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Advanced Shields: You get this in the mission Death Star Attack. After you destroy the
Deflection Towers, there will be a movie. After the movie, go straight in the direction the
computer leaves you in, after that veer slightly to the left and dip down, the upgrade will
be on the surface of the Death Star.

Advanced Blasters: After the At-At's destroy the shield generator, the computer will leave 
you in a valley,go turn back and go to the remains of the generator. Dip down to where the 
generator was, and you will get the upgrade.

Homing Proton Torpedoes: You get these in Vengeance on Kothlis. After you reach the
Star Destroyer, go to the command deck. There will be a hole in the left part of it. Fly 
through and you will get the homing torpedoes.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes: These are in Ison Corridor Ambush. When you start off, turn 
around and look for huge pieces of debris. There is one that looks like a command deck
of a Star Destroyer. Fly through and you will get the torpedoes.

Advanced Cluster Missiles: Go to the mission Prisons of the Maw. After you help the 
prisoners get the weapons, go over between the communication relay and the weapons 
facility. There will be a little communication station with a dome beside it. Blow up the
dome and you will get the advanced clusters.

Homing Clusters: These are in Battle of Endor. When you beat the Star Destroyer on 
the left, go to the hangar bay of the star destroyer that you just defeated. You will
get the upgrade.

Advanced Consussion Missiles: Go to Imperial Academy Heist at night, then
go to the base. Go to the left part of the base and go through the tunnel building.
Do the same thing at daytime to get the spread proton bombs, atleast that's
what I did.

Advanced Proton Bomb: To get this, go to Razor Rendezous. Go to the Star Destroyer
and you will see an Imperial Shuttle. Blow it up. Makes sure it doesn't do a spiral.
Make sure it blows up instantly.

Homing Concussion Missiles: You get this goody in Raid on Bespin. When you start off,
shoot the gun platform ( it is best you shoot the gas tanks). Then after that go to the 2nd
Tibanna Gas platforms. You will see an Imperial Cargo Ship. Shoot it down, it should
blow up some Tibanna gas tanks. Then go where the Tibanna blew up, dip down, and you
will get the upgrade.


Infinite Lives: Enter  JPVI?IJC, then enter RSBFNRL
Developer Commentary: Enter  BLAHBLAH
Documentary: Enter  ?INSIDER
Art Gallery: Enter  EXHIBIT!
Concert Hall: Enter  COMPOSER
Credits: Enter   THATSME!
Monochrome Graphics: Enter LIONHEAD
10 Main Missions: Enter !!?QWTTJ, then Enter  CLASSIC
Naboo Starfighter: Enter  CDYXF!?Q, then Enter ASEPONE!
Millenium Falcon: Enter  MVPQIU?A, then Enter OH!BUDDY
Unlock Death Star Escape Mission: Enter  PYST?OOO, then Enter DUCKSHOT
Unlock Tie Fighter: Enter  ZT?!RGBA, then Enter DISPSBLE

3: Credits

This Guide was made by Craig Randolph. Need help on any games? E-mail me and I will try
my best. My e-mail is [email protected] 

c-ya dudes!!!!!!!!!


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