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Hi, I am your guide master today and I will teach you how to complete this long and 
boring quest the easy way and I will make it more fun then it sounds. My name is 
Joe Mancuso and I have an e-mail address that can be e-mailed to so please don't 
hesitate to e-mail [email protected] This is my second Walkthrough that I have 
posted on so please bare with me. So now to what you have been 
waiting for, The Runescape Walkthrough!!
The Walkthrough For Rune Mysteries Quest:

Difficulty: Novice (really easy)
Length: Medium 
Requirements: None at all (but it would be good if you did not bring any armor)
Items needed: None

   Go to Lumbridge and go into the Lumbridge castle. Go to the second floor by 
using one of the stairs to the northwest and southwest of the castle. Go to the 
door with the quest symbol on it. Talk to Duke Haracio. He will tell you that he 
found this strange talisman and he wants you to take it to the top wizard in Wizard 
Tower. That is Southwest of the castle in Lumbridge. Once you cross the bridge you 
should be in the front of the Tower, open the door and go west. You should see 
spiral stairs and a ladder leading down. Go down the ladder and on the radar you 
should see two yellow dots. One of them is a chicken and the other one is the head 
wizard. Talk to him and say, "I am looking for the head wizard". Then he should ask 
why you are looking for him. And you should automatically talk. Then he will want 
you to hand over the talisman and you will give it to him. He will say that it is 
INCREDIBLE and wants you to run a task while he studies the talisman. He will talk 
about stuff that is useless and gives you a package. He wants you to run over to 
Varrok and give it to the shopkeeper. 

Just go back to Lumbridge castle, which is now northeast of Wizard Tower. Once 
there, follow the path to the smelting building. From there go east and then go 
north when you hit the concrete path follow the path to another town which is 
usually crowded when you pass the level 21 guards make the second east turn 
possible. Keep going until you see a store that looks like a fire icon on the 
radar. Go in it talk to the shopkeeper named Aubury. Say, "I have been sent here 
with a package for you. It's from the head wizard of the Wizard's Tower". Then he 
will say something and exit the conversation. Talk to him again and he will thank 
you for bringing this package and make you go back to the Wizard's Tower. You 
should know by now how to get to it. If not, continue reading. If so, skip the next 

Go west back up the small narrow path, and then go south. Continue along the south 
path until you come to a heard of sheep. Pass the sheep a little more until you 
find that the road splits, one going east, and one going south. Take the south path 
all the way until you find a bridge along the west side near the river. Cross the 
bridge and head south along that south path. Until you find a castle. (The 
Lumbridge Castle). Go behind it and then go southwest until you see a bridge, go 
over the bridge and into the tower that you will see.

Once in front of the Wizards Tower go through the door and go east and down the 
ladder and speak to the head wizard again. Give him the notes. But before you do he 
will tell you a long story. It's about the mysterious ruin and the rune essences. 
At the end he will take the notes and give you the air talisman and 
Congratulations!!! You have beaten the Rune Mysteries Quest.

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