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Return Fire strategy

The Bunker
To re-enter the bunker, move the vehicle over the bunker until the doors light up. 
Then press the appropriate button to open the doors. Bring vehicles back to the 
bunker before they are completely destroyed. The bunker will repair all damage. 
Always check the map while in the bunker. It is constantly updated and will show how 
the terrain has changed. It will also show the enemy's position on the map as he 
moves around. When leaving the bunker, if there is anything touching the bunker 
doors at the moment they open (for example, a mine or an opponent's vehicles) it 
will be destroyed. 

Armored Support Vehicle (ASV) 
The ASV can carry 10 mines. Mines can be reloaded at the bunker, but a total of only 
30 mines are available for the entire game. If an ASV is destroyed, all of the mines 
that it contained are lost. 
If your opponent is in the helicopter, lay a mine on his bunker. If he returns to 
the bunker without any rockets to destroy the mine, he will not be able to refuel or 
reload, thus losing the helicopter. 

Do not lay mines directly on the your opponent's bunker if he is inside. The ASV 
will be destroyed when the doors open. Instead, lay a mine slightly in front of the 

When laying mines, try to put them somewhere they will not be noticed (for example, 
on a splotch where a tree previously stood). Try to herd your opponent to the mines: 
lay a mine in an obvious location to make him veer off the road. Then put another, 
better hidden mine in the place that he may move to avoid the first mine. 

Lay mines in the enemy's bridges. When the enemy hits such a mine, the vehicle and 
the bridge will be destroyed. This technique is most effective when the mine is 
placed on a bridge that crosses deep water. 

Place mines on or near your flag after it has been discovered. 

When fighting in the ASV against your opponent's land vehicles, do not become pinned 
against a wall. Since there is no escape once this happens, drop a mine and destroy 
both vehicles. Try facing your opponent and fire while in reverse and dropping 
mines. If the ASV is about to be destroyed, drop a few mines since they will be lost 

With practice, a mine can be detonated with a ground vehicle without losing the 
vehicle. However, it may take some damage. 

When using the helicopter, keep a few rockets available to clear out troublesome 
mines including those that may be placed on the bunker. 

Pin your opponent's ASV against a building with the tank or jeep. Since the ASV 
cannot fire backwards, it can be easily destroyed. 

Watch the helicopter's shadow as it is landing. Make sure the shadow is positioned 
on the upper-right corner of the landing-pad. Press the appropriate button when the 
landing pad lights up. 
The helicopter does not use any fuel while flying sideways, hovering, or turning. 

Driving in water 
All vehicles can drive in the light blue shallow water. The tracked vehicles can 
drive for very short stretches in the dark blue deep water. The jeep (3DO version) 
and humvee (PlayStation version) can drive in the deep water by pressing B (3DO 
version) to switch to amphibious mode. This must be done prior to going into the 
deep water. 
Retrieving the flag 
The flag is exposed by destroying the flag bunker. Further hits on the bunker are 
necessary to reduce the bunker to rubble and allow the jeep to access the flag. 
Protecting the flag 
If the enemy finds your flag, take the Jeep and retrieve your own flag. Then, 
Hide it behind a building near turrets. 
Move it to the farthest location on the map. 
Bring it back to the friendly bunker. It will then be randomly placed in a new flag 
Release the flag after taking it to sea. It will slowly float back to shore, but 
will be difficult to locate. 

Radar screens 
Radar screens keep track of your current location; allow the enemy to be viewed; 
give early drone warning; and display mines. 
Jeep/Humvee beacon light 
The beacon will light green and chime when the jeep is headed towards the exposed 
flag. The beacon will light bright red when facing the friendly bunker. 
When a vehicle stops moving in the higher levels, a computer controlled helicopter 
will appear and shoot. Never cross bridges when a drone is following. Drones will 
continue to fire as the vehicle moves and will destroy the bridge. Keep moving to 
avoid the drones. 
The Submarine 
The submarine is deadly and cannot be destroyed. It appears when the helicopter 
strays too far out over the water. Once it fires a heat seeking missile at it will 
destroy the helicopter, unless something else is closer to the missile. The really 
is heat-seeking and if a drone or an enemy helicopter is closer to the missile, it 
will be destroyed. With a bit of practice, the heat-seeking missile can be used 
quite creatively. 

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