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                   Table of Content            

1. Introduction
2. Super Weapon Safety
3. Vehicle Safety
4. Jumping safety
5. Other


This safety guide will prevent you from accidentally killing or hurting yourself 
when playing Halo 2. It will give you helpful tips when using super weapons, 
operating vehicles, etc. This guide will especially come in handy when playing on 
the legendary difficulty.

                        Super Weapon Safety

Human- Rocket launcher
1. Don't fire a rocket launcher at close range.
2. Try to avoid killing sentinals with it unless you are really far away; 
overkilling them will double the explosion and double the chance of it affecting 
3. Don't give the rocket launcher to your allies. They can sometimes be careless 
with it and accidentally kill or hurt you.

Covenant- Fuel Rod Cannon, Scarab Gun
Fuel Rod Gun- Rules are the same as the rocket launcher, except it is not as 
powerful, so firing it kind of close might just take out your energy sheild. But 
just like the rocket launcher, firing at the ground is fatal.
Scarab Gun-
1. Fire at range a little farther than you would the rocket launcher.
2. Even when they are in safe range, do not continue to fire at infantry because 
they will fly at you and decrease the space, killing you.

                     Vehicle Safety- 
1. Avoid crashing. This can affect you and your vehicle.
2. Do not fire a vehicle's heavy weapon at close range.
3. If you are in a land vehicle at the edge of a cliff and being fired upon by a 
tank cannon or wraith motar, sometimes it is better to take a direct hit than to 
move to the side. Moving to the side a little will cause the motar or cannon to flip 
the vehicle, tossing it of the cliff.
4. Do not drive over explosive objects such as those round purple things that 
explode when being fired upon.
5. Jump out of a vehicle when it is in an enforcer's clutches.
6. Do not trust the marines too much when they are driving. They can be pretty bad 
drivers; driving of cliffs, etc.  
7. Do not let vehicles fall on you.

                   Jumping Safety-
Some high areas, such as the scarab boarding platform in the level The Great 
Journey, are safe to walk of but not jump of. So be wise when jumping of high places.

Sword- Do not use on sentinals and do not lunge at flood standing next to a cliff or 
other highly raised area. Since the sword goes right through the flood, it can make 
you go of the cliff. Also, dont lunge or slash at carrier forms.
Needler- Do not fire at the ground or at flood(flood come to close).

 Well, thats my safety guide for Halo 2. Be Safe!     


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