Soup Ladle           $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8
  Cloth                $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8
  Abacus               $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8
  Spurs                $50      Unlocks Journal Page           8
  Harmonica            $1400    USC Bad Bessie                 8
  Spectacles           $30      Unlocks Journal Page           10,22
  Stained Boots        $50      Unlocks Journal Page           10
  Hand Fan             $1100    USC Natalie                    10
  Sold Sign            $30      Unlocks Journal Page           10
  Blanket              $50      Unlocks Journal Page           10
  Burned-Out Store     $50      Unlocks Journal Page           10
  Tombstone            $        USL Ghost Town                 10
H Pocketwatch          $1500    Increases Max Deadeye          10
H Bath                 $1500    Increases Max Health           12
  Ledger               $50      Unlocks Journal Page           14
  Infantry Hat         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           14
  Wedding Rope         $500     USC Falling Star               14
  Dirty Lasso          $50      Unlocks Journal Page           14
  Dirt Shovel          $780     USC "Digs" Fowler              14
  Mask                 $50      Unlocks Journal Page           14
  Scalps               $50      Unlocks Journal Page           14
  Sand Painting        $1300    USC Young Red Harlow           14
  Embalming Tools      $2200    USC Mr. Black                  14
  Horseshoe            $1050    USC Katie                      16
H Kiss                 $1       Increases Max Health           16
  Fillings             $50      Unlocks Journal Page           20
Necklace             $500     USC Grizzly                    20
  Bloody Rock          $600     USC "Sissy" Fess               20
  Dreamcatcher         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           20
Gold Nugget          $1000    USL (Bear Mountain?)           20
  Large Barrel         $        USC Cooper                     20
  Ore Cart             $        USL The Mine                   20
  Keys                 $50      Unlocks Journal Page           20
  Straw Pipe           $500     USC "Twiggy" Phelps            20
  White Flag           $50      Unlocks Journal Page           20
Coach                $1000    USL Sunset Canyon?             21
  Coffee Pot           $        USL The Bridge                 21
  Black Bandana        $500     USC Smitty                     21
  Branding Iron        $700     USC "Holstein" Hal             21
  Deer Antlers         $        USC Buffalo                    21
  Arrowhead            $650     USC Standing Snake             21
  Shot Glass           $800     USC Colonel Daren              21
  Carved Skull         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           22
  Purse Mirror         $        USC Dan                        22
  Choke Leash          $75      Unlocks Journal Page           22
  Military Boots       $50      Unlocks Journal Page           22
  General's Stripes    $2000    USC General Diego              22
  Beard Comb           $        USC Sam                        22
  Sombrero             $50      Unlocks Journal Page           22
  Pan                  $1800    USC Nate Harlow                22
  Rare Coin            $50      Unlocks Journal Page           22
Necklace             $50      USC Grizzly                    22
  Stew Pot             $50      Unlocks Journal Page           22
  Broom & Tray         $50      Unlocks Journal Page           22
Poster               $1000    USL (Mansion?)                 22
  Gold Watch           $50      Unlocks Journal Page           22
  Journal              $500     USC Sheriff Bartlett           22
  Deed To Mine         $2500    USC Griffon                    22
  Deed To Ranch        $1000    USL The Ranch                  22

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