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Pokemon-Mike’s Ruby & Sapphire Revised

5.TMs and HMs
6.Shopping Guide
7.Contest Hints
8.Hints and Tips
9.Training Tips
10.Killer Teams
11.Gym Secrets
12.Elite Four Strategies
13.Champion Strategies
14.TV Broadcasts
15.Eon Ticket
17.Rival Matches
18.Mirage Island
19.Battle Tower
20.Secret Bases
21.What You Should Hold
22.Shell Bell
24.Interviews/You on TV
26.Egg attacks
27.Ribbon Tips
28.Battle Tips
29.Ash Items
30.Regi:Ice, Rock, Steel
31.Different and Alike
36.Good Beginning Catches
39.Ocean Top
40.Ocean Bottom
43.Getting Money
44.What is what in a battle?
46.Legendary Pokemon and where to find them
47.Latias & Latios
48.Pokemon Center Goodies
49.Your Fans
51.How to say
53.Sneak Peeks
54.Credits and Copyright


V .1.0 (2003) Ick My first FAQ and walkthrough for Ruby & Sapphire

V.2.0 (2004) This one! :) 

Hi again if you remember me Pokemon-Mike you probably know that my first Guide on 
this game was well Stupid. But now I have revised it with 54 subjects instead of 8. 
So I hope you like my new revised version of my old guide. Also a MAJOR addition to 
my first guide is the walkthrough And a new part is the Pokedex. I didn’t include 
it in the first. Well here you go. :)

Here is the greatest thing I have done to this world, add a pokedex to my guide. 
Pokemon families will have a – or a / in the middle of them. – For evolve and / for 
the left side as evolve or the right.


Ok here is the best part of every game guide, walkthrough. This One is my first so 
don’t think its five stars k. First it will tell you where to go then it will give 
the goodies.

You start off at the beginning screen. If you played and beat the other games you 
will know this screen. Besides the new graphics, names and characters you choose 
from there is a new feature: Prof. Birch. You should know that in the other 6 games 
that oak talks to you but this time birch does. He will do the same stuff except he 
introduces Azurill not nidorino or marill

Ok choose boy or girl. I chose boy (duh). Next choose your name. Then you start.

~Moving Truck~
Ok this is weird your in a truck. Yes its true you are in a truck. Nothing to do 
here except just wait.

Goodies: Nothing
Items to collect: Nothing
Important people: You
Things to do: Wait
Notes: None

~Littleroot Town~
Your new home. Your mom greets you and asks you to go set the time in your room. 
Once you do that leave and go to the lab. Nobody important there. Leave and then go 
up to the top to a little boy he will tell you that he heard screaming. Time to 
investigate. Walk up and see a pokemon called Poochyena. Time for your first 
battle. The Dude that is being chased by the pokemon will tell you it is Ok for you 
to have one of his pokemon: Treecko, Torchic, Or Mudkip. Choose any of the 3. I 
chose Torchic as he/she is strongest at the end of the game. Then Fight. Keep using 
the attack that hurts and you will win. Ok then go back with the guy and you will 
be at the lab. Birch is his name Prof. Birch. He will give you the pokemon you 
chose. After the chitchat go outside and go to your house. And I forgot to mention 
that there were Machokes in your house moving your stuff but they are gone now. 
Then Go outside and run over to the other house across of yours. The mom will 
introduce you to May if you’re a boy or Brendan if you are a girl. Incase you don’t 
know there last name is (heh heh) Birch. Well the mom wont actually introduce you 
she will just tell you that they are upstairs. Go upstairs and introduce yourself 
and you will be friendly rivals. Go outside and head back home. Once there go to 
your room upstairs. You have a gamecube, gba, Pc, desk, bed, clock, chair and some 
other stuff. Get on your computer and go to your pc. Withdraw your potion then 
leave. Head up into Route 101.

Goodies: Your House, Lab, and Rivals House
Items to Collect: Potion, Running Shoes, Amulet Coin, S.S. Ticket, Pokedex, and 5 
Things to do: Save Birch, Set Time, Move in
Important people: You, Prof. Birch, Mom, May/Brendan Birch, and Dad
Notes: The Amulet Coin, S.S. ticket and Dad are here in the later part of the game. 
You get the Pokeballs from birch after you beat your rival once.

~Oldale Town~
After the short run from route 101you arrive in this town, Oldale. First go to the 
person near the first wooden house. She works at the first pokemart you see. Talk 
to her and she gives you a potion. Next go up to the pokemon center and heal your 
pokemon if you need to. Go to the man near the patch of dirt talk to him and he 
will say he has found footprints of a rare pokemon. Go up to the route 103, which 
is forward, go there and fight your rival. You should be atleast at lv. 7. If you 
win go back to Prof. Birch and he will give you the pokedex. Go to mom and get the 
running shoes. Then go to the guy that tells you about the tracks he confesses that 
it was his footprints. Welcome to route 102!

Goodies: First Pokemon Center, First Pokemart
Items to collect: Potion
Things To Do: nothing
Important people: You
Notes: None

~Petalburg City~
You arrive exhausted from the run. You decide to look around at this city. First 
you need togo the pokemon center to learn about your trainer profile. You should be 
at rank one white. Head to the gym and talk with Norman. Your person should know 
him in the game but not you in real life. Your Dad will be there, well duh he is 
the gym leader. Oops I let it slip oh well. Yep you face your dad. But you cant he 
says you must have the first 4 badges first. Well there is person that interrupts 
you and you have to teach him how to be a pokemon trainer. His name is Wally. He 
will catch a rare pokemon: Ralts. Now go to Wally’s Parents later they will give 
you surf. Leave this town and go to the woods.

Goodies: Dad, Wally and Ralts, Information on your profile
Items to collect: Rare Candy, HM03
Things to do: Help Wally, Talk to dad
Important People: Wally, You, Dad, Wally’s Parents
Notes: Rare candy is only reachable with surf. HM03 is surf.

~Rustboro City~
Huge city. Rocks nowhere but the gym is rock type. First go the cutter’s house to 
receive cut, HM01. Next go to the person that wants to trade a makuhita. Trade him 
your Slakoth if you have one and you get his Makuhita. Next go to the gym and fight 
Roxanne. Then go to edge and exit this town but you cant. Talk to the guy you met 
in the forest. After that go to the biggest place and get the pokenav and a letter. 
Leave that place and head for the pokemon trainer school. Talk to the teacher for a 
quick claw and tips. Go to the exit and well exit.

Goodies: First gym, trainer school
Items to collect: X attack, HM01, Quick Claw, Premier Ball, Great Ball, X defend, 
Letter, Pokenav, EXP. share
Things to Do: do what Mr. Stone says
Important People: Roxanne, You, Mr. Stone
Notes: None

~Dewford Town~
 Fighting Gym is this gym. There are good nice people and some fishers. First go to 
man right of the gym. He will give you the old rod. Then go fishing. You should get 
weak pokemon. Then go to the Gym. First walk forward all the way. Then right all 
the way. Fight this trainer. If you win it gets lighter. Then go up all the way. 
Left until in a big area. Next go forward all the way. Right all the way. Down All 
the way. Right All the Way. Finaly Up all the way and talk to Brawly and beat him. 
Way to go.

Goodies: Old Rod, Mr. Briney
Items to Collect: TM 36, Old rod, Silk Scarf
Things to do: Fish, Deliver Letter
Important people: You, Brawly, Mr. Briney
Notes: None

~Slateport City~
No Gym here. First Go to the Contest area and talk to the little girl. She will 
give you a pokeblock case. Then stay there and talk to a sailor and he will give 
you TM 41. Next go to the muesem after you talk to Capt. Stern's friend. And talk 
to a grunt and get thief from him. Next go upstairs and fight 2 grunts,1 at a time. 
Then deliver the Devon Goods. Leave and go to the fan club. A lady in there will 
give you a Soothe Bell. And the Chairman will give you a scarf. Now leave this 

Goodies: Contests, Capt. Stern, more shops, Muesem, fan club, S.S. Tidal
Items to Collect: TM 46, TM41, Pokeblock case, Blue/Green/Red/Pink/Yellow scarf, 
Soothe bell, Deepseatooth, Deepseascale.
Things to do: Deliver Goods
Important people : You, Capt. Stern
Notes: You get the scarfs for 1 different pokemon. You ride the S.S. tidal after 
you beat the Pokemon League

~Mauville City~
Electric Gym and a casino are in Mauville City. First talk to a guy inside the 
bottom-right house for the HM06, but you need to beat Wattson to use it out of 
battle. Next go to the place with bikes to the left of it and recieve the Mach bike 
or the Acro bike (check chapter 45). Next go to the first house you will see when 
you enter. Go there and trade some harbor mail for a coin case. Next go to the Gym. 
Fight wally for the first time so you can enter. After that beat Wattson and leave 
the gym. Woohoo now head towards Verdanturf town.

Goodies: Casino, Bikes
Items to Collect: Bike, X accuracy, HM06, Basement key, TM 24, Coin case
Things to do:  Get bike
Important People: You, Wally, Wattson
Notes: You get the Key and TM 24 if you turn off the New Mauville Generator

~Verdanturf Town~
Nope no gym. But there is your first contest here. Fist go to the Tunnel and use 
rock smash to unite the lovers. Next go to the Contest Hall and Get your pass. Now 
you leave.

Goodies: Contest
Items to Collect: Contest Pass
Things to do: Unite Lovers
Important People: You, wally
Notes: None

~Fallabor Town~
What no gym? Oh well. First you go to the pokemon center and talk to the lady at 
the pc. If you notice earlier in the game that the pc says "Somebody's Pc." you 
will notice it changed to the lady's name "Lanette's Pc." Now leave the pokemon 
center and head to the Lab there. You will see that Prof. Cozmo is missing. Leave 
there. Now go to the Contest hall and if you got a ribbon in the last one in 
Verdanturf town you can get one in this contest. Now leave the town.

Goodies: Move Tutor, Contest
Items to Collect: None
Things to do:  Meet Lanette
Important people: You, Lanette, Prof. Cozmo
Notes: None

~Lavaridge town~
If you save team aqua or team magma from your rival team then you enter the town of 
fire. Yes there is a gym here. First go to the place with a sign in front and a 
girl on the left of it. You will recieve a charcoal for powering up that fire 
pokemon of yours. Next go to old lady near the hot springs for an egg. When you 
walk 5000 steps with it it will hatch into a Wynaut which evolves into Wobbuffet. 
Next go to the hot springs or in the sand beds for fun. Now go fight Flannery. 
First go to the patch of sand on the left cuz the right one is a trainer. Then go 
to the nearest patch of sand. Now go to the top one on the left. Go to the only 
one.  Then go to the very top one on the right. Then go up. Next go all the way up 
again. Next go in to the middle of the two patches of sand and go down. Then go all 
the way to the right. Next go down and then fight Flannery. Then mess up alot to 
get out. This town is done

Goodies: Herbal shop, Sand Beds, Springs
Items to collect: Egg, Charcoal
Things to do: None
Important people: You, Flannery
Notes: None

~Fortree City~
There is a gym here. First go to the route 120 and get the devon scope. Then go to 
the gym and fight Winona. Then go to a place in the trees to get TM 10 if you solve 
the puzzle. That was easy.

Goodies: Extra shop
Items to collect: TM 10, Mental Herb
Things to do: Help the boy
Important People: You, Winona
Notes: None

~LilyCove City~
Lilycove is huge. No gym but hey there is a mall, port, fan club and more. First 
find a man that likes you and he will give you a berry a day. Next go to the 
lottery in the store for a chance to win some prizes. Match 2 numbers you get a pp 
up, 3 numbers, exp. share, 4 numbers max revive, match all for a Master ball. Then 
shop til you drop at the store. Now you can leave.

Goodies: 7+ more shops, lottery, pokeblock master, fans, motel, contests, art 
muesem, port
Items to collect: TM 44, Max repel.
Things to do: None
Important people: You
Notes: This town is for fun not battles.

~Mossdeep City~
Twins are the gym leaders here. First go to a boy out side of one of the houses to 
get the King's Rock. Next go to the gym and fight Tate & Liza. If you like fishing 
talk to a man for a super rod. Now its time to go.

Goodies: Space center
Items to collect: Sun stone, net ball, HM08
Things to do: none
Important people: You, Steven
Notes: none

~Pacifidlog Town~
A small boring town in the middle of the ocean. First go to a place to get TM 21 or 
TM 27. Bye Pacifidlog town.

Goodies: None
Items to collect: TM 21, TM 27, Tropic Mail
Things to do: none
Important people: you
Notes: none

~Sootopolis City~
If you used dive to get here you are lucky. First go to the Place with an old man 
in front of there. Talk to Wallace, the leader of the gym, and Steven to go in. 
Confront your deepest darkest fears and face groudon or kyogre in a match. Use your 
master ball to catch it. Now leave and after the talk start searching for a girl 
for two berries a day. Then go to a lady for a wailmer doll. Then go fight wallace 
and leave.

Goodies: Legendary Pokemon.
Items to collect:  Doll, TM 31, Elixer
Things to do: Catch the legend.
Important People: You, Wallace, Steven
Notes: None

~Ever Grande City~
First climb the waterfall and then heal your pokemon. Next go to victory road and 
cross through it. Now what happens?

Goodies: ?
Items to collect: ?
Things to do: ?
Important People: ?
Notes: The ? means that is secret.

5. TMs and HMs
Here is the part of my guide that i tell you about TMs and HMs.
Here are the TMs and where to find them:

01= Focus Punch=Route 115
02=Dragon Claw=Meteor Falls
03=Water Pulse=Sootopolis Gym
04=Calm Mind=Mossdeep Gym
05=Roar=Route 114
06=Toxic=Fiery Path
07=Hail=Shoal Cave
08=Bulk Up=Dewford Gym
09=Bullet Seed=Route 104
10=Hidden Power=Slateport/Fortree
11=Sunny Day=Scorched Slab
12=Taunt=Trick House
13=Ice Beam=Mauville/Abandoned Ship
15=Hyper Beam=Lilycove
16=Light Screen=Lilycove
18=Rain Dance=Abandoned Ship
19=Giga Drain=Route 123
22=Solarbeam=Safari Zone
23=Iron Tail=Meteor Falls
26=Earthquake=Seafloor Cavern
28=Dig=Route 114
29=Psychic=Mauville/Victory Road
30=Shadow Ball=Mt. Pyre
31=Brick Break=Sootopolis
32=Double Team=Mauville
34=Shock Wave=Mauville Gym
36=Sludge bomb=Dewford
37=Sandstorm=Route 111
38=Fire Blast=Lilycove
39=Rock Tomb=Rustboro Gym
40=Aerial Ace=Fortree Gym
42=Facade=Petalburg Gym
43=Secret Power=Slateport/Route 111
47=Steel Wing=Granite Cave
48=Skill Swap=Mt. Pyre
49=Snatch=S.S. Tidal
50=Overheat=Lavaridge Gym

Here are the HMs and where to Find them:

02=Fly=Route 119
04=Strength=Rusturf Tunnel
05=Flash=Granite Cave
06=Rock Smash=Mauville
07=Waterfall=Cave of Origin

6. Shopping Guide
This is dedicated to the shoppers out there:

Items to shop For:
If you shop for pokeballs or anything here is a shop list for some of the items.

Heal Items:
Blue Flute*
Burn Heal
Energy Root**
Fresh Water
Full heal
Full Restore
Heal Powder**
Hyper Potion
Ice Heal
Lava cookie
Max Elixer
Max Potion
Max ether
Paralyze heal
Red Flute*
Revival Herb**
Soda pop
Super potion
Yellow Flute*

Dive Ball
Great Ball
Luxury Ball
Master Ball
Nest Ball
Net Ball
Poke Ball
Premier Ball***
Reapeat Ball
Safari Ball****
Timer Ball
Ultra Ball

Helpful Items:
Black Flute*
Escape rope
Fluffy Tail
Max Repel
Super Repel
White Flute*

Skill/Level Items:
Dire Hit
Fire Stone
Gaurd Spec.
HP up
Leaf Stone
Moon Stone
PP Max
PP up
Rare Candy
Sun Stone
Water Stone
X Accuracy
X Atack
X Defend
X Special
X Speed

* Made from ashes
** Bitter
*** Buy 10 Pokeballs
**** Only for the Safari Zone

Cheap Items:
If you like deals here are the good ones. They are all under $200.

Harbor Mail
Mech Mail
Orange Mail
Shadow Mail
Wave Mail
Wood Mail

See not many cheap stuff.

Expensive Items:
Ick. These cost alot of money. These are all over $5000.

HP up
PP up
Brick Desk
Camp Desk
Comfort Desk
Hard Desk
Heavy Desk
Big Plant
Colorful Plant
Gorgeous Plant
Wailmer Doll
Hyper Beam

There Is are stuff for shops.

7. Contest Hints

Here are some contest hints:

1.Always Check Your Pokemons Nature.

2.Always Feed Your Pokemon Good Pokeblocks.

3.Use Combos

4.Spicy Raises Cool

5.Sour Raises Tough

6.Dry Raises Beauty

7.Bitter Raises Smart

8.Sweet Raises cute

9.First Use an Appealing Move Then a combo Jam move for good wins.

10.Try to make the crowd happy.

Those are my Hints to you.

8. Hints and Tips
Here are some Hints and tips for some stuff.

After Beating the Elite Four find places you want to train. You should always have 
your begining Pokemon with you while training.Water Requirements: Surf, Fly, A 
secret base on Route 125 or near the ocean , Dive, Water team, Ultra Balls, Dive 
Balls, Net balls. Grass Requirements: Fly, Cut, Strength, Ultra Balls, any other 
good balls. Cave Requirements: Rock Smash, Strength, Ultra Balls, Rock Team, Escape 
Ropes. If you have any other training requests check chapter 56 for my email.

For extra money pick your best pokemon and beat the elite four over and over again.

Try to get matching stuff for your base.

Mix Records often.

Let your pokemon hold items for them to be happy.

Trade pokemon to friends for about 2 months for a level 100 pokemon in no time.
(just make sure you get them back)

Use the vitamins for a strong pokemon.

Email me for other tips and hints.

9. Training Tips.
Here are some tips for training pokemon.Check chapter 8 for some training tips 
also. Email me for some new ones.

Use the pokemon day care for some help.

The Elite four are good for those levels

Use a rare candy for 1 more level

Give pokemon items that will give them happiness for some nice pokemon.

Use EXP. Share for an advantage

Battle tower is good for tactics.

10. Killer Teams
Here are my teams. Email me for yours.Note: the first team i used to unlock the 
regis. I only have one right now.

Mike's Water Training Team:

Lv. 34
Nature: Naughty
Got: Underwater
Item: none
Ribbons: none
Attacks: Water gun, Rock tomb, Yawn, Take down

Lv. 75
Nature: Sassy
Got: Cave of Origin
Item: none
Ribbons: 8
Attacks: Surf, Dive, Sheer cold, Water Spout

Lv. 33
Nature: Quiet
Got: Pacifidlog
Item: none
Ribbons: 1
Attacks: Waterfall, Crunch, Screech, Slash

Lv. 26
Nature: Hardy
Got: Route 125
Item: None
Ribbons: 1
Attacks: Wing Attack, Secret Power, Fly, Protect

Blazy (Blaziken)
Lv. 73
Nature: Brave
Got: Route 101
Item: Leftovers
Ribbons: 11
Attacks: Sky Uppercut, Cut, Fire Blast, Sunny Day

Lv. 42
Nature: Lonely
Got: Pacifidlog
Item: EXP. Share
Ribbons: 2
Attacks: Rest, Strength, Water pulse, Waterfall

11. Gym Secrets
Here are the Secrets to each gym.

Gym Leader: Roxanne
Type: Rock
Reccomended types: Fighting, Water, Grass

If you chose Torchic: It better be a combusken. First choose Combusken or Mukuhita 
for your fighting pokemon and use a fighting attack.

If you chose Treecko: Use your Treecko or Grovyle(if evolved) And attack with all 
the force of grass attacking attacks.

If you chose Mudkip: Use your Pokemon and hose down with water.

Gym Leader: Brawly
Type: Fighting
Reccomended Types: Psychic, Flying

If you chose Torchic: Use Peck to deafeat them all.

If you chose Treecko: Use Wingull's bird attacks

If you chose Mudkip: Use Tailow or Wingull and wipe out with bird attacks.

Gym Leader: Wattson
Type: Electric
Reccomended Types: Ground

If you chose Torchic: Use a ground pokemon with ground attacks.

If you chose Treecko: Use a groundy and attack.

If you chose Mudkip: It should be Marshtomp. Use a ground attack from your Marshtomp

Gym Leader: Flannery
Type: Fire
Reccomended Types: Ground, Rock, Water

If you chose Torchic: Hose down with a Pelipper if you evolved your wingull.

If you chose Treecko: USE A PELIPPER.

IF you chose Mudkip: Use your Marshtomp's Water

Gym Leader: Dad/Norman
Type: Normal
Reccomended Types: Fighting

If you chose Torchic: It should be Blaziken now i think. Use a fighting Attack.

If you chose Treecko: Use a Hariyama if you evolved your Mukuhita

If you chose Mudkip: Use a Hariyama.

Gym Leader: Winona
Type: Flying
Reccomended Types: Electric, Ice, Rock

If you chose Torchic: Use a Rock Pokemon

If you chose Treecko: Use an Electric Pokemon

If you chose Mudkip: Use an Ice pokemon.

Gym Leaders: Tate & Liza
Type: Rock/Psychic
Reccomended Types: Water, Dark

If you chose Torchic: Use a Fighting attack.

If you chose Treecko: Use the loving power of grass.

If you chose Mudkip: Time for a bath.

Gym Leader: Wallace
Type: Water
Reccomended Types: Electric, Grass

If you chose Torchic: Use a Magneton.

If you chose Treecko: Use his/her grass.

If you chose Mudkip: Use an Electro Pokemon.

12. Elite Four Strategies
Why did i put those ?s in the walkthrough? Ever Grande City is the POKEMON LEAGUE!!!
Here are the Strategies:

Use Fighting types, Electric types, fire types and bug types.

No Strategy

Fire and Fighting and Electric too.

Use the icy ice type.

13. Champion Strategies
Yes it is your friend steven. Use the Fire, Water, Fighting, and Electric for an 

14. TV Broadcasts
After beating the league you get lots of tv stuff. First check the tv for sighting 
of LATIAS OR LATIOS they are the 2nd rarest in the game. Also check for store ads 
and rare pokemon sightings.

15. Eon Ticket
Eon tickets are great. If you have Latias or Latios use it to go to an island to 
catch the other. According to you can catch Jirachi there and an 
unknown pokemon called Deoxy.

16. Profiles
White is the begining color on your profile. To Raise your profile to bronze you 
need to beat the league. For the other colors collect all 200 pokemon, win a ribbon 
in all 5 master rank contests, and beat 50 trainers in the battle tower.

17. Rival Matches
Your Rival will be In 4 different spots. Here is a guide to beat him/her.

Battle 1: Route 103

If you chose Torchic: You fight Mudkip.

If you chose Treecko: You fight Torchic

If you chose Mudkip: You fight Treecko

Battle 2: Route 110

If you chose Torchic: You fight Shroomish, Numel, And Mudkip

If you chose Treecko: You fight Wailmer, Shroomish, and Combusken

If you chose Mudkip: You fight Wailmer, Numel, and Grovyle

Battle 3: Route 119 

Same Pokemon as last time

Battle 4: Lilycove City

If you chose Torchic: You fight Swellow, Shroomish, Numel, and Marshtomp

If you chose Treecko: You fight Swellow, Wailmer, Shroomish, and Combusken

If you chose Mudkip: You fight Swellow, Numel, Wailmer, and Grovyle

18.Mirage Island
Are you lucky? Do you ALWAYS win on the slots? Well, If you do you will find Mirage 
island. Mirage island is in the middle of the ocean. It holds the Rare species of 
pokemon: Wynaut. You should already have one. Also the Super rare Liechi Berry. I 
would go there. I havent found it yet.

19. Battle Tower
After the championship you should come here. First set your saying that you say 
before each match. Next set your difficulty(lv. 50 or lv. 100). After That choose 
your 3 pokemon and BATTLE!!!

20.Secret Bases
On route 111 talk to a boy near a tree to get the Secret Power attack. Teach this 
TM to your pokemon and you can have a secret base. They can be in special rock 
walls, special clumps of grass, and special trees. Use any decorative item in there 
for a good new home.

21.What you should hold
Do i have this? Check. Do i have this? Noooooo!! Here is a guide to what you should 
have in your pack, pc, pokemons hands, and more.It costs alot for it all but hey 
you want need to go to the store every 2 minutes for a potion.

Backup potions, Backup pokeballs, Items you dont need

Pokeball area: atleast 30 pokeballs, 25 greatballs, 20 ultraballs, 20 other 
Medicene: Zinc, Carbos, Calcium, 10 PP up, 10 HP up, Rare candy, Iron
Key Items Area: All
Normal Items: 30 Repels, 25 Super Repels, 25 Max Repels, 20 Escape ropes, The 
Flutes, 20 Soda Pops, 20 Fresh Waters, 20 Lemonades, 30 Potions, 20 Super Potions, 
20 Max potions, 10 Antidotes, 10 Awakenings, 10 Burn heals, 10 Ice heals, 10 
Parlyze heals, 20 lava cookies, 20 Full heals, 10 Full restores and more.

Pokemons hands:
Leftovers, Berries, Shell bell

22. Shell Bell
The shell bell is a bell that you get at the Shoal cave. If you have it equiped to 
a pokemon that just got hit with a physical attack it heals that pokemon a little. 
First talk to an old man and he will ask you for 4 shoal shells and 4 shoal salts. 
Come at high tide for the shells. Then wait 6 hours for the low tide and the salts.

23. Breeding
Do you want 7000 pichus? If you do go to the day care to breed your pokemon. Also 
it raises levels. First choose 2 pokemon and if there egg types are the same come 
back in about 2 hours for an egg. Note: Wobbuffets need a Lax Incense to lay an egg 
that has a wynaut. And marill needs the Sea incense for Azurill.

24. Interviews/you on TV
If you want to be on tv you have to get interviews. You can find interviewers at 
contests and the battle tower. Also fight interviewers for an interview. Interviews 
are cool to see. Expecially when you say funny stuff. heh heh

25. Castform
Castform is a rare pokemon you can only get from the weather institute. Once you 
get it go to the rainy area and fight with castform as your fighter. WOW!!!! he 
changed shapes! Now use his hail attack. WOW!!!! he changed shapes. Now use a 
pokemon with sunny day. WOW!!!! he changed shapes!

26. Egg attacks
Egg attacks are attacks that baby pokemon have at the start. For example: You put 
your male pikachu and your female pikachu in the day care. The male has cut attack. 
Then when you get the egg and it hatches the pichu has cut too! I once put a male 
minun and female plusle and i got a minun with 4 attacks that usaully lv. 20 
pokemon have and he was at lv. 5!

27. Ribbons Tips
Here are some easy ways to get ribbons:

1. Beat the league and go to the gal near the energy guru for one.

2. Beat the master rank of any contest for 4 ribbons.

3. Get a pokemon in the hall of fame.

4. Get a pokemon in the lilycove art muesem.

Email for more ways. :9)

28. Battle Tips
If you want to win a battle you should try using my tips.

1. High lv. pokemon win battles almost instantly.

2. Use potions and heals for a good chance.

3. Use EXP. share for extra EXP.

4. Berries help

Email me for more please. *__*

29. Ash items
Ash items are mesaured by ashes. Use a soot sack for the results. Here are the 
prices of steps:

Blue Flute=250 steps
Yellow Flute=500 steps
Red Flute=500 Steps
White Flute=1000 steps
Black Flute=1000 steps
Pretty Chair=6000 steps
Pretty Desk=8000 steps

30. Regi: Ice, Rock Steel
Regice, Regirock, and Registeel are super rare pokemon that have caverns that are 
unlocked. I now only know one: Registeel's. Regirock is on route 111 in the giant 
rock surronded by little ones. 105 is where Regice is and Registeel is Route 120's 
legend. Registeel's Solution: Go to the middle and Fly. Email me if you know athe 
other 2.

31. Different And Alike
What is the difference between the games? I will tell you.

Ruby Only: Groudon, Zangoose, Latios, Mawile

Sapphire Only: Kyogre, Seviper, Latias

32. Prof. Birch
After you save him at the start he gives you a pokemon. Also he checks your pokedex 
for you.

Mom: Mom is important. She heals you and your pokemon when you see her. She gives 
you Running shoes, Amulet coin, and the S.S. Ticket (i think)
Dad: He is the Petalburg gym leader. He gives you stuff. He also gives you the eon 
ticket if you get it from Toys R Us.

34. E-Reader
The E-reader is a thing that you can use. First hook it into your gba and slide the 
card through it and you get the info on that pokemon. You need this for the eon 

35. Characters
There are a wide variety of characters in this game.

Trainers: you fight these guys and gals

May: she is you or your rival

Brendan: he is you or your rival

Gym leaders: they are the main trainers

Elite four: stronger than gym leaders:

Steven: the league champion

36. Good Begining Catches
If your a beginer you should catch these pokemon.

Beginers (pokemon lv. 1-20)


Intermidiate (pokemon lv. 20-40)


Expert (pokemon lv. 40-60)


Champion (pokemon lv. 60-100)


37. Fishing
Fishing is fun. You can fish on land. And Get this: You can fish in the middle of 
water! First go surfing. Then use your rod and you fish on your pokemon.

38. Pokeblocks
Pokeblocks are great for a contest pokemon. First go to verdanturf, fallabor, 
slateport or lilycove to mix berries. After that feed them to the pokemon and yay 
you have a cool or cute or tough or beautiful or smart pokemon.

39. Ocean top
The ocean top is where you can fish on. Use surf to reach here. Some pokemon you 
find on the ocean top are:


40. Ocean Bottom
The Ocean bottom or ocean floor is the place to search for some really rare 
pokemon. Use surf then dive to reach here. Some pokemon you can find here are:


41. EXP. share
EXP. share is an item that lets you give half of the exp. earned in a battle to a 
pokemon that didnt even fight. Equip it to get half of the exp. to that pokemon.

42. Evolving
Evolving is risky and sometimes helpful. Evolving is when your pokemon changes. 
Sometimes pokemon evolve and get stronger. But sometimes the evolve form doesnt 
even learn attacks!

43. Getting Money
Money is the main part of your pokelife. How would you get the doll of your dreams? 
Money is the answer. Here are some quick tips for money:

Fight the elite four over and over for alot of money.

Rich trainers give about $4000 every fight.

Sell items that you got for a ton of money for half of what you paid.

Nuggets, Pearls, Big pearls, Star piece, and Stardust give a lot of money if you 
sell them.

Well there are some hints.

44. What is what in a battle?
What is this? Or that? What is this thingy? Well the answer is here:

Confused=Confused(might hit self)
Attracted=Attratcted(might not attack)
Faint=Cant Fight
Flinch=Cant attack
Attack=Attacking Power
Defense=Defending Power
Special Attack=Spc. Attack Power
Special Defense=Spc. Defense Power
Speed=How fast your pokemon is
Accuracy=How accurate your pokemon is
Evasiveness=How good at evading your pokemon is

45. Bikes
Bikes are used for speed and tricks. Mach goes fast. Acro goes slow but does 
tricks. Here is a rundown on bikes:

Used in Granite Cave
Used in the Safari Zone
Used in other places
Needed in the Sky Pillar
Really fast

Needed for some bridges that are skinny
Used in the Safari Zone
Press b to pop a wheelie
Press b and dont move to hop
press b and the up/down/right/left button for a trick

46. Legendary Pokemon and where to find them
There are some pokemon that are really rare. Here is the guide to those pokemon:

Regice=Route 105
Registeel=Route 120
Regirock=Route 111
Kyogre=Cave of Origin
Groudon=Cave of Origin
Rayquaza=Sky Pillar
Jirachi=Thanks to Nintendo Event, From Me: Colloseum
Deoxys=Thanks to Nintendo Event and Pokemon: Leaf green version and 
Fire red version

47.Latias & Latios
These pokemon are so dang rare that nobody can catch them unless they use a special 
pokemon and a master ball. Here is the guide for them both:

In sapphire

In ruby

Here are the easy steps to get the opposite one:

1.Catch the one you find.

2.Get the E-Reader

3.Scan the Eon Ticket

4.Go to dad and get it from him

5.Ride the S.S. Tidal to the Eon ticket island also known as the Southern island

6. Explore the Forest for awhile

7.Find Latias/Latios and it will fight you

8.Catch it and you will get it and something special

9.Take the item from both of them

10.Yay you have the 2 rarest pokemon and 2 rarest items: the Soul Dews

48.Pokemon Center Goodies
The pokemon center is cool ,here are some goodies it gives:

Mauville Guest in the Mauville center

Trading Center

Record Mixing center

Battle center


49.Your fans
You have fans if you do stuff. Here is a short fan guide:

Mix records and beat the person you mixed with in YOUR secret base.

Beat the elite four and steven.

Beat the battle center and be the champ at it.

Beat 50 People in the Battle tower.

Finish your pokedex.

There are 2 fossils in the world of Hoenn. The Claw and the Root. You can only get 
1. Choose the Claw for Anorith and the Root for Lileep. Lileep is a pokemon that is 
really strong against the water type, fire type, and other types. Anorith is good 
against psychic type, and others.

51.How to Say
Here is a guide to say some hard pokemon names but not all:

Gorebyss: Goar-Biss

Gardevoir: Garde-Vor

Kyogre: Ki-O-Grr

Groudon: Grow-Don

If you need help with others email me.

FAQ means Frequintly asked questions. Here are some FAQs.

Q:Where and what is

A:It is only the best pokemon site in the world. Just go to 
It is great.

Q:Can i use yours or other peoples guides?

A: No. Not without permission

Q:Can you get old pokemon on the ruby/sapphire games?

A: Yes

Q: How?

A: Gameshark or Game Genie

Email me if you need help with more stuff. 

53.Sneek Peeks
Here are the sneek peeks to the 2 new games: Pokemon: Leaf Green Version and 
Pokemon: Fire Red Version.

New pokemon: Deoxys

Where you start: Kanto

New places: Rainbow Islands

New upgrades: All Pokemon, Upgrade of Green and Red versions(green never in america)

54.Credits and Copyright

Me: I typed it ALL
You: For reading it
Nintendo: For making the Gameshark and these great games
Pokemon Co.: For making pokemon For some hints and cheats For the cheats and for using my FAQ

[email protected]



Will be ready about Summer 2004.

| Pokemon-Mike

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