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Resident Evil Zero

Boss Walkthrough

Table of Contents
1. Train
   A. Scorpion
2. Facility
   A. Centipede
3. Church
   A. Bat
4. Treatment Plant
   A. Tyrant 1st encounter
   B. Tyrant 2nd encounter
   C. Marcus Queen 1st
   D. Marcus Queen 2nd
5. Other info.

1. Train

A. Scorpion
   The scorpion is the by far easiest if you know what to do.
All you have to do is get the hunting gun from the room
nearby .  When the monster comes to hit you and winds
up just aim down and shoot.  If you use all the shotgun
ammo just continue with the handgun till it dies.  When it
dies watch out because it tries to get one more hit in.

2. Facility

A. Centipede
   The centipede is hard if you have low health so try to 
keep a decent amount.  It may try to hurt you a little but
that is easily avoided by keeping distance.  You may want
to use the hunting gun to kill it faster, but if you want more
of a challenge be my guest.  Basically keep distance and
shoot it in the front with the hunting gun.

3. Church

A. Bat
   This creature makes the battle hard because it flies 
very quickly.  To defeat the bat you need to use a more
powerful gun such as the shotgun or grenade launcher.
Once you hit the aim button shoot because it will quickly
move out of the sights.  I personally suggest the shotgun
and save the good ammo for the more difficult opponents.

4. Plant

A. Tyrant 1st encounter
   In this battle it is just Rebecca and Tyrant.  This battle
is very difficult if you didn't get the magnum in the cable
car.  If you got the magnum just use that and something
like the shotgun as a backup.  If you didn't get it I have no
clue what you should do.  Keep at a good distance.  If he
gets close run before he can attack.

B. Tyrant 2nd encounter
   This time it gets easier so don't get discouraged.  You
have Billy and Rebecca so arm them both decently and
you should easily come out on top.  Also keep some tips
from the previous section.

C. Marcus Queen 1st encounter
   Here you just need both characters with strong weapons.
If you don't have two strong weapons find them or their
ammo.  Now just aim and fire.  Also make sure you have
some full healing items so you can heal yourself after.
Again try to keep a good distance because it doesn't have
any really far attacks.

D. Marcus Queen 2nd encounter
   In this battle try to use the sub strong weapons like 
custom handgun and shotgun (maybe even the 
grenade launcher).  SAVE THE MAGNUM for the next
part.  This is fairly easy but watch out for its attacks.

Part 2
   This is the tough part.  Make sure Billy has the magnum
and grenade launcher or shotgun because he will be
fighting this battle.  Stand near to Rebecca but not too
close because if he takes a swipe you don't want Rebecca
to fall.  You need to stay close so he doesn't turn and just go
to Rebecca.  You must keep the boss turned to Billy while
between valves.  If you ever can exchange to get Rebecca's
weapons be my guest but you shouldn't need to.  When all 
four valves are released the sky doorwill open and the boss 
will die.  Good Luck!!


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   This has been another walkthrough by
                 The Walkthrough Ninja
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