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Resident Evil:Survivor guide(THE BEST!!!)
This guide is about how to kill all the monsters in the game  

2)cerebruces(zombie dog)
4) hunter
7)nemesis(i have not killed or seen him yet but wiil update)  


          This guy is very easy just take your reagular old handgun and aim it at 
his head and shot him a couple of times.


Now this guy is tricky all you have to do is shoot him with ether a handgun or (the 
easiest way which only takes one shot) the shotgun. Now for the handgun, shoot him 3 
or 4 times before he bites you then run away from him then do it again. 


Now heres how to kill this green dude, just shoot him a ton of times with handgun or 
shot gun but dont run because he cant see but has very grand hearing.


Now all you have to do is shoot him with a shotgun or rocket launcher 3 or 4 times.


Now this guy is very very very........................ HARD! So with this guy you 
need a shotgun othrwise you would lose A LOT! of bullets, so shot him 10 or 12 times 
but once in awhile after 4 or 5 shots run away then repeat that first step cause he 
hits you sooo hard hed kill you in 5 or 4 hits so watch it!


 Like i said I have not in counted this guy but i will update soon but i hope you 
liked my faq. 

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