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After entering diner go to the right and to the pay telephone. Answer it. Shoot 
the waitress. Go up to her body and pick up the ammo. Go to the kitchen shoot the 
cook. On the wall with the door there is a health kit and a rag, get them. leave 
the kitchen and go straight out the back door. There is a dumpster, push it 
aside. Go into the gas station and pick up items behind counter and at soda 
fountain. Save if you want. Go around to the outside restrooms. Go inside, take 
out zombie that comes in. Pick up girls ID. Just outside the restroom is an ice-
machine. When you open it a cat will come out so shoot it. There is a health kit 
inside. Leave and head toward the city street. Take out zombies and get there 
ammo. There is only one door you can open and it is the video store. Acroos the 
street and to the left. Dont go around the corner where the fire is as this will 
just cause zombies to appear endlessly and you'll waste ammo. Go in the video 
store, there is a zombie inside the adult section. Go into the office. On the 
desk is a gate clicker pick it up. Move the sofa aside. Now leave the video store 
as you don't have the key yet to that door. Go to your left back down the street 
the way you came and you will see a electronic gate open it with the clicker. 
Just go straight to the bar at the other end. There are no other goodies yet. 
There are a couple of zombies to take out around the mail truck. Go in the bar. 
Go into the restrooms get your goods. Go up the stairs and to the far bar. There 
is a red button at the open end of the bar. Don't push it unless you want to 
waste your ammo. It makes 2 girls come out of the jacuzzi's. Pick up your ammo 
and at the other end of the bar there is a another red button. Push it and one of 
the spa doors will open. Go in there and watch the video. Check the other 2 
spa doors and get your goods. Now leave the bar. As you pass by the mail truck 
again another postal worker will jump out at you. Shoot him and pick up his back 
door key to the post office. Check the truck as you have a package. Examine it 
and press X you have a goodie. Head back down the street and pass the video store 
stay acroos the intersection from the fire so you dont start the endless zombies. 
Go to the town square and take out zombies along the way. One of the zombies 
sitting lifeless on the bench has the front door key to the post office. Go 
there and when inside go to mulders left toward the PO Box in the corner you have 
a package. Now go to the back office there is another zombie with an AK-47 so 
look out. Pick it up after shooting her. Go into the mail room and in the far 
back corner there is a mail container pick up the PO Box keys. Go back out to the 
fron and check the PO Boxes you come to first you have several goodies. Now head 
back into the back room and go to the doors that get you behind the counter. Just 
left of the computer is some ammo and now save your work. Go to the back door of 
the Post Office. Go across to the Motel and straight to room 6. There is nothing 
in the office except something pointing you to check out room 6. Take out zombie 
and pick up bandages. Head back out to the street. Make your first left and take 
out the zombies. Don't go into the doctors office yet. Just keep going down the 
street and take a left and you will see the sherrif's office on your left. Go in 
and take out the deputy zombie. Scully will meet you in there. Pick up file 
cabinet key from dead deputy and go to the file cabinets. Get the file and 
examine them on the top right corner is a 5 digit code you need. Check the 
computer in the office and look around there are some goodies in the sliding door 
cabinet. Head back down the street and now go in the doctors office. Look around 
where the receptionist is and save the game and get ammo. Go to the door that 
requires the code you got on the file. Look at your notes: 57383 Once inside 
check around in the back office and you will find some more ammo so load up you 
will need it. Now go to the closed door and watch what happens. You must protect 
Scully so she can find an antidote for you. Take out the 2 zombies that come out 
of the office first then take out the 2 that are on Scully then turn around and 
take out the ones coming out of the office. They keep coming so use all you've 
got. Scully will move and keep protecting her your almost there. Once done you 
can save the game again. And head back out of the doctors office to the south and 
there is an opening in the fence going down into the trailor park. Take out the 
zombies and go to the last trailor once inside Scully will split again and you 
should find a diary. Examine it and open it up and you should have a pentagram 
necklace. Leave the park and go to the far street this time to a gate that 
says "has star shape opening" use the necklace you found to open it up. Go into 
the building. There are no zombies so just look around. Go up the ladders and 
when at the top look at the candles and drawing on the floor. There is a red item 
on the floor you must pick up. The go to the crate and pick up the video. Examine 
it and open it up and you now have the key to the hidden door in the video store 
office. Go up the stairs and save if you want. Now head back to the post office. 
Scully will meet you again and there will be a story to watch. Continue on to the 
post office. As you head for the front door someone will text you and tell you to 
check PO Box 1013. Go there and open it up you will find a sceptor. Now head 
back to the video store back office. Once through the hidden door you will be 
infront of the grocery store with Scully save now as you will need it. Go to the 
back room and go to the freezer and rescue girl leave and go to the back office 
and get ammo from dead zombie. As you head toward the from you will meet up with 
the sherrif. Scully will leave with the girl. Take him out with the AK-47 and 
your service weapon. Notice his X in the top corner. Once depleted use the 
sceptor and get behind him for the kill. Save again if you want. Go out the front 
door and to the north of the Grocery Store and there is a side gate go through it 
and towrds the tunnel. Once through you are now in old towm. Go all the way 
toward the end of town you will see the girl again and meet up with Scully and 
some others in a hideout. Go up to each one in there and strike up a 
conversation. Once th last one is done one of them will leave. Follow them. Pick 
up the NightVision goggles as you will need them. Pick up the goodies and head 
toward the cave. An explosion happens and you must go through the caves. Make 
sure you don't run as Scully can't see you very far and will need help. Go to the 
ladder and go up. Continue through the cave to the next ladder and go up. Once 
topside again you will be at the gondola building. You must be quick here because 
Scull can't hold off the zombies very long. Go to the gondolla first and pick up 
the powere lever on the floor. Now go into the office and take out deputy and 
pick up his finger print spray. Go around the corner to the power bax and use the 
lever to cut main power. Go to the control panel that was sparking turn power on. 
Go back to the power box and restore power. Get to the gondolla and press the 
contols. Once on you will find a bomb. Use the finger print spray to see that the 
keys 247 were used. Randomly gueas a 3 digit numbeer using those and you are 
fine. End of Red Falls.

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