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	         Clash of Ninja

In order to obtain Rock Lee the tai-jutsu master you must first complete story mode 
without ever being defeated: Story mode requires that you can only use Naruto so 
try your best. ^^

Story mode includes:

First: Iruka the giant shuriken master, I cant recommend anything other than if you 
see him pull out his massive shuriken take to the air.

		After defeating Iruka you will face Sasuke, the fire-jutsu master, 
his special move is the barrage of lions. Nothing to recommend but keep  close and 
use the art of transformation whenever possible.

		You will encounter an enraged Sakura. She does many transformations 
and will throw shuriken whenever possible, I HATE her for that.

		You will fight a lazy Kakashi. Kakashi is an all around fighter and 
I really cant give any tips but, KEEP AWAY from his Chidori, or “Lightning Blade”.

		Next you will encounter the young Haku. He is an amazingly fast 
opponent. Again an all around character so really nothing to say except for keep 
away from his “secret jutsu” the one with the glass mirrors.

		Zabuza- his name speaks for its self. He is slow so keep far away 
then charge and drill him with a quick attack then get away again. His sword does 
heavy damage and has a long range.

		 If you completed in defeating the last six enemies without being 
defeated you will encounter Rock Lee, he will ask for Uchiha and you will get mad 
and fight him instead. He is faster than any opponent before, you will want to use 
attacks after he attacked to get the most reaction and hits, remember he is a very 
fast opponent and can strike even the toughest of opponents down in seconds so 
don’t get cocky if your ahead. When  you defeat him you will have completed the 
story mode. Now you can use  Rock Lee in one player, survival, and time attack.

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