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Revolver Ocelot: 
Difficulty 6/10

The secret to defeating Revolver is to shoot him while he is reloading, it 
may be tricky trying to shoot him while you are running, so make sure you 
have your aim on out SOCOM. After he has fired 6 bullets, he will have to 
reload, this will then give you a chance to do some damage.

The Tank:
Difficulty 6/10

As you may notice around on the ground near the tank, there are boxes and 
boxes of grenades. These are so you can defeat the two guards inside the 
tank. All you have to do is get a little close to the tank, then throw a 
grenade into the top of the tank and stand back. You may have to throw 
another one to take out the other soldier.

Difficulty 7/10

Chaff grenades will settle Ninja down for a while (as long as you have a few 
to spare). When you throw a chaff grenade he will kneel onto the floor, 
making it easier for you to shoot at him (you must shoot him before he gets 
down too low and you cant shoot).  When he uses his stealth suit, you must 
use your THERMAL goggles so you can see where he is.

Psycho Mantis:
Difficulty 4/10

Use one stun grenade at the start to knock Meryl out.  Equip your THERMAL 
goggles and keep your stun grenades handy because he revives Meryl from time 
to time. When he begins to use telekinesis, lay on the floor until the 
pictures are on the wall and the objects aren't floating. If you still cant 
beat him,  press pause and change the controller from port one, to port two.

Sniper Wolf:
Difficulty 6/10

After you retrieve the PSG1, equip you rations and get ready to begin.  Use 
your DIAZEPAM to stop your hands from shaking to get a better shot. After you 
shoot her once or twice, it begins to get a lot easier. Shoot her when she 
turns to shoot you.

The Hind D:
Difficulty 7/10

Equip the STINGER and lock it onto the Hind. When you can FULLY see the Hind 
you can shoot (if you can not fully see it, you may hit something close in 
front of you and you may lose your life). Do this until the chopper is down.

Sniper Wolf 2:
Difficulty 3/10

This time, beating Sniper is much easier. Using the same method as the first 
time you beat her will assure you have a clear win with no less ration.

Vulcan Raven:
Difficulty 4/10

Vulcan has a wide field of vision, but using a stinger and locking him as a 
target will assure you beat him. Another way (as easy) of beating Vulcan is 
to plant C4's onto the blocks and watching him from afar. When he walks past 
them or beside them, blow them up.

Metal Gear Rex:
Difficulty 9/10

You can simply make this boss easier to beat if you have a lot of chaff 
grenades and you have an unlimited supply of STINGER MISSILES. Another 
slightly different method is to follow him or stand beneath him when he is 
looking for you, then throw a chaff and shoot, then hide underneath him again.

Liquid Snake:
Difficulty 7/10

You need to stay close to Liquid to use your 3-part combo hit.  After a while 
he will lose his energy and then you kick him off. HE SURVIVES and you have 
to keep on shooting in your jeep. After a lot of shooting, the tunnel will 
end, and so will the game.

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