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1. What are jobs?
2. Job rankings
3. Job list with rewards
What are jobs?

Jobs are the mini quests you can do that are not related to the storyline of the 
game. You can start doing some of these jobs in chapter 3 of the game when Asterland 
opens. When it does, go to where the Mr. Prog is. Right next to him is the Request 
BBS. This is where you can begin doing jobs. These jobs can have nice rewards, 
usually better with the ranking of the job. Some of the rewards will be items. If 
you check them in the key items area, you usually find a lotto number there so make 
sure you check all the odd items you get as rewards. NOTE you can only accept one 
job at a time.
Job Rankings
Job rankings are what tell you how hard some of the jobs are. At first you can only 
do one star jobs until you gain a rank in job doing. With every rank, you can do 
harder jobs.

Ranking list.
* = can be done right away, very easy (1 request point)
** = must have rank B, moderate ( 2 request points)
*** = must have rank A, hard (3 request points)
**** = must have rank S, very hard (4 request points)
To gain job ranks, you must do jobs. The difficulty of the job will determine how 
many request points you get. Once you get a certain amount of request points, you 
gain a request rank and can do higher ranked jobs.

Rankings and points needed
C = right away, can do * jobs
B = 10 request points, can do * and ** jobs
A = 25 request points, can do *, **, and *** jobs
S = 35 request points, can do all jobs
Master = Have done all requests 75 request points
Job list with rewards

Job 1 *
Virus Deletion
10 BugFrags
Go to Cyber Academy classroom 6-2 and speak to the girl in there. She wants you to 
jack into the blackboard in there and delete some viruses she let in there. There 
are 4 in all

Virus Battles 1,2,3, and 4: Mettaur2 x 3

Job 2 *
Find Keepsake
Talk to the old woman standing around Cyber Academy’s front gate. She says she lost 
her special watch near a tree. The tree that is in question is the one next to lan’s 
house. Get the watch and return it to the lady for your reward.

Job 3 *
Errand Request
RefnceBk (Unlocker lotto number)
Head to the teacher’s room in Cyber Academy and talk to the guy that looks like a 
scientist in the corner almost as soon as you enter the room. He gives you 3000 
Zenny to place an order for an action figure (odd how a scientist would want one of 
those). Go to Seaside area 1 and go to the southwestern area and enter the warp. You 
should be in the stuffed toy computer. Talk to the red navi you find there to get 
the order. You should get an order receipt. Take this back to the scientist for your 

Job 4 **
For Victory!
HP Memory
In Central area 1, talk to the green navi near the entrance to the net café. He 
requests a GunDelS1 C chip. Give this to him for your reward.

Job 5 **
FldrPack1 yellow customizer program 
Inside the monitor computer in Cyber Academy, talk to the orange navi there. He 
sends you to talk to a boy standing around the outside of  Asterland. Talk with the 
boy until the robodog starts to malfunction. Jack into it and prepare for a fight.

Virus Battle: Mettaur x3

After the battle, go back to the orange navi to collect your reward.

Job 6 *
Somebody Help!
Zenny (variable)
Enter the robot control computer 1 area and talk to a green navi within. He needs a 
loan to save his company. You are given the options to pay 100, 1000, or 10000 
Zenny. Go ahead and choose the 10000 option and return at the end of the game (or 
talk to him again if you are doing this at the end of the game) and you get 100000 
Zenny! (rewards for the other options are 1000 or 10000 Zenny)

Job 7 *
Get The Chip!
Go to Seaside area 3 and talk to the blue navi near the net dealer there. He wants a 
DolThdr1 A chip. Chances are you won’t have this chip until you can access sky area. 
Once you acquire the chip, give it to the blue navi and collect your reward.

Job 8 **
Stock Up!
ScrtMemo (HP+200 white customizer program lotto number) + any left over Zenny you get
Talk to the fat boy in front of the sunfish tank at the aquarium. He gives you 10000 
Zenny to spend on cybersushi toppings. The market to buy the toppings is at the 
lower area of  Seaside area 1, but don’t buy a topping just from any navi there. The 
best prices and the navi that sells for that price are listed below.

Best Topping Prices!
Topping/ price/ navi
Tuna/ 1000z/ Spiky (black)
Eel/ 900z  / Red
Salmon/ 900z/ Red
Herring/ 800z/ Green
Snapper/ 1000z/ Green
Shrimp/ 800z/ Brown
Urchin/ 1000z/ Blue
Yellowtail/ 1500z/Blue

Following this chart should leave you with 2100 Zenny left over. Once you buy all 
the fish, give them to the fat boy and get your reward.

Job 9 **
Stand In Recruit
HP Memory
Talk to the brown navi in the Aquarium HP, and you get to be a star in a movie! 
There are times that you must say a line, so the correct ones are shown below.

Prompt 1- Halt, Villain!
Prompt 2- CyberWarrior Cybo
Prompt 3- My soul will die!

After prompt 3 you have to fight a battle so be ready.
Virus Battle: Chumpy, Cragger, PuffySP
After that battle, guess what? More lines! Yay!

Prompt 4- Well, I’m off…
Prompt 5- It’s just a dream…

Once that’s over, talk to the brown navi to get your reward.

Job 10 **
Penguins Ran Away
PngnThnk (Rush yellow customizer program lotto number)
Talk to the man in blue in front of the piranha tank at the aquarium. He sends you 
to go looking for 5 lost penguins.

Penguin 1- Aquarium at the stage where you got the lost ball for the seal.
Penguin 2- Next to the fountain in Seaside Town
Penguin 3- Inside Asterland
Penguin 4- Cyber Academy class 6-2
Penguin 5- Inside lan’s house in the bathroom. (What an odd place for a penguin!?)

Once you get all five, head back to the man for your reward.

Job 11 *
Daughter Worry
Head to Green Town in the back where all the “stump” chairs are and talk to the man 
in the brown suit. He wants you to spy on his daughter’s date with her boyfriend ( 
How rude!). Go to the lower level of Seaside area 1. Talk to the spiky navi, then 
fight a virus battle!

Virus Battle: Bighat, MegaCorn x2

Talk to the brown suit man again afterwards for your reward. (he is such a pervert, 
telling you to spy on a date)

Job 12 *
Stop Him!
BigBomb P chip 
Talk to the girl in the Green Town courtroom. She sends you to stop her virus 
researching navi in Green area 1. 

Virus Battle 1: Mettaur2, OldHeatr, Shooter
Virus Battle 2: Puffy2, Shaker x2
Virus Battle 3: Chumpy x2, OldHeatr
Virus Battle 4: Piranha2 x2, StarFsh2
Virus Battle 5: OldHeatr, Shaker, Shooter

After those battles, go back to the girl and collect your reward.

Job 13 *
Loan Collection
5000 Zenny
Talk to the brown navi on the Green HP to get the job started. Head to Central area 
2 and talk to the red spiky navi there for a fight!
Virus Battle: Armadill x2, Armadill2

After that battle, talk to the green navi to get a hint of where the navi went. He 
went to Seaside area 3’s net dealer. Go there for another fight.
Virus Battle: Armadill2 x2, ArmadillSP

After that, the navi finally agrees to pay back the loan. Go to the brown navi and 
collect your reward.

Job 14 **
Lumber Merchant
10 BugFrags
Go to Green area 2 and talk to the brown navi to find that he needs a new axe. Go to 
Seaside area 3 and check along the northern border until you find something that 
looks like a bucket of water. After the funny little cutscene, go back to the brown 
navi for your reward.

Job 15 ***
HP Memory
Go to Green Town at the same location as the daughter worry request. The man there 
wants you to find his time capsule in Green area 2. Go to where all the cyber trees 
are, and look near the ones that form a small square. Once you get the capsule, give 
it to the man and get your reward.

Job 16 *
Diet Goods Money
5000 Zenny
Talk to the fat kid in the Cyber Academy first floor hallway. He wants his money 
back from a lying merchant. The merchant is in Seaside area 2. Talk to him for no 
good. Go to Green Town’s courtroom and talk to the lawyer there. Go back to Seaside 
area 2 and the scam artist is surrounded by lawyers! Talk to him and go back to the 
kid for your reward. (talk to the lawyers, the things they say is rather funny)

Job 17 ***
Find The Virus!
FstGauge * chip 
Meet Mr. Famous near the Central Town’s LevBus station to have him send you looking 
for 5 different sets of viruses located in computers around the area.

Central Town Viruses
RoboDog Comp: MettaurSP x2, PlsBulbSP
Monitor Comp: MettaurSP x2, ScrCrowSP
TeachRm Comp: MettaurSP x2, DarkMechSP

Seaside Town Viruses
WaterMc Comp: FgtrPlaneSP, MettaurSP, PuffySP
PopcrnShp Comp: GigaCorn, MettaurSP, PlsBulb3

Once all 5 sets of viruses are deleted, head back to Mr. Famous to get your reward.

Job 18 *
Got A Problem
A woman in the aquarium needs to know how to swim, ironically she is the host of the 
dolphin show. The person who can help is suprisingly a chunky kid in Cyber Academy. 
He gives you some French Fries to help her as he says being fat helps you swim 
(WHAT?!). Give those to the woman and get your reward.

Job 19 *
Your contact for this job is a blue navi inside the sky net café. He needs help 
writing a new song. The prompts and correct lyrics are shown below. Finish the song 
and you get your RegUp2.
Lyric 1- Your love
Lyric 2- To soar in the sky
Lyric 3- Only memories
Lyric 4- Love
Lyric 5- Your smile
Lyric 6- That you’re free
Lyric 7- I still love you 

Job 20 **
Buy Which Stock?
Zenny (variable) 
A red girl navi is the one to talk to in this job. She is found in the sky area net 
café. She wants you to go into Undernet 1 and talk to a spiky navi near the entrance 
to Undernet 2.
Depending on which stock you buy is how much Zenny you get for a reward. Buy the 
blackhole one for you get 100000 Zenny!

Company      /       reward
Papaya Computer/ 1000 Zenny
Toyosan    / 100 Zenny
Blackhole  / 100000 Zenny

Job 21 ***
Can’t Open Safe
Millions red customizer program
Jack in to the Popcorn shop computer to find a green navi next to a safe. He forgot 
the password to open it, so he needs your help. The answer is 564 but is you don’t 
feel like just putting it in, then there’s a hint on the safe (like you need it).

Job 22 ***
Get The Bad Guy
Custom2 white Customizer program
You need to go to the southeastern corner of Central Town. The contact doesn’t think 
you can do it but go ahead and go do it. There are 5 criminal navis on the net that 
megaman must track down. They are all found in Central areas 1-3. Everyone of them 
has a virus with them so be ready. (they are easy to see as they are red spiky 
Central area 1
Virus Battle: Blckmare, HeadyH, HeadyW
Central area 1
Virus Battle: DoomMech, HntdCdl3, MetlCrgr
Central area 2
Virus Battle: BigHat3, Puffy2, Starfsh2
Central area 3
Virus Battle: GunnerSP, Shaker x2
Central area 3
Virus Battle: HnyBmbr2, SnakeArSP, SuprKetl

Return to the woman for your reward.

Job 23 **
Update Help
MegFldr2 white customizer program
Talk to the scientist next to the stairs in the aquarium. He gives you UpdtData to 
give to 3 Mr. Progs in the aquarium computer. Go talk to all of them and return to 
the scientist to find that he gave you the wrong data. Go back and find the Mr. 
Progs. They will be found on platforms where you found Mr. Progs while solving the 
aquarium puzzle. 

Job 24 **
Do Something!
HP Memory
In Seaside Town, go to the fish sticks stall. There are 3 sets of viruses that you 
must delete. There are Kettles in there that are like the Heatman’s challenge ones. 
They only react to heat.
Virus Battle 1: Kettle, Mettaur2 x2
Virus Battle 2: Kettle, OldHeatr x2
Virus Battle 3: Chumpy, Kettle, OldHeatr 

Once they’re all deleted, talk to the stall owner to get your reward.

Job 25 **
Want Meet Daughter
Spreader3 R chip
Enter the Sky HP to find a spiky navi there. He wants to see his daughter after 10 
years for it was her birthday that day. Go to green area 2 and talk to the red navi 
girl at the trees. Head back to the spiky navi to find that his old gang members are 
out to get him. Leave the HP to find 2 red spiky navis. Fight them!

Virus Battle 1: BigHat3, Shooter x2
Virus Battle 2: BigHatSP, Sniper x2
You get your reward by talking to the spiky navi afterwards

Job 26 **
Not Engh Members
Go to class 6-2 in Cyber Academy and jack into the board. Talk to the green navi to 
find that he wants to make a virus band. He needs a Fanfare Z, Discord S, and 
Timpani T chip from you.

Job 27 ***
Track The Crmnl
Roll * chip, Protoman * chip, Colonel * chip 
Next to the Water machine in Seaside Town, you find a man in brown. He wants you to 
talk to a bad guy near the fountain. Talk to the man until he tells you to quit 
bugging him. The man in brown wants you to go buy him some coffee from the vending 
machine next to the bus stop. Go back to find that the bad guy bolted. Go into the 
door next to the fish sticks shop and you’ll find the man who has his navi jacked in 
with data he stole! Go in and find the navi, then have a fight.

Virus Battle: DarkMech, Sniper, TrumpySP
Jack out to find the man in brown near you. Talk to him and get your reward.

Job 28 **
Self Research
HP Memory
Go to classroom 1-1 in Cyber Academy and jack into the board. The green navi wants 
you to find a Program Advance that “ poisons the whole field while making your 
opponent’s HP drop like a rock”. The program advance he wants is in this order
PoisSeed P
PoisSeed P
Anubis P
AKA PoisonPhar 

Job 29 ***
Official Request
AreaGrab * chip, AntiNavi * chip, AntiRecv * chip
Jack into Sky Town’s ObsrvtnComp and talk to the orange navi. He wants you to battle 
image data of Blastman, Diveman, Circusman, Judgeman, and Elementman! Win against 
all five for your reward.

Job 30 ****
Where’s My Navi?
NumbrOpn pink customizer program
Go to an old lady in class 1-1 of Cyber Academy. She wants to find the remains of 
her navi that got deleted. Go to Undernet 2 on the upper floor. The ground up there 
is shaped like a skull. Look in the area in between the skull’s “eyes” and you find 
the RuinData. Take this back to the old woman for your reward. 

Job 31 ****
One More Time
SrialDat (ChargeMAX blue customizer program lotto number)
Talk to a boy near lower row of houses in Central Town. He needs you to find out 
what kind of flower his dad brought his mom 10 years ago. Go to Green Town’s flower 
shop to find that the owner is gone on a delivery, and that she would be late. Go to 
ACDC Town and go to Yai’s house to find the owner there. She says it was a Tulip. Go 
talk to the person at the flower shop again to get one, then go talk to the boy 
again. He gives his parents the flower and they make up for fighting. Talk to the 
boy for your reward.

Job 32 ****
Support Pls
HP Memory
A yellow girl navi is waiting for you at the “sun” at Sky Town. She want support 
style chips. The ones she needs are Recov80 H, BblWrap Q, Geddon A, Discord S, and 
Attack+30 *. Give those to her for a reward.

Job 33 ****
ScrblDat (SpinYellow lotto number) 
Talk to the man on the ledge just outside of Sky Town’s Force Room. He wants you to 
talk to a red spiky kidnapper in Mr. Weathercomp 1. Talk to the navi to have him 
give you CashData to give to his brother in Undernet 1. His brother is on the path 
to the 
Cybeast statues. He gives you a Pendant to prove you met him. Go back to the red 
navi in the Mr. Weather comp. He gives you TextData to give to a red navi girl in 
Green area 2. The girl is in the net café. She gives you a RplyLetter to give to the 
kidnapper. He tells you the hostage took off from JudgeTreeComp 3 and to go check 
things out there. The hostage is at the very beginning of the area. Talk to him then 
return to the kidnapper, who has moved to Mr. Weathercomp 3.

Virus Battle: BigHat3, ElecMech, HeadyH 

Finally, talk to the man who you started the job with to get your reward.

Job 34 ***
An Experiment!
Circusman * chip, Judgeman * chip, Elementman * chip
Go to the aquarium near the board that you can jack into. Mr. Famous is there. Talk 
to him and be ready for a long set of 20 virus battles that get harder as you go on!

Virus Battle 1: Mettaur x3
Virus Battle 2: Gunner, Mettaur x2
Virus Battle 3: Champy, Chumpy, OldStov
Virus Battle 4: Puffy, Puffy2, Swordy
Virus Battle 5: Piranha, Piranha2, Swordy2
Virus Battle 6: Quaker, Shaker, Starfsh2
Virus Battle 7: HnyBmbr2, MegaCorn x2
Virus Battle 8: Armadill2 x3
Virus Battle 9: Armadill3, MetlCrgr, Mettaur2
Virus Battle 10: FgtrPln2, Puffy3, ScrCrow2
Virus Battle 11: ScrCrow2, ScrCrow3, Swordy3
Virus Battle 12: Catpult, Shooter, Sniper
Virus Battle 13: BigHat3, Sniper x2
Virus Battle 14: JokersEye x2
Virus Battle 15: BomCornSP, DoomMech
Virus Battle 16: HeadyE x2, HeadyW
Virus Battle 17: HeadyW, HntdCdlSP, KllrEyeSP
Virus Battle 18: MettaurSP, SnakeAr3, WoodDrgn
Virus Battle 19: DrkMechSP, MettaurSP x2
Virus Battle 20: KettleDX, KettleSP, SuprKetl

After all of that, you would expect a better reward but whatever.

Job 35 ***
Road To Soul Btlr!
SoulEmbl (Tango green customizer program lotto number)
Talk to the orange navi in the Green HP to get the party started. He sends you to 
find some Net Mafia goons hiding somewhere in Green Town. That “somewhere” is in the 
statue near the flower shop. Jack into it to find the Net Mafia people there and be 
ready for a 7 set battle!

Virus Battle 1: BigHat, MettaurSP x2
Virus Battle 2: ArmadillSP x2, BigHat
Virus Battle 3: BigHat2, PuffySP, StarfshSP
Virus Battle 4: BigHat3, CraggerSP, ElecMech
Virus Battle 5: BigHat3, HeadyE x2
Virus Battle 6: BigHat3, SwordySP x2
Virus Battle 7: BigHatSP, ErthDrgn, ThdrDrgn

Doing all of these requests will get you a total of 75 request points and Chaud will 
call you saying that he wants to show you Protoman’s “true” form. To do that, meet 
him in the classroom 6-1 of Cyber Academy. The true form of  Protoman is a difficult 
to kill form called Protoman FZ. This form is super fast and does insane amounts of 
damage. Kill him and you have done a hard thing to do (other than Bass BX and Gregar 
SP in my other guide.)
I would like to thank you for reading my 2nd guide to this game and I hope that you 
enjoy it. I certainly did. Good luck with completing all the requests! I hope that 
you all can be master rank like me.

All Comments/ additions/ complements/ questions can be answered by emailing me at 
[email protected]

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